Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human (Augmented)
Source Halo-1
Faction Union
Rank 2-Lieutenant
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Middle-Aged
Age (Actual) 42 (approx.)
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 2m+
Weight 182kg (without armor)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
"I need a weapon."
Table of Contents


Otherwise known as The Master Chief or by his serial number (SIERRA-117) John-117 is the most exemplary Spartan in the UNSC armed forces. Raised from an early age to be the perfect soldier, John-117 underwent full-scale indoctrination throughout years of UNSC military training and then was subjected to significant biological and cybernetic modification in order to make him into one of their most powerful weapons of war - a SPARTAN-II. With the best wargear available and his powerful MJOLNIR Mk VI powered armor, there are few opponents that can stand against John on a level playing field and survive. Utterly devoted to victory at any cost, John will never back down, he will never surrender, and he will never give up in the defense of humanity. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of his upbringing, John - like many of the SPARTAN-II candidates - was never properly socialized, leaving him quiet and taciturn. John's only friend is, perhaps, the artificial intelligence Cortana, his constant companion, tactical adviser and guardian. The two of them have defeated the plans of the Covenant and the machinations of the Gravemind on numerous occasions and the two of them would go above and beyond the call of duty for each other. In the end, there are few foes who are as resourceful, as powerful and as dedicated to victory as the Master Chief. John may not be the strongest Spartan, or the smartest, or the most agile but he has one thing the other SPARTAN-II candidates lacked: luck.


SPARTAN-II: John would have been an excellent soldier even if his life had been different but it is the SPARTAN-II program that rendered him superhuman. His bones are virtually unbreakable and his muscular strength is well beyond the human norm. John can break bones with a punch, can run at over one hundred kilometres an hour if necessary, and utilise a reaction speed that is almost impossible for the UNSC to track. The SPARTAN-II program also led John to becoming a giant among men - and he towers, head and shoulders, above anyone else in the UNSC. In his armor, he is even taller.

STRONG IN BODY: Even before the augmentation process, the SPARTAN recruits were put through a rigorous - some would say 'brutal' - training regimen. At fourteen years of age, John already had the body of a young Olympic athlete. The SPARTAN-II augmentations only proved to further enhance his already considerable strength, speed and endurance.

STRONG IN MIND: To be the perfect warrior, John's mind would have be sharpened into a potent weapon as well. Chief Mendez and the UNSC AI Deja honed the minds of the SPARTANS into those weapons. Well-versed in critical thought, John is also knowledgeable in areas such as war history, battle tactics and military protocols - but also general Terran history, UNSC regulations and laws, mathematics and sciences… Almost anything that might be necessary in the field.

MASTER OF WAR: John is the ultimate soldier and the ultimate weapon. He has been trained in all forms of combat, from the personal theatres of unarmed combat and small arms, to the tactical operation of tanks and fighting vehicles, including UNSC starfighters. He has been trained for, and has performed in, almost any sort of conceivable combat scenario - recon, sabotage, fire support, assault, infiltration… John has also earned every UNSC commendation - excepting the Prisoner of War medallion.

MJOLNIR MARK VI: Perhaps the most advanced piece of wargear constructed by the UNSC, the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (Mk VI) turns an already powerful SPARTAN into something that might be termed 'a one person army'. It is almost impervious to attack; the armor's reinforced alloys and composite armor are enhanced by a formidable energy shield. The armor enhances John's already considerable speed and strength and can even mount a compatible UNSC AI. The suit also contains an integrated comm. suite, powerful HUD and the ability to handle small injuries through intelligent first aid systems. Finally, the MJOLNIR suit can also utilise a series of modular equipment packages - enhanced armor, jetpacks, increased speed and agility - depending on what the situation dictates.

CORTANA: Cortana, serial number CTN 0452-9, is an AI construct that is usually interfaced with John-117's MJOLNIR helmet. She is perhaps John-117's most powerful weapon, most important asset and his closest friend. Based on the mind of Doctor Halsey, one of the UNSC's most intelligent scientists, Cortana is almost an exact replica of a human mind. Due to this, Cortana is witty and sarcastic, playful and perceptive - yet she is neither arrogant nor modest about her immense capabilities, particularly in the fields of electronic warfare, data analysis and countermeasures to thwart the same. While Cortana has genuine loyalty to the UNSC, she has a particular sense of devotion towards John, wishing to protect him from any further harm, and is seemingly willing to help with any task he requires of her. Unfortunately, all 'smart' UNSC AIs only tend to average a seven-year lifespan before they lose themselves to a condition known as 'Rampancy' - and Cortana is growing quite close to that deadline.

LUCK: When it came right down to it, John was never the fastest SPARTAN, nor the strongest, nor the most intelligent. But, he had one thing that Doctor Halsey thought separated him from the others - luck. This, in her opinion, made him the 'best' SPARTAN. When he might be evenly matched, it is John's 'luck' that might give him an edge.


LESS THAN HUMAN: John-117 may have begun as a human child but to call him human now could be incorrect. A normal human can't do anything John can do. But, more to the point, the SPARTAN program has turned John into something separate from humanity. Considered 'broken' by certain members of the UNSC, said to harbour 'sociopathic tendencies' and 'difficulties with socialisation'. John is said to lack something akin to 'basic humanity' - perhaps the most tragic outcome of the SPARTAN program. John is not entirely unfeeling, he can be afraid, angry, even sad - but the losses he has seen has only served to heighten his icy status, leaving him with no real way to express it. If anything, John's relationship with Cortana is the one link to his missing humanity.

WAR MACHINE: There is really only one thing John understands: war. He is a war machine who lives on orders, regulations and missions. Without that, he is incomplete. While John possesses substantial critical thinking skills and is hardly an unthinking automaton, he has been indoctrinated from a young age into the life of a soldier and, providing an order seems sound and it seems to come from a legitimate superior, he will almost certainly follow it.

DISTRUSTS ALIENS: The Master Chief has spent his entire life being trained to fight and/or actively fighting the enemies of the UNSC - in particular, those enemies took the form of the alien Covenant. Due to this, John-117 doesn't particularly like aliens. While John feels guilt if he is required to kill humans, this does not extend to alien opponents. He still has a professional sense of respect towards his alien opponents or allies, like the Arbiter, but he doesn't view them on the same level as his human comrades. This may extend to some of the more 'alien' members of the multiverse.

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