Kari Shaba

General Information

Full Name: Kari-Shaba (Roughly translates to 'Kari the Corrupted')
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Kitsune Mage
Series: The Arcanegeddon-1
Species: Kakera (Fallen) Kitsune

"Magic is not just formulas and theory; it is the raw power of the universe itself… Enjoy your free demonstration of the explodey goodness! *evil giggle*"

Profile: The self-proclaimed 'Queen of Chaos', Kari-Shaba's kitsune spirit had once terrorized an ancient magical world with her obsession for arcane acquisition until she was defeated. But her essence was entrapped in a magic bell, allowing her to infuse a human with her powers, and eventually merging the two into one being with her power restored. Magic is her life, and as a kitsune Kari-Shaba has more than enough of it to throw around, using spells, illusions and other trickery to sow confusion and destruction wherever she may go. She's also a capable shapeshifter, utilizing the form of a human musician as a disguise or taking on size shifts and elemental forms in combat. Though prehaps the most dangerous of her abilities is to other's magic, as she is able to literally 'eat' the magic power from their spells or enchanted items, weakening their effects while farther fueling her own energies. When she's around Kari-Shaba is hard to miss though, as she tends to be loud, flashy, and often announcing herself with scheme-relating musical numbers. No, we're not kidding about the last one.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20 (Physical Appearance), 500+ (Middle-aged by kitsune standards)
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0" (5'7" human form)
Weight: Variable as a Shapeshifter
Body Color: Orange-Tan with Choco Brown paws
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Red pupils on grey

Kitsune Magic

Archmage: Kari-Shaba is an exceptionally powerful spellcaster, specializing in its more chaotic and destructive aspects. Unlike most kitsunes of her world that just dabble in their various supernatural abilities, Kari-Shaba has focused almost her entire power base into harnessing the forces of magic in itself. Some of her own supernatural abilities are actually less than other kitsunes because of it, but she can use similar magics to easily make up the differences. With time, effort and experience she has learned to twist and manipulate spells in ways ordinary wizards could only dream of, having tapped into many of the 'lost' and dark mystic arts of her post-magical-apocalypse world. The only real limit to her magic is that she cannont use Necromancy or Abjucturing, as they both deal in disrupting different formes of energy and would wreck havoc on her own powers.

  • Elemental Magic - Magical mastery of the elements is Kari-Shaba's foremost ability as a mage, conjuring the power of nature in its most basic of forms to evoke its wrath to suit her whims. Her natural affinity is for Flame and she's quite apt with Electric as well, favoring their straight forward destructive potentional and speed, but can utilize any of the Elemental forces through her magic, and even manipulating them to the point were she can combined or even change the types used. For example, she can combine Fire and Electric to make what would be a Fireball spell do both types of damage, or turn an Ice Storm into a shower of Acid instead. Flame, Frost, Earth, Water, Air, Electric, Acid and Metal are all viable elements.
  • Metaphysical Magic - Though technically not Elements, the forces of Light, Shadow, Order and Chaos are all viable, tangible powers in her homeworld, and thus capable of being harnessed and manipulated through magical means. Light and Shadow are counterparts, as are Order and Chaos; the balances between them taking place over a concept of Good or Evil. Spells of their nature often result in less direct power or damage, and more into manipulations and illusions, be they physical or spiritual. Due to her exceptionally Chaotic nature, Kari-Shaba cannot use Order aligned magic or artifacts without causing pain to herself as well.
  • Illusion Magic - As a kitsune Kari-Shaba as a natural affinity for illusions and other deceptive magics, preferring their capability for trickery and misdirection over trying to directly affect a person's decisions through charms or compulsions. More than mere tricks of the sense though, she can create illusions of such realism, backed by her magical power and prowess, that they can be damaging and even deadly. Shadows can manifest physical forms to attack, non-existant voices or music producing sounds actually heard, and so forth.
  • Transmutation - A type of magic that involves changing something into something else, may it be causing a metal weapon to rust or turn a dangerous monster into a harmless animal. It's a combination of transmutation and her own shapeshifting that allows Kari-Shaba to turn herself into various elemental forms when just magical combat isn't enough. Although she can make polymorphs permanent, they tend to be less than so on 'Aurics', after a short time the natural aura and spirit of an Elite will exert itself enough to reverse the transformation. The same applies for Auric-level equipment or devices.
  • Summoning - On occassiona Kari-Shaba will use her magic to summon and control other lesser monsters to do the dirty work for her when she doesn't feel like fighting herself. And occasionally use her magic to make them larger or more powerful than they normally would be. Translation: Sentai series style 'Monster Of The Day'.
  • Scrying - Though Kari-Shaba knows a fair bit about scrying and detection magic, it's a relatively small part of her magic usage. It's useful for detecting traps and identifying obscure things, but when it comes to magic in most cases her own magic senses are much more proficient.
  • Magic Manipulation - In additional to the elements that compose spells, Kari-Shaba can also keenly manipulate the way they manifest and affect the environment they're cast upon. She can bend and twist the path normally line-of-sight spells follow to round corners and bypass obstructions, alter the effective shape of area effect spells to the point of leaving openings around allies and so forth. In short, she isn't restrained to the 'grid' physics of space and distance that some types of magic seem to be limited to.


