King Bulblin (Retired)
King Bulblin
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Bulblin
Source The Legend of Zelda-3
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Tribal Chieftain
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) ?
Age (Actual) ?
Still Aging? No
Height ?
Weight ?
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
"You… I like your strength. I can tell we'll meet in battle again!"


Once in a while, among the desert-dwelling creatures called Bulblins, a leader emerges. This is the current such leader, the King Bulblin, who stands out from his underlings in strength, intelligence, and girth. His imposing presence is the only thing that can bring some semblance of order to the Bulblin rabble. Believing firmly that might makes right, the King Bulblin will take any measures necessary to ensure his tribe's survival in the harsh desert environment, including attacking weaker settlements in Hyrule. He rides into battle atop the boarlike beast Lord Bullbo, usually relying on it and his bow and club-wielding minions to attack his enemies, but occasionally wielding an axe to join the fighting himself. Upon discovering the Multiverse, he began to venture out of his own world, hoping to gather even greater power from elsewhere.


Bulblin Leader: With his high strength and intelligence (particularly by Bulblin standards), the King Bulblin is able to use his knowledge of his kind's instincts and fears to lead them as a somewhat-organized force. He usually has at least a few Bulblins escorting him wherever he goes, and sometimes leads larger parties of them. Normal Bulblins are usually equipped with clubs or bows. Bulblin archers aren't always the best shots, but they do have the occasional trick up their sleeves: some of them fire flaming or exploding arrows. They're not hard to kill, but they can cause trouble, especially in large numbers. (PL 25 for a smaller group, PL 30 for a large one)

Bullbo: As mounts, Bulblins ride Bullbos- essentially war boars. They are equipped with protective armor, and are hardy enough to charge straight through wooden fences without slowing down. They are simple beasts, however, and have no training to respond only to individual Bulblins, or even to Bulblins specifically at all. It's quite possible, though not necessarily a good idea, for someone experienced in riding (for example) horses to be able to use an abandoned Bullbo for their own mount. This is not the case, however, with Lord Bullbo, King Bulblin's personal Bullbo mount- a huge, gray beast with horns matching the king's own. As a result of King Bulblin's intelligence, Lord Bullbo is much better-trained and will respond only to King Bulblin's commands. It is also capable of jumping short obstacles, rather than crashing right through them. (Lord Bullbo is PL 32).

Combat Skills and Equipment: King Bulblin's fighting style takes full advantage of his size and strength. He usually prefers to ram enemies out of his way while riding Lord Bullbo, but he also is capable of utilizing a heavy axe. He also owns a pair of shields that he can use in case enemies try to get clever and find a weak point in his defenses.

Other Skills: When he's not in battle, King Bulblin still has plenty of other skills he can make use of. He makes many of the weapons and tools that the Bulblins use (at least the ones that have to be made well), and plans their battle strategies. He is also able to tame wild beasts, due to his experience with the Bullbos, as long as he knows enough about them to know their habits and diet.

Signal Horn: King Bulblin owns an enchanted signal horn. Blowing into it does rally his troops as normal, but through the use of Song Magic, it also allows him to communicate telepathically with others at any distance. Oddly enough, the horn has connected with the Multiverse's radio networks.


Lack of Agility: Being so bulky doesn't do much to make King Bulblin very agile. On foot pretty much any human could run rings around him. He does compensate for this by riding Lord Bullbo, but it definitely causes him trouble especially if he's knocked off his mount.

Reactive Strategy: King Bulblin may be a genius by Bulblin standards, but he's not too good at planning ahead for what enemies might come in the future. Instead, he mostly just reacts to previous fights, adapting to enemies' fighting styles after having already met them in battle. If he doesn't do well, he might bring a new defense to his next fight with that opponent.

Scavengers: Due to the remote, harsh environment that the Bulblins call home, it's difficult even for King Bulblin to produce many complicated weapons or tools. Instead, they must take them from others and do their best to keep them working for as long as possible. And even with his relatively high intelligence, it can be difficult for King Bulblin to understand the workings of higher technology.


Bulberg: An Abstractum in the form of a greataxe similar to his own, Bulberg quickly earned King Bulblin's trust as an advisor, ally, and weapon, as it has proven itself powerful enough to assist him in battle and yet does not seem to have any means of betraying him.

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