Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source AtLA-1
Faction Confederate
Rank A-Ally
Function Spirit-Bender
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 17
Age (Actual) 17
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'5" tall
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow-Brown
"I can't help the Fire Nation! I can't use this power to fight, so just… Stop asking me!"


Jung is a native of the Fire Nation. She is a teenager now, and while she was said to have been born with a gift for "Bending", she has thus far been unable to demonstrate any significant proficiency at manipulating the elements. What she CAN do is bend the SPIRITS of the elements as opposed to the elements themselves. She has yet to discover any meaningful use for this ability in the physical world. While her Fire Nation keepers want to weaponize the one thing she is good at to hunt down the Avatar, Jung hates the idea and is terrified of fighting. The best she can do is offer what she learns from searching in the Spirit Realm, and hope that it makes her jailers happy so that she can lose herself in dreams.


Bending: Bending in all its variations is a form of martial art. Each element has its own movements and stances. Jung lacks the spirit to fight but she has learned the stances and movements for fire, water, and earth during her attempts to discover what element she is able to bend. She can not use the elements corresponding to these movements, however, limiting her combat abilities to the physical realm only.

Fire Nation Soldiers: Jung is not personally in command of any soldiers, but Advisor Kunma may employ such to protect her and to keep her from escaping. These soldiers may fight on their own (at a significant disadvantage against Elites) or as back-up for Jung herself. These troops are either standard foot soldiers equipped with spears, swords, and bows OR Firebenders. Firebenders are able to produce and control flames with their Chi and martial arts skills for a variety of ranged or melee attacks. (Armor Mode: Troops Only - PL 24. Back-Up - PL 30)

Sensing: Jung is usually able to sense the presence of spirits in her vicinity, and can also frequently see and hear them. Individuals with a strong spiritual presence, such as the Avatar, may stand out even more. The sense is vague when she is not Spirit-Walking and can not be used to pinpont someone's location or to identify an individual. The best she can hope for is a general compass direction and something of an indication of the power of the spirit in question at the moment she senses it. If a spirit is stronger or weaker or hiding its power, she would be unaware of this.

Spirit: Spirit is the "fifth element". The "energy within the self". Jung is able to bend the spirits of the elements, which can influence their physical manifestations. However, this is not the same as Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, or Earthbending, and she can not duplicate the feats associated with such. She can alter the properties of a given element of an amount or intensity appropriate to her skill level, but this is difficult and tiring. Jung can not duplicate the feats associated with "Energybending", either as they pertain to influencing the bending abilities of other people, animals, or plants, or to imparting knowledge she may herself possess. She may disorient or otherwise disable an opponent temporarily by destabilizing the connection between spirit and body, or take away the "life" from fire or earth, but that is about it as far as combat potential. This does mean she is able to put out or reduce the intensity of flames, and she can weaken or crumble stone and earth.

Spirit-Walking: There is a whole other world within which spirits live. It is that ill-understood and potentially madness-inducing realm where Jung's bending is most effective. Further, by entering into a meditative trance Jung is able to travel to the Spirit World to communicate with spirits. There is another usage for this ability, however. She can seperate her spirit from her body temporarily, and travel the physical world in an ethereal form. As a spirit in the physical world, Jung can fly, is intangible to most physical barriers, and is invisible to most means of detection. She can not interact with other people, though she can be noticed, spoken to, attacked, or similar by other spirits or others with the ability to perceive and act on that plane of existence.


Fears Fighting: Jung hates and is terrified by physical confrontations or being witness to violence. She is easy to bully, usually gives in to threats, and doesn't give her all when forced to fight. She is also prone to surrendering if given the chance.

Keepers: Jung has Fire Nation guards and overseers assigned to her, both to keep an eye on her and to find ways to use her unique bending abilities to benefit the nation in its war. The man in charge, Advisor Kunma, is not above using Jung's abilities for his personal aspirations as well. This means she may be obligated to do any manner of despicable things to get the information the advisor desires to use against rivals or to find the Avatar.

Limited Bending: Jung can not bend any of the primary four elements despite possessing sufficient knowledge and practical experience that she should be able to use one of the three she has been trained in (Fire, Earth, and Water). She has no training with Airbending and that is unlikely to turn out to be the one element she can bend. Her bending is the spirit, and this makes most of her martial arts moves far less effective without the ability to bend the associated elements.




To be done.


Major NPCs

Advisor Kunma: Kunma is an advisor to Firelord Ozai himself. He is not necessarily an IMPORTANT advisor, but he would LIKE to be. Thus, he uses Jung's abilities to spy on rivals, and locate the Avatar by means unavailable to anyone else in the world. He is not nice to Jung. He is mean, but as long as she does what she is told some mild verbal abuse is about all she'll receive. Unlike her past teachers/handlers, he does not hit her. But that's about the only thing he has going for him.


Nothing yet.

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