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General Information

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Full Name: Jakuri AKA Mir
Faction: Union
Rank: PA - Provisional Ally
Function: Repentant Songstress
Series: Ar Tonelico-1
Species: Reyvateil

"I am not in the habit of thinking positively."

Profile: Jakuri (AKA Mir) is a Reyvateil whose past is as dark as her personality. She made her mark on history by becoming the first Reyvateil to attempt to destroy humanity and very nearly succeeded. A couple of times. Though she still despises humans in general, she has recently learned that there are exceptions. Now she is something of a repentant savior… somewhat repentant. By nature, Jakuri is sarcastic, moody, dark, destructive, and a little twisted. She's also a pessimist, and a bit of a sadist too. Despite all of this, she is an inherently 'good' person… not wanting to cause undue suffering and willing to help those who've gained her trust. As a Reyvateil, her Song Magic abilities are matchless - exceeding the capabilities even of an Origin. Though, like most Reyvateil, her endurance is sub-par… her sheer destructive potential more than makes up for it. When coupled with a partner, she can utilize powerful support magics as well. Aside from her endurance, her biggest flaw by far is inherent in the nature of Song Magic itself… it must be sung. If this becomes prohibited somehow, her strength becomes far less than even a common humans.

Vital Statistics

Apparent Age: 12 - 14??
Actual Age: 300+ years.
Biological Age: 33.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'0''
Weight: 110 lbs.
Classification: Neo Pureblooded Beta
Homeland: Sol Ciel.
Known For: Trying to destroy humanity, several times. Giving people the creeps also.

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