Jaina Proudmoore (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Jaina Proudmoore
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: n/a
Function: Peace Activist/Diplomat
Series: Warcraft
Species: Human

Quote: "Shh! I'm trying to think here"

Profile: Being one of the few, if not the only, peace advocate in the war torn world of Azeroth is not easy, but somehow this sorceress has done a remarkable job at maintaining that light of rationality bright, in a place where cold hard steel resolves most diplomatic meetings. Hailing from the once mighty human kingdom of Lordareon , Jaina seems to be the only one of her compatriots to still hold true to the idea of world wide peace, even erecting the city of Theramore as a testament to what the mortal races of Azeroth capable of when banding under a single banner against a common enemy. A leader of men, a powerful mage and a very idealistic diplomat, Jaina prefers words over brute force and combat, but is definitely not a pushover if her life or that of her friends and allies is threatened, having very powerful elemental magics at her side to which she can defend herself and her ideals. In her mind, might does not make right however and though capable she hardly ever engages in violence if she can help it, solving conflicts through negotiation and mutual understanding from all parties it is her hope to one peace will once again reign over the lands and sword and battle axe will be at last be traded for scrolls and pen.

Vital Statistics

Age: 28
Height: 6'1

Additional Details

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Major NPCs


*- The Captain "Foul Knave!!"

One of the most veteran soldiers from the human kingdoms of Lordareon. The Captain has lived through many a gruesome campaign and counts himself to be extremely lucky to have survived long enough to be under Jaina's command. One of the few unfortunate soldiers to have been attached to Arthas' and Jaina's expedition across Lordareon, he has experienced first hand the atrocities of the Scourge and his hatred to the foul horrors from beyond the grave usually is enough to cloud his better judgment telling him to back off from a suicidal charge. His zeal and devotion to the knights of the Silver Hand however, has at least given him enough strenght to survive Arthas' folly invasion of Northrend, the sacking of Lordareon by the Burning Legion, the voyage to Kalimdor and even the battle for the world tree against Archimond's army. He gives thanks for his continued existence to Jaina Proudmoore who allowed him to become her bodyguard as well as take leadership for Theramore's city militia. Greatly overprotective of his charge, he usually comes off as alturistic and vain when it comes to meeting adventurers seeking some manner of fortune in Theramore.


*- Master Sergeant Woad "Where's me drink? I canna shoot straight without a pint."

Master Sergeant and Staff Officer for Artillery, Demolition and Siege companies; Woad Azurefist is a Khaz Modanian mercenary who saw great opportunity in following the young sorceress to unexplored lands. Though there were many dwarves who saw folly in forsaking their homeland, the thought of setting sail was somehow more appealing to him than get slaughtered by demons while putting up with Lord Garithos insufferable personality. Though he shares many traits of the stereotypical dwarf, Woad is hardly a homely individual who likes to barricade in his home and shares Jaina's inquisitive personality to seek new things. This adventurer instinct added to his knack for implementing new weaponry technology has lead him to rise through the ranks of Theramore's militia and his advice is well respected amongst the citadel's government officials. His hobbies include shooting things and drinking strong ale, endevours which he often practices at the same time if he can help it.


*- Chaplain Corporal Sereniel "There is peace and serenity within the light."

Sereniel is a young elven priest from Quel'thalas, one of the few who decided against the judgment of the council of the high elves and continued to give their assistance to the humans, in honor of the treaty done in the second war. Awfully unexperienced and naive in the ways of the world, it was perhaps this guilable nature of trusting people that led him to follow Jaina to the new continent instead of staying in Azeroth, a choice which would in the end save his life and sanity. Though even in distant lands he felt the corruption of the sun well as heavily as any Sindorei, Sereniel found a source of mana with the archmagess Jaina and didn't succumb to his people's animalistic hunger for magic. Usually found giving the morning mass in Theramore, he is a devout worshiper of the Light and was given his rank of Chaplain mostly because there weren't any other priests left alive.


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Skills and Abilities

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While physically frail in body, Jaina's willpower is a true monument to strength possessing an extraordinary knack to solve people's problems despite whatever afflictions she may be experiencing at the moment. Jaina is the best of both worlds, with an elegant polite grace about her letting it be known that she descends from royalty, with the stoutness and the resolute personality of a hard working woman. Rather than snobby she is kind and has a bit of bleeding heart for those who cannot defend themselves as well as not being stranger to hard labor and openly associates with soldiers, workers, peasants than other lesser beings of her same political stature would consider as nothing but rabble. Jaina walks the middle path as it were in the stereotypical princess role, because in a way she is considerably fragile, being a mere student rather than a warrior and having the typical attributes a bookworm has, not exactly being shy, but rather just aloof and with no aspiration of making a name out of herself which many people would misinterpret as weakness. On the other hand however she is far from helpless, in fact she is a natural leader while maintaining a very down to earth hero profile, such that the common man and woman can associate with her without feeling the need to worship her or avert their eyes as if she were a Goddess. Her magic powers may be capable of blasting a demon lord to smithereens, but in body she is just a young girl like any other.

