Kass'ih-Aya (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Tursiops Amicus
Source Startide Rising-1
Faction Union
Rank 0-Enlisted
Function Acoustician
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) N/A
Age (Actual) N/A
Still Aging? No
Height 6'3" (length)
Weight 224 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Black
"Everything has a sssong. You just have to know how to listen to it-t!"


An acoustician trained to identify sounds and single out frequencies on military bands, Kass'ih-Aya has keen hearing and the ability to reproduce a staggering variety of sounds through complex vocalisations. Her talents earned her a post in the Union as a communications expert, able to track signals, identify frequencies or sounds, and work with audio in just about any way necessary. Her genetic enhancements also allow her to work more closely with machinery. Originally hailing from the colony world of Calafia, she was part of the original crew of the Streaker during its disaster on Kithrup. Like most of her kind, Kass is curious and inquisitive, with a burning desire to learn about anything that may catch her sometimes fleeting attention. Life is like a game, to her, and one that she views with perpetual amusement and a certain irreverence.


  • Combat: Though not well-suited to operations on land, neo-dolphins are extremely powerful creatures underwater. They have a powerful bite, with over a hundred small, sharp, interlocking teeth. Their flukes can deliver powerful blows, easily damaging to a human or unarmoured foe, and they are extremely agile.
  • Equipment: Given their inability to work in dry habitats, neo-dolphins in important stations are often issued equipment to help them compensate. Kass has at her disposal a mechanical harnesses with cybernetic arms and hands, a mechanical walker that allows her to move on land freely, and the use of a cybernetic amplifier socket over her left eye that lets her interface with simple machinery. (+info Kass/Equipment)
  • Languages: Most neo-dolphins know at least three languages or more. Kass is trilingual, fluent in Anglic, Trinary Delphin, and Primal Delphin. Anglic is the lingua franca of planet Earth, Trinary Delphin is a uniquely uplifted cetacean language, and Primary Delphin is the primitive language neo-dolphins only use when under distress or during "reversion schizophrenia," when stress forces them into a pre-uplifted mental state. (+info Kass/Languages)
  • Machine Interface: Some neo-dolphins choose to have a cybernetic "amplifier socket" installed over the left eye that allow them to interface directly with computers and machinery. This interface allows them to use tools or enter commands through neural impulses, rather than a physical control mechanism. Harnesses and walkers are both controlled this way, and other equipment can be modified to accept a neo-dolphin's amplifier socket.
  • Physiology: When humanity chose to uplift dolphins, they chose to make several physiological enhancements to the basic genetic model. These new dolphins, known as Tursiops amicus, the "friendly bottlenose," have several physical traits that set them apart from their wild cousins, and no longer look the same at a glance. (+info Kass/Physiology)
  • Sound: Dolphins rely heavily on acoustics. Echolocation helps Kass find her way in the lightless deeps. Even in the places that she can see, it lends an extra dimension to the environment, working with her visual senses to give her a more thorough understanding of her surroundings. Sound is also a critical factor of her communication. Kass can identify and reproduce a staggering array of sounds and vocalisations, and with the right equipment, she can reliably identify and track radio signals solely through their audio output. (Consent required for identifying and tracking radio signals.)


  • Anesthesia: Due to how cetacean brains function, Kass can't be put under anesthesia. One hemisphere of her brain must be active at all times to regulate breathing, so if both shut down, she would asphyxiate.
  • Atavism: During the uplift process, a delicate psychological balance was upset when cetacean genes were tampered with. Intense stress can cause neo-dolphins to unravel, and this fatal flaw can manifest in various ways. Known symptoms include aggression, stunted linguistics, obsession, irrational fear, and severe introversion. In particular, Kass displays aggression and stunted linguistics under stress, though she doesn't become violent like certain Stenos variants.
  • Audiophile: With so much emphasis and reliance on sound, neo-dolphins are also highly susceptible to it. Audio interference can temporarily "blind" Kass, scrambling her sense of echolocation. Stronger interference can even injure, stun, or even temporarily incapacitate her.
  • Lanugage: Neo-dolphins afflicted by atavism, rescue fever, or other psychological trauma lose command of their linguistic faculties. They revert to Primal Delphin, a simplistic tongue that civilised cetaceans spurn, which doesn't communicate complex ideas well. Even once they've been calmed down and made lucid again, it takes them some time to "reformat" their brain to speak Anglic or Trinary Delphin again.
  • Machine Interface: Kass' amplifier socket allows her to control machines more intuitively, but it also presents a dangerous vulnerability. Machinery can be used against her, as the circuitry is connected directly to her brain. A high-voltage attack in such a state could potentially cripple or kill her.
  • Patron Reverence: Neo-dolphins are bred and genetically engineered to see any act of violence against humans as abhorrent. Kass is no exception. Even if asked or ordered, she is psychologically incapable of harming a human being or anything that closely resembles a human being. In terms of combat, her only use is in fighting against markedly non-human opponents.
  • Pelagic: Like their wild cousins, neo-dolphins are vulnerable on land. Beaching can have dire consequences for Kass, and that threat is something she is phobically afraid of. Too much time stranded can damage internal organs and skeletal structure or dehydrate her; if she actually survives the exposure, she could also starve. The trauma of stranding will also start to peel away her civilisation, reducing her to a creature of mindless panic, helpless but to broadcast a frantic distress call in Primary Delphin until answered.
  • Rescue Fever: Dolphins were the least likely cetacean to beach themselves, once, but the genetic alteration of uplift has upset some delicate psychological balance. If beached, a neo-dolphin will panic and broadcast a frantic distress signal. Any who hear it will lose all rationality, helpless to answer the call; they can and will go to suicidal lengths to rescue their stricken comrade, often beaching themselves, too. Sometimes it takes a conflict of interest to bring them back around, like playing on the genetic instinct of rescuing a drowning human child.
  • Speech: Like many of her kind, Kass'ih-Aya has trouble voicing particular Anglic consonants. Fricatives, plosives, sibilants, and certain diphthongs all give her trouble: K, P, S, T, and TH are problematic when she's agitated or excited, causing her to stutter and slur. The more agitated she is in any way, the more difficult Anglic becomes for her to speak (or be understood).

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