General Information

Full Name: Jiraiya
Faction: Union
Rank: Ensign
Function: The Toad Sage
Series: Naruto-1
Species: Human

Quote: "…There is only one thing that matters if you are shinobi, and it isn't the number of techniques you possess! All you need are the guts to never give up!"

Profile: Both ninja and erotic literature author of world renown, Jiraiya is actually one of the Three Legendary Sannin, who earned his title not through talent but through determination. Being a student of both the Third Hokage and the denizens of Mount Myouboku, he has mastered many powerful ninja arts, all in his attempts to seek world peace. He has been a free-spirited wanderer by nature, having worked primarily on his own for many years. Wherever he wanders, though, Mount Myouboku and Konoha have always been in his heart and mind, and he maintains a steadfast loyalty to both places. The Will of Fire burns eternally within him, and he has passed that down to five other students—one of which he believes will be a true bringer of peace. The Toad Sage has since then survived ridiculous dangers, having laughed Death in the face three times now. However, every time, Jiraiya returns stronger than ever before. When he awoke from the brink of death in the Multiverse, the old ninja ended up joining the Union, believing it would help him end this petty thing called "war" altogether. Someday. But no matter how he may change and evolve, Jiraiya will always be Jiraiya: Stubborn, eccentric, carefree, and… extremely perverted. He may be a great teacher, a great soldier even, but he is the king of sinners among sinners, indulging his "appreciations" for alcohol, gambling, and women at every turn he can get.

Vital Statistics

Age: 54-ish
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 192 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Stark white


  • Shuriken and Kunai
  • Bomb Tags
  • The Summoning Scroll of Mount Myouboku

Major NPCs

  • Gourd Toad: Small, gourd-shaped toad. Used with a jutsu that traps someone within the creature's chaotic, wide stomach. (Non-coded, no PL)
  • Rock Toad: Also known as a Rock Lodging toad. These creatures' enormous esophagi are used in collaboration with a summoning technique called Toad Mouth Bind. It completely encases the jutsu user and his intended victims within the walls of flesh of the amphibian. The inside of the esophagus responds to how Jiraiya wants it to contract or relax, and the flesh continually attempts to engulf whatever it touches—excluding the jutsu user. It is very, very difficult to escape out of, barring some serious firepower. (Non-coded, no PL)
  • Gamatatsu: One of the sons of Gamabunta. The small young, yellow toad is obsessed with food. He also has a laidback, naieve nature which tends to get him in more trouble than not. He can shrink himself and use a few, weak Water release techniques. (PL 21)
  • Gamakichi: One of the sons of Gamabunta. This snarky toad is a little more action-oriented than his brother and is actually quite sharp. He can shrink himself and use Fire Release techniques. (PL 21)
  • Gamariki: A very effeminate, cross-dressing male toad who is actually talented with genjutsu. He has a Water release technique and can use some of the unique jutsu of Mount Myouboku. (PL 27)
  • Gamahiro: The pastel green, giant samurai toad who works for the Toad Boss, Gamabunta. In terms of personality, he is quiet, but good natured. He wields double katana, being skilled in both kenjutsu (sword skills) and close-range taijutsu. To note, he is also ~84 feet tall. (PL 31)
  • Gamaken: One of the samurai toads who work for Gamabunta. He is dark red in color, bearing black stripes and designs here and there. He can be rather modest, perhaps too modest, and afraid of his own prowess in battle even though he can put up quite the fight. He uses a sasumata and shield in battle, along with a couple jutsu based on his weapon. He is, in truth, Gamabunta's right-hand man. Stands around ~86 feet tall. (PL 32)
  • Gamabunta: The Boss of the Toads. Somewhere around 50 some years old himself, he has been with Jiraiya for a very long time and is something of his best friend…or as much of a best friend as you can be with a grumbly old toad. He has quite the temper but enjoys a challenge, and he likes making dirty deals with people if he can. He wields a giant tantou, can use Water Release techniques, and can use toad oil quite effectively. ~94 feet tall. (PL 34)
  • Shima: One of the Great Elders of the Toads. She is very wise and is very respected all across Mount Myouboku. Her perceptiveness is keen, making her a competitive tactician all by herself. Her skills in battle reflect that, including the ability to use her tongue to literally sniff out invisible enemies and to stun them for a great preemptive strike. She is one of the few master practitioners of senjutsu, knows how to use the Myouboku genjutsu Toad Confrontation Chant, and mastered the Fire and Wind releases. She also happens to fight frighteningly well with taijutsu, just like her husband. (PL 34)
  • Fukasaku: One of the Great Elders of the Toads. He is a wise old toad who is just as respected as his wife is. He has a knack for remaining calm, cool, and collected in the prickliest of situations, although he is very protective of Jiraiya and Shima. Like his wife, he is a master senjutsu practitioner, can use the Chant, and has mastered Water and Wind releases. He uses a staff when he battles, but that does not make him any less dangerous unhanded. (PL 34)

Sage Opinions on Multiversal Inhabitants

… In progress.

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