Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Nogitsune
Source Original
Faction Confederacy
Rank M-Mercenary
Function Unlucky Black Fox
Groups Users.Net and Syndicate Network
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 25
Age (Actual) Over 1,000
Still Aging? No
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
"Patience. Patience and a calm mind can outlast all bindings. I have already waited this long, after all."


Once a nogitsune of incredible evil power, Kagenashi has since been defeated and stripped of her might by the wielder of the legendary magic sword, Nageki. She was forced to wait in hiding for ages until people forgot about her legend, until finally she came back into the world disguised as a mercenary, taking various jobs for various clients in the hope of finding some lead toward the sword that sealed away her powers. She is a skilled assassin, familiar in the usage of twin swords and various poisons. Beyond that, her ancient ability to harness her sheer malevolence into magical assaults is still in her grasp, letting her damage targets without visible injury. Calm, collected, patient, yet ruthless; weakened or not, Kagenashi is a valuable ally and a troublesome enemy.


NOGITSUNE: Nogitsune are the malevolent counterparts of normal kitsune, and as such they have similar powers. Kagenashi can shapeshift between the forms of a black fox with multiple tails, a human woman, and various combinations thereof, as well as the ability to create and manipulate a sort of ectoplasma known as fox fire that can manifest as fire or lightning. Only one can be made for each tail Kagenashi has. Additionally, with each tail she gains as her power increases, new abilities are granted to her as with all kitsune or nogitsune. See +info Kagenashi/Tails for a list of these abilities.

EVIL: Kagenashi's malevolent will is so strong that she has learned to adjust the standard kitsune's ability to ward off evil to instead harness and manipulate her own evil into magical assaults. While incapable of damaging anything physical, she can use this to strike at the spirit of her targets, weakening them spiritually without causing visible damage.

MUNASHI: A black fox that follows Kagenashi wherever she goes. Munashi is Kagenashi's literal shadow given a more corporeal form, and as such takes less damage from physical assaults compared to magical ones and can slip through cracks and small gaps. She serves mostly as a scout for Kagenashi, as they share all senses. Otherwise, Munashi has few real powers aside from lesser extents of Kagenashi's manipulation of evil will and the ability to slip into people's bodies through their fingernails or chests and possess them. Maintaining a hold on possession is more difficult the more conscious a person is and the stronger their willpower is, in the best case making them a perfect vessel for Kagenashi and in the worst case compelling them to act like a bestial fox. (Possession and the extent of its effects are entirely based on consent.) (PL 15)

DUAL WIELDING: Since she can't rely much on magical ability, Kagenashi has learned to be skilled with wielding two weapons simultaneously. Her usual weapons are a pair of katana, the sheaths of which are strapped to her forearms and lined with a razor-sharp blade to give her an additional weapon. One of her katanas has been replaced with a high-frequency blade for more effective cutting ability. For lighter and swifter options, she also holds twin hook swords, and a pair of chain-sickles, or kusarigama.

NAGEKI: A legendary cursed sword originally made to steal Kagenashi's powers away from her. It retains its energy-draining status and becomes temporarily more powerful and faster the more it touches blood or another source of life from a sentient being. This power boost must be constantly fed to remain active and steadily decreases over time. Its effects are much more potent when used against kitsune and nogitsune, as it can drain their power and permanently siphon it into the wielder to give her their strength.


STAR ORB: As with all kitsune and nogitsune, most of Kagenashi's power is stored in a jewel embedded in her tongue. If it is removed, she is immediately drained of most of her power and becomes trapped in her fox form (PL 29 -> PL 15 upon removal). If it is removed, it can be replaced, but Kagenashi will do anything to get it back. It also makes her identity as a nogitsune difficult to hide at times: the star orb glows, its intensity relative to her power. Because she is weak for a nogitsune, its glow is also faint, but opening her mouth is enough to reveal her identity. To protect against this, she usually wears a mask in her human form.

GOOD OMENS: Anything designed to ward off evil spirits or malevolent forces is a strong counter to Kagenashi because of how strongly she relies on her own evil. A location with holy kitsune or their statues in particular is one that she will find it hard to enter, especially with any of those forces that are stronger than she is.

INHUMAN MORALITY: Kitsune and nogitsune are youkai by nature, and while some may associate with and protect humans, their morals often do not match up perfectly. Kagenashi is no different, and perhaps is even worse than her kin. She is not at all above trickery for amusement or vengeance, no matter if it is relatively harmless, humiliating, or potentially lethal for the target. She is quite selfish, and has no issue with gaining things for herself at the expense of others who have not earned her respect. Even when performing favors for someone, they may not be done in the most favorable way; if she promised to bring someone money, for example, Kagenashi would be likely to just steal it from neighbors and bring it to the person in question.

PRIDE AND HONOR: For all her malice and trickery, Kagenashi still has a strong sense of honor. She will faithfully repay any favor done for her, and any promise she makes can be trusted to be seen through, even to her own detriment. Similarly, her pride can get in her way. Many perceived slights are responded to with vengeance of equal measure. She is also loathe to directly ask for help, even when she knows that she needs it. This doesn't mean that she won't accept offered aid, but it has to be offered without her request first.

LAMENTATION: Nageki is a cursed sword, and its ability to grow stronger as it tastes bloodshed carries over to its wielder as a more pronounced desire for violence. When using Nageki, Kagenashi is much more likely to handle situations through violence and her normally pronounced patience becomes much lower. She becomes prone to anger and impatience when holding the sword, and she only becomes satisfied when it blood is spilled for it.

Tail Abilities

Each additional tail beyond the first that Kagenashi obtains increases her overall power and grants her a particular ability.

Second tail: Grants Kagenashi the ability to levitate without outside assistance, increasing her maneuverability.

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