Kagami Arata (Retired)

The Rhyperior is, in fact, clamped on. and hard. It cries in pain slightly, and as it finally breaks free… Well. It simply can't fight anymore. And so, Lawrence III presses a few buttons, sending a containment device to pick up the Rhyperior…

And he also releases something… /else/… Wait… Wait. …Why is this one so big?

A Wailord, the massive whale Pokemon. And it's falling down.

Lawrence III does 15 damage to Kagami Arata.
Lawrence III hit Kagami Arata with his WHALE strong attack! <Standard Mechanic>
<IC-Broadband> Lawrence III | Transmission: The sound of a Wailord screeching angrily as it falls through the sky… And landing, possibly on someone.

Unsnapping the Double Caliburs from one another, Gatack takes on a fighting pose, looking mighty strong as he looks to his opponents. Then, his shadow begins to expand. Exponentially. And a whale, or a Wailord, rather, is dropped onto him. And there is silence.

<IC-Broadband> Kagami Arata AUGH. "G.. guhh.. what the hell IS this thing..? OHGODIT'SCRUSHINGME!" "ONE, TWO, THREE."

<IC-Broadband> Lawrence III says, "That… Is a Wailord. I felt a need to use it in battle, due to the fact that I only have recently managed to figure out a way to capture such a massive beast with the technology of my ship."

Kagami Arata does 22 damage to Lawrence III.
Kagami Arata hit Lawrence III with his ONE, TWO, THREE— uber attack! <Dramatic Mechanic>

"RIDER KICK." A yellow light seeps out from underneath the Wailord, becoming stronger momentarily, and then, with a loud, explosive BANG, it's flung off the mountain and into the air, nearly 800 pounds of Pokemon being ejected forcefully by 8 tons of pure kicking force.

ZECT file photo.

General Information

Full Name: Kagami Arata
Alias: KaGAmi
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: God of Attack/Kamen Rider
Series: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Species: Human

Quote: "Tadokoro-san, you always told me to dash straight forward, right?"

Profile: A former field agent of the now-defunct secret organization ZECT, Kagami Arata works by day as a mild-mannered crossing guard in Rider Tokyo. By night, he uses the power of the Gatack Zecter to become the God of Attack, Kamen Rider Gatack. Working with the Kamen Rider organization, he uses his power to defend others from the shape-shifting doppelganger creatures known as the Worm, as well as various other unknowns that have appeared in Rider Tokyo as a result of unification. Characteristically, he is the foil to Tendou Souji - friendly, open, straightforward, bull-headed, easily sidetracked, and more than a little clueless.


Vital Statistics

Age: 20s
Gender: Male

  • Civilian: 5' 11"
  • Gatack, Masked: 6' 2"
  • Gatack, Rider: 6' 3"


  • Civilian: 130 pounds
  • Gatack, Masked: 295 pounds
  • Gatack, Rider: 214 pounds

Max Jump Height:

  • Gatack, Masked: 62 feet
  • Gatack, Rider: 118 feet

Major NPCs

<OOC> Ryotaro Nogami lightly bops. You shouldn't be NPCing appable characters. »;
<OOC> Kagami Arata says, "Everyone else is either dead or- …"
<OOC> Kagami Arata peeks over his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye. Yaguruma waves and perks his eyebrows, in that "Eh? EH?" kind of way.
<OOC> Kagami Arata ._.

<Public> You're spoiling her, Fate-mama. Subaru says, "'Baiser' is literally 'to kiss', although it's a bit more formal than that. A 'baise' is one of those really important kisses, like when you take a nobleman's hand and respectfully kiss it."
<Public> Kagami Arata | Kamishiro Tsurugi offers his hand to Subaru.
<Public> A rainbow is straighter than Subaru opts to GLOMP instead.
<Public> Kagami Arata | Kamishiro Tsurugi e.e! "Is this a typical greeting among the lower class?" oh god what have you done subaru
<Public> Made with real friendship: Subaru never lets go of Tsurugi, ever.
<Public> Kagami Arata | Kamishiro Tsurugi sweeps Subaru into his arms. Travels to a world of love with her, atop his La-Men cart.
<Public> Having two mamas is alright! Subaru yay! We will stand at the top of love!