Jaina thinks outside the box without making any hint to anyone that she is doing so, while being liable to make mistakes as anyone does, she seems to have a lot more insight about things than other people do that let their pride and zeal blind them. She does maintain her faith to the Holy Light present but she doesn't try to enforce her beliefs to other people which is maybe what separates her from other mages, warriors, paladins and what have you. Many people will try to talk people or at least hint to that their school of magic, religion, country, whatever is the best that there is, but Jaina doesn't seem to think in such a way, openly admitting that the Alliance has many flaws as she has seen with her own eyes but also not trying to portray the Horde as an innocent little lamb either. If they do not have any problems for the most part, Jaina just leaves people be as she is more than happy to tend to her own studies and other important matters, at least if they are not causing themselves harm or others as Jaina may be a scholar but she also happens to have a decent amount of military training and a strong spine. People who are caught willingly harming innocents on her watch, depending on the gravity of the situation and who the offender is, can expect having fates ranging from getting turned into a sheep for a few minutes for them to think on their past wrongs or get obliterated by a lighting bolt, if the attacker is a mindless undead or a demon they can certainly expect the later predicament.

Being quite a bit of a social worker, Jaina likes to study and be in the presence of all kinds of people which she can pull off quite well due to her very well rounded personality. A balanced individual with curiosity for life but possessing enough wisdom to not charge head on into obvious problems, the young sorceress feels at home both in a log cabin drinking tea whilst talking to the elderly or children and on a war room currently under heavy fire with enemies at its gates.


A prodigal sorceress hailing from the once powerful city of Dalaran, daughter of general Proudmoore of the Kul'tiras Navy and favorite apprentice of the late Antonidas from the council of mages of the Kirin'Tor, Jaina had a bright future as would to be ruler of Lordareon at the side of Prince Arthas; but that would sadly for her never come to be for the undead Scourge had different plans for her prince.

It seemed like a common sickness at first, news of a plague spreading through the kingdom of Lordareon was met initially with contempt and dismissed as nothing more than a bad shipment of wheat and rice that had passed its expiration date. Concern arose however when the afflicted died prematurely only to raise once again as zombies and start attacking the local populace, causing the local authorities to summon some Paladins from the Silver Hand to investigate the problem, since it dealt with undead. Uther the Lightbringer appointed his own protégé and the prince of Lordareon himself, Arthas to deal with the plague and he summoned the aid of Jaina suspecting that the sickness was magical in nature.

This proved to be true as they traveled along with a small regiment of soldiers the countryside; slaying whatever zombies were wandering the area they tracked down the source to be an elusive necromancer by the name of Kel’thuzad. This man had apparently converted a fraction of the villagers to contaminate the food resources and spread the taint everywhere. Though Jaina, Arthas and the soldiers they had gathered managed to corner Kel’thuzad and his cult slaying them all, it proved to be far too late as the shipment had already been sent from the outlaying farming villages to the main cities of Lordareon. Enraged, Arthas and his party rode inland to try and stop it only to find out that the entire city had already consumed the shipment and it was only a matter of time before they turned into the undead.

It was then that Arthas first showed signs of going insane as he ordered his loyalist troops to go forth with him into the city of Stratholm and slaughter every single citizen in there, shocking Uther, his knights and Jaina who turned their backs on him protesting that there had to be another solution, leaving him to do his slaughter by his own.

After the massacre Jaina went back to the city to witness the charred remains and pile of bodies that had been left in Arthas wake, meeting there the enigmatic Prophet, who told her that the only way she could ever hope to save her people from this predicament was to travel East into the forgotten continent of Kalimdor. Jaina believed the Prophet where no one had before for some reason and immediately went to gather a band of followers to make the journey with her to Kalimdor and this supposed salvation.

