General Information

Full Name: J'vassa
Faction: Unaffiliated
Function: Dragonborn
Series: The Elder Scrolls - 1
Species: Khajiit


"I seem to have a knack for being in the wrong places at the wrong times. What next? Fighting dragons as a legendary hero of the Nords?"


A Khajiit hunter from Elsewyr, J'vassa stalks the shadows of Skyrim's forests and strikes true with his bow. Laid-back and jovial, he might even be pleasant company for those with a high tolerance for his antics, but don't underestimate his determination with his allies, patching them up with his magic or wading into danger in their defence with sword and shield. But that's not all this displaced Khajiit can do. Using words of draconic power known as Shouts, he commands a wide array of varied abilities as a Dragonborn, a fabled hero from the legends of Skyrim, the harsh, frozen land in the north of Tamriel, devouring the souls of slain dragons and using their own powers against them. Or so a few whispered rumors go. It's highly unlikely that just one random cat with a bow can hold that much power, right?

Vital Statistics

Age: 24
Gender: Male

Additional Details

  • Dragonborn - Also known as 'Dovahkiin', a Dragonborn is a mortal born with the soul of a Dragon. J'vassa is one such individual. All Dragonborn are gifted with the ability to absorb a slain dragon's soul, gaining its knowledge and ability to use powerful incantations known as Thu'um, or Shouts, without the extensive training required. This also permanently kills the dragons from J'vassa's world, preventing their resurrection in the future.

Skills and Abilities

  • Khajiit - A race of feline humanoids from the southern province of Elsewyr in Tamriel, the Khajiit are well-known for their keen agility and intellect, giving them a reputation as thieves at times. J'Vassa himself is quite agile as well, and always has his wits about him, not to mention his perceptions. Khajiit are also granted retractable claws that give them an edge in unarmed fist-fights, as well as the ability to, at will, grant night-vision to themselves. Of course, J'vassa has also picked up one or two bad tricks from his Khajiit heritage, namely the ability to pick most simplistic mechanical locks, though complex ones tend to be outside of his ability.
  • Hunter - As a hunter in the wolds of all Tamriel, J'vassa is skilled at wilderness survival in a wide variety of climates, though he tends to favor the mountainous forests around Elinhir, Falkreath and Bruma for their abundance of forests rife with game and caves for shelter. He can find and prepare food, shelter, clothing and armor. Furthermore, though not a skilled smith by any means, he can forge simple weapons and shields from materials he finds out in the wild, though he is most skilled with hides and furs. He is also skilled with a bow and at sneaking up on game, making him a proficient hunter. But there is always room for improvement.
  • Shouts - While not exclusive to the Dragonborn, the ability to Shout is a powerful school of ancient Nord magic that uses words of power in the Dragon language to create various effects. With years of training, anyone can potentially learn to Shout, though Dragonborn have a natural aptitude for it due to their dragon soul. By finding or learning new words, J'vassa can learn new Shouts or improve old ones.


Unrelenting Force

J'vassa's Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - in his path.




Whirlwind Sprint

J'vassa's Thu'um rushes forward, carrying him in its wake with the speed of a tempest.




Born in Elsewyr, J'vassa always looked up to the trappers that came and went in his hometown. He admired their free-spirited ideals, though sold more on the romanticized version than the reality. Going where they please, taking down wild animals and skinning them for clothing, food or shelter… The ultimate in self-sufficiency. When he was old enough, he practiced with earnest with bows, becoming adept in their use after many, many years of training. He also picked up the blade from the shadier types of Elsewyr, though didn't hang for long in their crowds. After all, he thought, being able to turn a skinning knife into a deadly weapon would help ward off bandits in the wilds. Sure enough, he became proficient in its use, and transferred what he learned across to the use of a shortsword and shield. While not as skilled with blades as he was with bows, he still considered them sufficient.

While not lacking for friendship, J'vassa tended to stick to small groups of friends, each of them following their own ideals, yet helping each other achieve that goal. While J'vassa taught bow and blade skills as best he could, he in turn learned to harness his innate, yet weak, magical talents into Restoration, not to mention how to pick an odd lock here and there. Learning from a friend of his father, J'vassa was also taught the ways of the wilds; how to prepare meals and shelter, how to track your location from the stars alone, how to turn hides into protective gear, etc… J'vassa applied himself with the same zeal he showed his bow training. By the time he was in his late teens, J'vassa was already a competent hunter, having travelled with the town's hunters and gained some field experience.

Yet it was through these month-long travels that J'vassa learned of the wonders of the rest of Tamriel. Not content to stalk prey in Elsewyr alone, J'vassa travelled out, learning of the state of the world around him in more detail than in his home. He learned of the White-Gold Concordat, the Thalmor and of the wide world. But J'vassa still stayed true to his ideals of self-sufficiency, eschewing civilization for the untamed wilds and the challenges that survival in such environments would bring, eventually settling upon the area encircled by Elinhir, Falkreath and Bruma. Though having hunted in such lands for a year or two, however, J'vassa stumbled into a bad situation. An ambush for the leader of the Stormcloak Rebels, part of the civil war in Skyrim. Mistaken for one of them, J'vassa was arrested and escorted to Helgen to be executed, until something that nobody could have expected happened…

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