  • ZECT Surplus - Kagami has access to surplus ZECT equipment, including ZECTrooper armor, the Machine Blade Gun, Worm detection equipment, and collapsible pistols, usually given to field agents like himself - he still carries it on him, even if it doesn't see much use anymore.
  • Gatack Buckle and Zecter - A two-part 'henshin' device designed by ZECT, consisting of a mysterious belt created from advanced technology, paired with a metallic robot insect with it's own embedded, sentient A.I. The Gatack Zecter makes it's way to Kagami all on it's own when needed, and even can attack to give him breathing room to transform.
  • Gatack Vulcans - A pair of twin-barreled autocannons with a virtually unlimited supply of ammunition, mounted upon the shoulders of Gatack's Masked Form. With a virtually unlimited supply of ammunition, they fire explosive projectiles out to nearly a kilometer's distance. They're strong enough to dispatch low-level Worms in just a few shots.
  • Gatack Double Caliburs - A pair of shotel-like weapons, consisting of a golden "Plus Calibur" and silver "Minus Calibur" that are stored upon Gatack's shoulders in his Rider form. They can combine together into a scissor-like weapon that resembles a stag beetle's mandibles.
  • Gatack Extender - A custom-built, high-power motorcycle designed by ZECT for use by Kamen Rider Gatack. It can even "Cast Off" into it's own EX Mode, transforming into a hoverboard-like vehicle an obvious stag beetle motif.

<OOC> Risa quickly finds a motorcycle. Every motorcycle. Ever.
<OOC> Tsukasa Kadoya's motorcycle can turn into other motorcycles, and some of them can turn into like, transformers.
<OOC> Kamen Rider Kabuto kicks Risa away from the Kabuto Extender.
<OOC> Kagami Arata says, "Mine's a transformer! It turns into a hoverboard, and we're going to go find the Minicons, and- You're not invited." :<

Skills and Abilities

  • Cast Off/Put On - A function present in most Kabuto-era Riders that allows them to shed their armored Masked forms, revealing speedy Rider forms underneath. Gatack is no exception; Pulling back the horns of his stag beetle-styled Zecter - similar to the "lever" on the Kabuto Zecter - triggers the Cast Off transformation, causing his external armor to explode outwards, striking opponents; It can be 'fired' in an outward, circular fashion, or in a conical, directed path if so desired. Put On essentially reverses the process.
  • Clock Up - A Worm's ability to move faster than regular human perception. ZECT's Kamen Rider System mirrors this ability through it's Clock Up functionality. By striking one of the "slap switches" on the side of his belt, Gatack seems to disappear to others, while subjectively experiencing a version of "Bullet Time" that lasts up to a minute from the user's perspective, while objectively it seems to last only a second or two.
  • Rider Kick - The eponymous signature attack of Kamen Riders, delivering an explosive burst of energy to an opponent using a kick as the medium. Kamen Rider Gatack uses his Zecter to send a powerful tachyon charge through his attacking leg. The exact kind of kick can be anything from a roundhouse to a drop-kick, but he prefers the flying tornado kick.
  • Rider Cutting - Gatack's secondary finisher charges the combined Double Caliburs with tachyon energy, causing them to glow a bright yellow. The attacking strength is greatly amplified, allowing Gatack to crush his opponents with several tons of force.

"Clock Up!" "CLOCK UP." Only a moment passes before a yellow streak carves itself through the air and a cloud of moon dust explodes into the air, the hoverboard-like Gatack Extender embedded in the Moon's surface just beside the Haro. "CLOCK OVER." Kamen Rider Gatack lands on the ground, having just used his main method of transportation as a projectile. He looks around, and in the heat of the moment, tries to strike a pose, but just ends up looking goofy.

Kagami Arata does 14 damage to GM Psycho Haro.
Kagami Arata hit GM Psycho Haro with his RIDER SHOOTI- hold on that's not my attack strong attack! <Standard Mechanic>

<Union-IC> Kagami Arata ohgod
<Union-IC> Kagami Arata looks at the Gatack Extender.
<Union-IC> Kagami Arata says, "Looks like I got it.. wedged in there pretty tight.."


"Every morning, before a mirror, the man who washes his face: Kagami Arata."

<OOC> Ryotaro Nogami says, "You know, I always thought Tendou's idea for your 'motto' sucked."
<OOC> Ryotaro Nogami thought it should be something like 'A shining mirror, reflecting his surroundings with purity.'
<OOC> Ryotaro Nogami says, "Or, like… 'a clean and pure mirror, reflecting one's own heart perfectly.'"
<OOC> Kagami Arata says, "I'm writing all of this down."

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