Catherine Smith, AKA Katt
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Augmented Human
Source Original
Faction Union
Rank PA- Provisional Ally
Function Street Cyberrat
Groups Session 412 and M.E.T.A.L.
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 14
Age (Actual) 14
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'2"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Hazel
"They rather risk my death than have their production slow for even half a minute. I escaped, but mommy, daddy, Jake and Matt are still in there, if they aren't dead yet."
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Catherine 'Katt' Smith is the youngest child and only daughter of Jonathon and Elizabeth Smith. After Jonathon lost his job due to corporate shuffling and Elizabeth fell gravely ill, the Smith family was forced to ask for the support of a workhouse. Katt never saw her family again, she was shoved into a girl's dorm and hired out to companies to do dangerous, dirty jobs. It's given her a distrust of authority and difficulty connecting to others emotionally, having been forced to cycle through friends and feeling entirely abandoned by those in power. When she grew too big to fit between the heavy machinery of the factories, they replaced her legs with cyberlimbs that allow her to scale the surfaces of walls and ceilings to reach the machinery high up in those massive walls. Since her escape, she's been practicing her skill with guns as she's been relying on a life of crime.


Cyberlegs: Katt's legs are strong, fast and most importantly, come with all sorts of tricks to travel all kinds of difficult terrain, like vertical surfaces and ceilings.

Marksmanship: Katt has become a dangerously good shot with her guns, and she has a bit of a collection. From fully automated miniguns to simple handguns, also shotguns and sniper rifles. She never goes anywhere without at least two handguns and some heavier duty weapon. Usually she brings more.

Ammunition: Katt has taught herself to make bullets. They aren't as good as some of the ammo she steals from the corporations, but it's good enough. The stolen ammo often has special properties, like armor piercing or incendiary rounds, and she's not yet good enough to make that stuff.

Hacking: Katt isn't a very good hacker, but good enough to force entry past the cheaper e-locks and to get into the digital systems of small to medium sized corporate subsidiaries.

Connections: Katt might be young, but she's found her groove in the criminal circuit pretty soon. She's got a bunch of people who owe her favors and through them she gets jobs; specialty equipment when needed, mostly limited to motorcycles, weapons, cars, tablets and medical supplies; and repairs to her legs when needed.

Stealth: Katt is an expert at stealth, and though she's not perfect she can very often evade detection until it's too late for whomever she's hiding from to easily stop her. This can be countered, especially with detection systems unlike any she's used to (such as magical detection and invisible guards) but her general patterns of careful infiltration make this reasonably hard. (Consent required to sneak into any PC holdings.)


Distantiated: As a protection mechanism, Katt doesn't let herself get close to people. She's very lonely but that pain hurts less than the pain of loss whenever a friend dies or otherwise disappears from her life. If she won't care about them, she won't be hurt when they're gone. It's a protection mechanism but the loneliness still hurts, she's still just a little girl.

Cyberlegs: As good as those cyberlegs are, they don't grow. This is why normally, you don't get any cyberparts unless you really need a replacement or are fully grown. Katt's legs are pretty cheap hardware to make it worse and as such it inflicts damage to her growing body and requires a lot of maintenance. She can handle some of the latter, as long as things don't break.

Bounty: Stars of Justice Corporation has failed to capture Katt after she became criminal enough to be noticed, the amount of money people are willing to pay Stars to get rid of Katt is only rising, though her legal identity isn't known to basically anyone. The bounty Stars is offering to capture 'high profile criminal Katt the Spider' has risen to staggering amounts, enough that by that measure she's the third most wanted criminal of the Confederate States of Northeast America.

Distrust: Katt doesn't lie often. For a street rat and high profile criminal she's very honest, but she's gotten used to an environment where every ally might become an enemy if the pay is good enough and they think they got a good enough chance to take risk. That bounty is a huge reason why Katt has gotten used to the idea that people will take a chance to stab her in the back. She's not used to people around her being honest either, and she'll often treat her allies and their words with skepticism, even those who aren't from her world.

Family: Katt hasn't seen her parents and brothers in years, but she hasn't forgotten them and if someone figures out where they are, or even enough to give Katt the impression they know? They could make a very good lure for a trap she normally wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for. She's not yet used to people using that trick, because she doesn't talk about her parents.

Nightmares: Katt doesn't sleep well. Most nights she relives some terrible moments of her past. The day she was separated from her family. The day when she saw a coworker crushed between heavy machinery. The day she woke up to find her legs gone, replaced with cheap cyberware. The remaining nights, she dreams of events she fears will happen, and they aren't any happier.

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