Kino Makoto

General Information


Full Name: Kino Makoto
Faction: Union
Rank: 2-Lieutenant
Function: Senshi of Strength
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon-1
Species: Human

"I'm not the young girl with a pen that I used to be anymore. I have to remember that, and move forward."

A young, tomboyish orphan, with a hidden domestic streak a mile wide, Kino Makoto SEEMS like an ordinary girl, doesn't she? But in truth, in times of trouble, she can call down Da Thunda! Actually, she taps into the power of the planet Jupiter, becoming the sailor-suited Sailor Jupiter. With her powers of Lightning, she stands with her friends to protect the world from the powers of Darkness and Chaos.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 136
Occupation: Queen


  • **Weapons:* Gifts from people around the multiverse, Makoto has begun working with weapons crafted with her in mind. A pair of blue-and-green-jade-alloy twin hatchets, Fuujin and Raijin, and an Imperishable Alloy spear called Kuwabara. Makoto can channel her lightning through each, and is experimenting with magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Major NPCs

  • Juno(Eevee): Hoping to one day evolve to Jolteon, and team up with Makoto for greater electrical power, Juno's practicing, not just to become stronger, but more in sync with Makoto.

Skills and Abilities

  • Transformation: Using her transformation pen, Makoto can change from a tomboyish young woman into Sailor Jupiter. While transformed her coordination and agility improves but only lasts until she changes back. Think of this as her battle form.
  • Thunder and Wood: In keeping with her planetary alignment of Jupiter, Makoto's power is that of thunder and lightning, and to a lesser extent, wood-elemental magics. Her special attacks carry a fair amount of power to them, capable of one-shotting some of the standard youma-type monsters. For special enemies and generals, though, she'll need to work at it a bit. This is not the extent of her magical ability, as she can create lightning for more spontaneous use, or cause plants to grow faster, to attempt to grasp or injure an opponent, or to speed a tree's fruit-bearing capability. Outside her transformed form, her access to these powers is far more limited. She could put out the voltage of a taser, power a flashlight (with concentration), or give a seedling a small growth boost.
  • Martial Arts: An Ikkyu (Brown-belt) in Shotokan Karate, Makoto is fairly skilled at making people hurt… and throughout her early-high-school career, and later as a Senshi, fairly experienced in the same skill. While not a master by any means, anyone who chooses to harm those around her will have a difficult time of it.
  • Flight: By magnetizing a disc of metal underneath her, Makoto can levitate herself into the air. Having a max altitude of 150 feet, and a max speed of 'only' 30mph, this allows her to get places faster than she normally would. She can punch and use her weapons while flying, but if either of her feet leave the disc, she will lose control and fall.
  • Strength: Makoto is VERY strong, even WITHOUT the Jupiter powers, strong enough to lift youma over her head with NO trouble at all. With the Jupiter powers, she can be a true powerhouse.

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