At first she was greatly discouraged when of all things her forces reported of finding orcs in the land, something that troubled her greatly for she wasn’t aware that orcs made their living in this continent or if it was their homeland, but it didn’t matter since one way or another they proved to be hostile and were soon smashing their way through her expedition following her all the way into Stonetalon peak where she was hoping to barricade herself. When she arrived there however she found out that several orcs had apparently the same idea and where about to engage in battle if not for the Prophet revealing himself and explaining he was none other than Medivh that fabled sorcerer who had first summoned the orcish Horde to Azeroth. To her surprise Jaina was told that the only way for her to save her people was to make allies with the orc Horde for they will soon be facing an enemy much greater than the mortal races had ever dealt with before.

Skeptical of this advice Jaina accepted to make temporary allies with the orcs seeing that their current leader was nothing like she ever imagined a orcish Warchief to be, the shamanistic Thrall shared a similar interest in magic like herself and maybe it was why she condoned to such an alliance. Their bond was immediately put to the test for news soon reach the two leaders of a rebellious orc Chieftain under Thrall’s command who had been corrupted by the approaching demons of the Burning Legion and he and his forces were intent on wiping out the humans and loyalist orcs. The orc Chieftain, Grom Hellscream, was a personal friend of Thrall and didn’t wish to slay him in cold blood and as such Jaina procured a Soul Gem which they used to capture the corrupted orc and purge him from his curse. Grom died shortly thereafter as he and Thrall went off to slay the demon Mannoroth who had corrupted Grom’s Warsong clan, with the orc Chieftain falling in the explosion ignited by Mannoroth death throes.

Even after Grom’s heroic death, Jaina’s and Thrall’s forces continue to grudgingly work together in preparation for the arrival of the legion, though morale was sharply declining with the continues attacks of the undead and hit and run attacks from Night Elves as they progressed further north to Kalimdor. Thankfully one of Thrall’s visions lead he and Jaina to a secluded grove where they encountered the leaders of the Night Elven sentinels Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, all four of them being led there by Medivh who then explained to them that only by all joining forces would they ever hope to defeat the Burning Legion.

With all three factions united under a single banner, that of survival, the three races set up an elaborate defense all across Mount Hyjal where the leader of the Burning Legion, the demon Archimonde, was planning to make his attack and consume the powers of the world tree. With the combined efforts of humans, orcs and Night elves they were able to stall the demon’s advance long enough for Malfurion to lay a trap on the World Tree. When Archimonde finally reached the summit after a long struggle, to his great surprise the World Tree exploded on his face blowing him up into a million pieces and leaving the Burning Legion leaderless.

Knowing she couldn’t return to Azeroth with it still being plagued by undead, Jaina and her survivors raised a city in the shores of southern Kalimdor by the name of Theramore. It seemed like they could at the very least continue on living peacefully without having to worry about demons, night elves or orcs anymore until a messenger of the Horde arrived. This messenger, a half ogre half orc known as Rexxar arrived to ask Jaina why had she sent her forces to attack the newly raised orc city of Durotar which shocked Jaina greatly for to her best of her knowledge she hadn’t sent out an attack anywhere.

When Rexxar brought her along to investigate they found the human encampment under attack by Naga and though they managed to repel the attack, they’ve left little witnesses and only a dying marine of Kul’Tiras was able to tell Jaina that it was her father, Admiral Daelin Proudmoore who was leading the attacks. Astonished that her father had survived the fall of Lordareon, Jaina went back to Theramore with Rexxar to find out that her father had taken full command of her city and was now going to use it as a forward base to attack Durotar. Jaina was in full despair because for one part she felt loyalty to her father and her nation, but having experienced firsthand what misunderstandings and petty conflicts of race do in the grand scheme she felt compelled to aid Thrall in defending his new found country. Jaina gave the Horde knowledge of goblin shipyards where they could purchase ships to assault Theramore and ordered her own forces to stand down as the Horde attacked. Theramore was very heavily defended nevertheless and the conflict cost many orcs and their troll, tauren and ogre allies their lives, but due to Jaina’s information they managed to fight their way through the city and kill Daelin ending the human threat there. Jaina’s last words to her father were to ask him why wouldn’t he listen.

It wasn’t the end of it however, the Legion may have been defeated but it’s servant undead Scourge had emerged to become an independent faction under the Lich King’s command (who happens to be none other than Arthas) and with the remnant of the Alliance getting knowledge of Admiral Daelin’s defeat by the orcs in Kalimdor has made it so new attacks are constantly launched against Durotar.

For her part however Jaina has signed a non aggression pact between Theramore and the Horde, not wanting to allow petty old hatreds to escalate into full blown war ever again and does not actively take part in the conflict of the Horde versus the Alliance , the only faction which she feels hostile being that of the Scourge.

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