General Information


Kiba is a white wolf, following his instincts in his quest to find Paradise. When he was young, his pack and family were slaughtered when the forest he lived in was burned to the ground by an unknown group of humans, leaving him as the sole survivor. He was rescued and raised by a passing shaman, who told him of his purpose to begin the great journey to find Paradise, searching in the hope that he will find 'a future' there. He tends to be impulsive, thinking with his heart rather than his head and tends to distrust humans, preferring not to use his human disguise wherever possible. Unknown to him, he is the chosen wolf destined to find and open the gate to Paradise, though there are those who would seek to use this link to open their own Paradise through him…

Skills and Abilities

  • Animal Senses - As a wolf, Kiba's senses are more acute than others. He is able to hear a wider frequency of noises as well as pick up on faint noises that humans may miss, not to mention pick out specific ones in a noisy area. His sense of smell is also acute as well, picking out specific and unique scents in an area, going so far as to be able to differentiate people and identify them by their scent, something that he is entirely used to and will always do.
  • Combat Skills - Compared to other wolves, Kiba is exceptionally strong, his jaws able to bend iron, though not pierce through it. He is also rather agile, darting between attackers and striking at their vulnerable, unprotected points. However, due to his inability to wear armor, his resilience is lacking compared to other aurics, though by no means unimpressive for a wolf. If basking in the moonlight, he can heal faster, wounds often closing up overnight on a full moon, but slower on other phases of the moon.
  • Illusionary Disguise - Kiba, along with all wolves from his world, have the ability to create an illusion of a human form so that they may hide amongst humans. This disguise is mental and only affects humans, though some (either strong-willed individuals, intoxicated humans, equipped with vision-enhancing upgrades or goggles or those immune to mental effects) will be able to pierce this illusion. While the illusion is in effect, holding or using objects will be approximated in the illusion (carrying something in his mouth will be shown as Kiba holding it in his hands). Generally, there is no signs that someone is being manipulated by the illusion, unless it is dropped or broken. This disguise does not travel through objects, like video surveilance tapes.
  • Telepathy - Along with all wolves from his world, Kiba also has the ability to speak with humans and other animals via telepathy, the words transmitting much like if he had spoken them. Though barks, growls and howls are enough when speaking between wolves, they are useless when speaking to humans and other Aurics, therefore he must use this ability.

Other Information

  • Destiny - Unknown to Kiba, he is the chosen wolf destined to find and open Paradise. According to the Pagan legend, wolves would be the ones to open Paradise to everyone in their world and lead them there in time for the world's demise, however wolves are, as far as everyone is aware, extinct and the legend is just a fairy tale. This destiny does grant him the ability to more accurately sense the location of the lunar flower, as well as the Flower Maiden, people created by alchemy and the key to opening Paradise.


When Kiba was just a pup, his entire family and pack was slaughtered, leaving him as a defenceless sole survivor. It was only chance by which he was found by a wandering shaman who rescued the pup from the charred remains. Nursed back to health and then raised as a hunting companion, the two forged a bond that strengthened through the years. The shaman also taught Kiba of his journey in life, that he would need to seek out Paradise before the world would end, and lead them to it. At first, he wasn't sure if he should go, but spurred on by the shaman, he did just that, heading out into the world to track down Paradise, looking first for the 'Lunar Flower' that would open the doors and lead the way.

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