Kaede (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Raven Kaede DeVanos
Faction: Confederate (A-Ally)
Group: Team Rocket (6/Sr. Elite)
Series: Pokemon-1
Species: Human

"To the end of the world I have been, on a solitary circular track; and of all the things I have been and seen, I know one truth: There's no going back."

A rose by any other name is still a rose. So goes the philosophy KAEDE has adopted; taking a new name to try and differ herself from anyone else. But to anyone else, she is still just Agent DeVanos of Team Rocket. She is manipulative. Psychotic. Antisocial. A notorious liar, cheat, gambler. Most of all, a bitch. In truth, she doesn't care what other people call her; her outward front to the world at large is one of stone: cold and without emotion. Used by Team Rocket for years as their living lie detector for her psychic abilities as an empath, she grew tired of the isolation, and opted to become a field agent. Eventually, she became the partner to Team Rocket's SIC, Richard Kaspbrak, to whom she is linked telepathically. But when Oblivion struck the Multiverse, she was swallowed up; believed dead. In truth, she was merely deposited between realities, and lay dormant there for a year before the wasteland decided to erode the barrier between worlds, and she was uncovered. Her empathic abilities are unique; stronger when used on pokemon than humans, allowing her a far more in depth perception when it comes to training. Her small size (inherited from her thick oriental bloodlines) gives her the appearance of being weak and frail; but she is strong of spirit, and few can match her stubborn streak. Above all else, she will do anything to get the job done.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19 (Multiverse Aging Factor: In Effect)
Gender: Female
Height: 4Ft 7in
Weight: 90bs
Occupation: Team Rocket Black Shirt - Senior Elite
Past Occupations: N/A
Physical Traits: Cybernetic Left Leg.


Empathy (High):
Raven is capable of detecting emotions in both humans and pokemon; however her abilities are strongest in pokemon. She is especially well gifted at sensing her own. Her limit of reach is as follows: Humans can be picked up emotionally at 15 feet away, while Pokemon can be sensed as far away as a block. The most common use of her empathy is when she uses it to detect when people are lying or hiding something. It was because of this that she was originally hired on to Team Rocket. She is also capable of using her empathy as an early warning system for most attacks. She cannot sense the emotions of those with psionic resistances unless said resistance shield is down. She cannot sense the emotions of those who have 'chaotic minds'. Her ability also comes with a major price, leaving her incredibly susceptible to attacks from other psionic presences.

Empathic Backwash:
One of the biggest flaws of Raven's powers is 'backwash', or Psionic Overload. What this entails is simple; when confronted with a situation where-in extreme emotions are being presented from all sides, an overload of Raven's brain activity can occur; if left unchecked, it has the potential co cause an anurism or even seizure or stroke. Because of this, her brain has naturally built up it's own selfe defense mechanism; in which it simply shuts down, causing her to go unconscious, before such an event can occurr.

Empathy (Off Switch):
In later years, Raven not only learned of her backwash problems, but began training herself to use her brain's failsafe manually; the result being that she has the ability to turn her power, and her own emotions, completely off, to the point where she cannot feel pain. It also leaves her very prone to attack (As she no longer can sense them coming beforehand), and leaves her in a 'Vulcan' state of monotone vocals and little to no visible real reaction.

Knowledge: Weapons Use:
Raven is highly skilled in the use of three weapons: knife/blade types, Postol/projectile types, and whips/blunt types. She more commonly uses Pistols and Whips in every day battle, but has been known to use knives, and actually prefers bladed weapons to the other two.

Knowledge: Computer/Gizmo Use:
Highly skilled in the art of computer use, Raven is good at surfing the internet, building webpages, and inventing viruses, but is rarely allowed to excersize this prowess. Instead, most of her knowledge goes into the invention of little things such as various gadgets she can peice together with little time, money and access to most toy stores. (see +powers/details for a list)

Resource: Team Rocket:
Having been in Team Rocket for quite some time; Raven has picked up almost every skill you could imagine from it. She can pick most locks, can take a beating, can deliver a beating, can lie, steal cheat, swindle, gamble, and is even a pretty good secretary when she needs to be. Because of her empathy and naturally nosy nature,she knows a bit about the inner workings. It's said that if you want to know anything about anyone, go to Raven.

Pokemon Training:
Raven is both adept at the art of catching, and at the art of training pokemon; possibly more so than some people because of her ability to tell what the pokemon is thinking and feeling because of her empathic powers. Unlike a Hyperlinker, however, she has no ability to use those powers associated with pokemon type to her advantage.

Psychic Link:
Raven is telepathically and mentally linked to Richie; and has been ever since they first met. In a way, it's this link that keeps them both sane; allowing Richie to use her as an anchor, and allowing Raven to use Richie as a preventative toward her own psychic powers going wildly out of check.

Pokemon, ETC.


Serenity - Furret, Female, Lv. 55. Given to Kaede by Richie as a replacement for her lost and presumed dead pokemon. Easily distracted, highly hyperactive, but obedient.
Pookie - Skuntank, Male, Lv. 40. Caught in the wild. Loves making rude noises and smells, treats Kaede with adoration, but dispises everyone else. A bruiser and muscle'mon.

Special Equipment

RollerBoots - A pair of boots that have Roller Blade Wheels hidden in the sole. Push a button, they pop down. Push another, a propulsion system gets you rolling.
Leather Bracers - Wrist Armor. Gold, leather craft braces for the wrists, to protect from the almighty Wrist Grip of Female Weakness.
Net Balls - Collapsible wire mess connected to shock-packs in the shape of red balls, used for catching pokemon, or annoying trainers by locking them in place. Discharge electrical shocks, shrink and constrict the more the subject struggles.
Crossbow - Gift from Richie. It's a miniature crossbow, and comes with arrows. She likes to make alterations to the arrows it uses.
Fangs - Dental bridgework fangs bought and paid for out of her own salary.
Cybernetic Leg - Made by the Rocket scientists, this leg has no added bonuses to it. It simply serves as a replacement for her left leg from the knee down.

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