  • Kakera Runestaff - Kari-Shaba's most prized treasure is her magic staff, an artifact attuned to her corruption and possessing many similar abilities to her own. It can be used as a channel for her spells in general, as well as being enchanted with certain elemental ones for her to cast without expending as much of her own energy. It also has some shapechanging ability, allowing her to turn it into different weapons or objects to suit her purposes or match a disguise. As Karisa Foxstar it is typically disguised as her magic-powered guitar.
  • Runestaff of Cacophony - A staff charged with a number of sound-based spells sometimes used for her more musically oriented tricks and attacks. It has a microphone-shaped fixture to its head, and is sometimes used as Karisa Foxtar to enhance her music shows as well.
  • Enchanted Robes - Though no more than vagely oriental robes in appearance, Kari-Shaba's wardrobe is magically enchanted to have the same level of protection as a lightweight set of armor, against both physical and magical damage. It weighs no more than the cloth it is made of though so there's no hinderance to her movement or physical interference with her magic.
  • Magic Arsenal - Kari-Shaba's belt is bound to a subdimensional pocket that she uses as a personal storage space (though it's accessable just by being on her person, she's just as likely to pull something out of her large sleeves or elsewhere as she is to touch said belt). In here she keeps a large stash of wands, potions, scrolls and other trinkets to use when just her own spellcasting isn't cutting it, keeping track of useful but not heavily needed magics without cluttering her arsenal of combat-oriented spells.

Skills and Abilities

  • Alchemy - Less of a magic in its own right and more of a magical application of chemistry and such in this world, used for making potions and some other one-use magic items. It's not a high priority skill, but it is something she's capable of and has dabbled in the lower level aspects of during her long existance.
  • Music - It's not just in her magic, Kari-Shaba is actually quite skilled in music, having absorbed the natural talents of the human she fused with. She has a wonderful singing voice, and is skilled at the guitar and several other instruments. Though not necessary in her magical casting, she often uses singsonging verses or actual songs as part of her more dramatic actions in doing so, and has a weird talent for going into 'Villian Musical Montages' in midst of fights.
  • Shapeshifting - Kitsunes are natural shapeshifters, though Kari-Shaba focuses less on it than others of her kind, instead using her transmutation magic to cover the ground. In addition to her fox, humanoid and human forms, she can use the combination to shift into an assortment of element-based humanoid forms, alter her size to deal with larger or smaller foes, and assorted other tricks. As a natural shifter, she can counteract having polymorphing or other physically altering spells cast on her by merely shifting back to one of her own 'natural' states.
  • Magic Consumption - Kitsunes like Kari-Shaba live off 'eating' magic, elemental and other energy sources. In addition of farther fueling her own powers, Kari-Shaba uses it in the place of dispelling magic, weakening or nullifying attacks on her by syphoning the energy out of them, which can be channeled into her own magic or use to replicate the spell and fling it back at its source. Unlike her own magic, she can replicate otherwise unavailable spells to her, but to a weaker extent than they would of been, but without the recoil injury to her own powers as well.

Other Information

Karisa Foxstar - Originally the on-stage name for her human 'partner', after fusing themselves into one being Kari-Shaba continues to use the identity of Karisa Foxstar for her human form and disguise. A travelling 'magic musician' akin to a rock star almost, it allows her to move from place to place and collect information without standing out like a five-tailed fox-morph would. Currently, only the higher echelons of the Confederate ranks know that Kari-Shaba and Karisa Foxstar are the same person, as Karisa has yet to make any major public appearances in the Multiverse, though her reputation has started to spread subtly in the background. She's known for using magically animated instruments in place of an actual band, though her two roadies (Kit and Sune in partially humanoid forms) occasionally join her on stage as well.


Note: To come at a later date.


  • Kit and Sune - Two semi-anthro fox spirits that are at Kari-Shaba's beck and call, about as child-like in manner as they are in appearances. They basically functioning as her servants or messangers when needed, and occasionally popping up to provide color commentary in the background. They also take the forms of a foxgirl and boy (think vulpine version of a catgirl) that follow Karisa Foxstar around as roadies. They're utterly not serious 'comic relief' minions. They can conjure weak illusions and toss about bursts of will-o-wisp foxfire, but aren't all that combat capable at all.
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