Kieron Hunter

General Information

Full Name: Kieron Hunter
Faction: Unaffiliated
Function: Commander
Series: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - 1
Species: Human


"People think command is easy. You point, you click, people die. But a good commander remembers the faces as names pass over their desk. They have nightmares of the ones that didn't make it. And they can never feel right choosing between one mission-critical scientist and a few hundred innocent civilians."


Kieron Hunter, originally a Captain in the Black Watch regiment, is the current Commander of the XCOM project, a covert organization tasked with repelling the alien invaders threatening the very survival of his world. Though an injury forced his discharge, he still fights the alien threat with the soldiers, engineers, scientists and other staff at his disposal, motivating them and seeking any aid he can get. A charismatic, determined leader who motivates the men and women he commands, some say there couldn't be a better commander. Yet the stresses of such command weighs heavily on him, and time will tell if he saves his world or crumbles under the extreme pressure.

Vital Statistics

Age: 31
Gender: Male
Note: Due to an injury in battle, Kieron is unable to walk without aid.

Skills and Abilities

  • Command Experience: As a Lieutenant in the Black Watch regiment, Kieron was trusted with the command of a small squad. Part of his officer's training included basic tactics and strategies, although Kieron furthered his command ability by running simulated missions in his down time. He is also able to motivate his troops with a few well-chosen words, spurring the charge and keeping morale up. While no tactical genius, he is able to act above and beyond his expected rank in terms of tactical expertise. While some of the techniques he was taught don't apply to the alien threat, Kieron has adapted his methods in an attempt to counter this.
  • Military Training: Having been in the military for a few years, Kieron is well-versed in the operation and maintenance of conventional assault rifles and pistol sidearms, as well as adequately trained in the use of grenades of various types. He is also able to quickly identify threats and cover at a moment's notice. Due to his injury, however, he has difficulty in using two-handed weapons and moving quickly, but can still accurately shoot a pistol at a target. Because of this, he carries a pistol with him at all times, where allowed (exceptions include diplomatic meetings and social gatherings).

XCOM Equipment and Assets

  • XCOM Facility: Also known as 'the Ant Farm', it was built underground in Switzerland near the main CERN complex. Though the base isn't directly connected to CERN's labs, XCOM does have the authorization fron the Council of Nations to appropriate some of their labs and workshops to assist in research and development. Furthermore, CERN provides alibis for any evidence of XCOM's existence. The base itself is entirely self-sufficient, equipped in a variety of ways. It holds research labs for examining alien artifacts and engineering facilities for the production of weapons, satellites, armor and facilities. It also allows highly secure transmissions to be sent and recieved (audio, visual and data) regardless of its underground receiver facility.
  • Staff: XCOM employs a wide variety of support staff, from medical to technical and a handful of domestic staff. They also recieve skilled technicians and scientists from the various countries of the world as part of the XCOM project. Certain staff are more directly useful to Kieron than others, however.
    • Central Officer Bradford: Officer Bradford handles tactical support for field operations and briefs the commander on the current situation. A military man through and through, he sets his mind on a target and follows the standard operating procedures to the letter. While he can be too strict in regards to SOP, he is also quick to adapt to the new alien threat that defies usual military logic.
    • Dr. Vahlen: Dr. Vahlen is the Chief Scientist assigned to the XCOM project. She leads the Research Team's efforts with great enthusiasm, as her particular interests lie in finding ways to adapt the alien technology to advance human scientific developments. Dedicated in her research, she is more than willing to push the boundaries of acceptable science to get the results that will win the war.
    • Dr. Shen: Dr. Raymond Shen is the Chief Engineer of the XCOM Project. Dr. Shen has proven to be an invaluable asset with his decades of experience. The XCOM project is lucky to have such a brilliant, dedicated, world renowned, award winning engineer at its disposal. Level-headed, his ingenuity ensures that XCOM will have whatever it needs ready and waiting.
BradfordSmall_zps7c42babc.png ShenThumb_zps13dac5ac.png VahlenThumb_zps064c3efe.png
Central Officer Bradford Dr. Raymond Shen Dr. Vahlen
  • Aircraft: XCOM has the ability to produce and arm a fleet of aircraft for UFO interception, as well as the authority to station these craft all over the world to ensure rapid response times. Some UFOs may even remain intact after crashing, allowing XCOM to perform retrieval operations. XCOM has a hanger on every continent, capable of storing a handful of Interceptor aircraft each.
    • Skyranger: The Skyranger is an experimental craft able to transport a small squad of troops anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. However, due to fuel consumption, XCOM is currently only able to field one Skyranger, designated 'Voodoo Three-One' and piloted by a skilled pilot known as 'Big Sky'. If shot down, its replacement would be a priority, but completed in a matter of hours.
    • Raven: The Raven interceptor aircraft is XCOM's primary anti-UFO weapon. A modular high altitude fighter specializing in air-to-air combat, it is designed strictly for the purpose of chasing down and engaging high speed targets at the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. To this end it boasts high speed and maneuvering, though sacrifices armor and has no anti-ground capabilities.
SkyrangerThumb_zpscf1fba34.png InterceptorThumb_zps05754fb5.png
The Skyranger transport. The Raven Interceptor
  • Soldiers: As part of the agreement with the various Council member nations, XCOM can bring in soldiers from all over the world. However, these troops can vary highly in quality, from hardened veterans to raw recruits. Furthermore, XCOM has to equip them with whatever it has in its stores. At the moment, XCOM only has access to conventional weapons and armor, which is vastly outmatched by the alien weaponry. Generally, they operate in small squads under Kieron's direct command via satellite uplink.
XCOM's soldiers come from all over the world from all walks of life, but are generally highly trained specialists.


Although Kieron may only be in his mid-30s, he so far has proven his skill in command. Originally a soldier in the Brittish Army who joined at eighteen, his rise through the ranks landed him a position in the Black Watch regiment two years ago, though at the time the regiment wasn't very active due to the foundation of the Council of Nations. However, with the recent appearance of various alien phenomenon around the world, the Black Watch was recalled to Fort George near Inverness in order to bolster the morale and defence of the Brittish infantry. For most of that time, the battalion was mostly inactive, though other units were sent to investigate alien phenomenon, though the British Army in the region were suffering steady losses.

When contact was lost with Kinloss barracks in the Morayshire area, a handful of Black Watch soldiers were deployed to investigate. Kieron, a Lieutenant at the time, was in charge of the squad that handled that operation. Upon arrival, the team encountered sectoids and, finding their weaponry adn armor far outmatched, were nearly routed. Although Kieron was just as scared as his squad-mates during the mission, he kept it inside and tried his best to keep the squad intact and organized.. It was his refusal to back down from the alien threat that resulted in losing only four of the thirty-man squad. However, while pushing back the alien invaders, Kieron was critically wounded and unable to walk. Though the mission was an outstanding success in comparison to others, the records were immediately classified, the soldiers and staff forced to agree to a non-disclosure and Kieron himself was promoted to Captain then honorably discharged due to his injury.

It was during this time that the Council of Nations got wind of this success from the classified mission reports, and the British representative forwarded Kieron's name as one of the few who would prove beneficial to lead the XCOM project. Time wouldn't be on the Council's side in this matter, however, as the longer they took to decide, the less of the candidates survived repeated encounters with the aliens. In a snap decision, it was decided that Kieron would take the position as Commander. Within days, he was contacted and taken to London where the offer was put forward. Rather than face more time powerless to protect his home country, Kieron accepted immediately. All records of Kieron's past were immediately classified as he was relocated to Geneva, where the XCOM headquarters was finishing construction and awaiting his command.

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