Isa Reichert
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human (Lunar Exalted/Eagle)
Source Exalted Modern-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank A-Ally
Function Jet Jockey
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 34
Age (Actual) 34
Still Aging? No
Height 5'10"
Weight 162lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Yellow
"If I die today, I drag you to Hell with me!"


Few facts exist to support the existence of Isa Reichert. The rest are carefully-maintained lies veiled behind smoke and mirrors. Captain of the Soyuz Squadron, a classified division of the Russian government tasked with dispatching supernatural threats, Isa does her job with supernatural precision in turn. A hard woman forged by trials and war, there is no such thing as a job half-done. She relishes battle, feeling most alive when flying and fighting, drinking and smoking to combat the ennui of being "dirtside." Though not heartless, life hasn't been kind to her. Suppressing emotion has become a survival skill, and sometimes she can seem abrasive or uncaring to others. Having Exalted as Windborne Talon, she enjoys many advantages unique to her new station, including supernatural strength, stamina, and the ability to shapeshift into a great bird of prey at will.


  • Anima Banner: All Exalts bear an "anima banner," an iconic display proportionate to the amount of power, or Essence, they channel. Using only a little might reveal the caste mark on Isa's forehead, while using a lot might manifest brilliant, unmistakable displays of silver light visible for miles. Isa's particular display is a glowing silver eagle clutching a heavy scimitar in its talons, with both blade and talons running red with blood.
  • Artifact (Fighter Jet): Dubbed the "Skytalon," this artifact jet features heavy moonsilver construction and an expansive on-board AI suite. It is fast, durable, and agile; a sleek and predatory fighting jet, and reaches speeds that normal aircraft can only dream of. The Skytalon carries all the standard weaponry a regular jet can, and compensates for Isa's lack of depth perception. (+info Isa/Artifacts)
  • Charms & Knacks: Isa can enhance her natural abilities using magic called "Charms" and "Knacks." Charms enhance her physical abilities, allow her to perform feats of excellency, and let her use special techniques. Knacks pertain to her shapeshifting ability as a Lunar Exalt. (+info Isa/Charms and +info Isa/Knacks)
  • Chosen of the Moon: As a Full Moon Lunar, Isa enjoys all the perks that go with being one of Luna's Chosen. She's much stronger and enduring than a mortal, can use special energy called Essence, and her lifespan is measured in millenia instead of decades.
  • Martial Arts: Although formally trained as a soldier of the Russian government, Isa's true skill in a brawl comes from instinct and adaptation. Her chosen discipline is that of Lunar Hero Style, which imitates the strikes of animals and places great emphasis on adaptation. In most other cases, her preferred style is none at all; relying on instinct and brutality.
  • Soyuz Squadron: This elite squadron is tasked solely with the destruction of supernatural entities deemed a threat to Russian interests. Officially, they do not exist. Captained by Isa Reichert, its pilots are made up of heroic mortals and the odd Dragon-blooded volunteer. Soyuz is well-funded and well-equipped to handle a wide variety of crises within and without Russia of the Exalted: Modern Earth. They have access to special aircraft, approved military equipment, ammunition, repairs, medical supplies or treatment, and tactical information with which to carry out their missions for their government or for the Confederacy. (PL 30 or less, +info Isa/Soyuz-Overview and +info Isa/Soyuz-Resources)
  • Shapeshifting: All Lunars are capable of shapeshifting, and have three true forms. Their human form is one, their spirit shape is another, and their war-form is the third, which is a blend of both human and spirit shape. Isa's spirit shape is that of a massive eagle, with a formidable beak and talons that deal death. Shapeshifting into dangerous, savage creatures is her preferred means of combat. (+info Isa/Shapeshifting)
  • Solar Bond: Isa Reichert's Exaltation is bound to that of James Garnett. While it does lend a few advantages, these are almost strictly related to him. If she concentrates, she can discern where he is, or know how others she interacts with might perceive him. The advantages are minor, at best, but still occasionally useful. (+info Isa/Mechanics)
  • Survivor: Isa has lived through a great many horrible things, and she has put herself through a great many more. Her will knows no boundaries, and she will do just about anything to ensure her own continued survival. This can often get her out of difficult situations, as she doesn't know the meaning of giving up, even when faced with impossible odds.


  • Chosen of the Moon: Isa has to be careful about revealing her true nature. The Celestial Exalted have few friends in many versions of Creation, and even in her own, she may find herself in danger on account of what she is. Her own government maintains careful surveillance over her. Her loyalty is assured through bribery for the time being, but if she should ever come across as a threat, she would undoubtedly find herself in the crosshairs.
  • Depth Perception: During a mission Isa was injured and lost the use of her right eye. Regaining her sight on that side is something she'll never been able to do, and she's learned to function without it. It still poses problems, though, and there are still a great many things that she simply cannot do for lack of it. Stairs remain her mortal enemy.
  • Leader of the Pack: Isa has a naturally assertive, dominant personality. She has some difficulty accepting orders from others if they're being arrogant or stupid about it, and while she'll comply with commands just fine if she thinks they're logical, she'll dig her heels in worse than a stubborn mule if she thinks an order is inefficient, wasteful, or just plain stupid. It can take bringing things around to her understanding to get her to shut up and do what someone wants.
  • Lunar Tell: Every Lunar Exalt has some kind of distinct feature, unique to each individual, that identifies them for what they are. Some can repress this tell, but Isa has not yet learned (or cared enough) to suppress her tattoos or her tell. For Isa, her single eye is gold and very obviously not human, visible even from a distance. All of the forms she can adopt have one golden eye, regardless of their capabilities; this is something she can never repress. Ordinarily she wears sunglasses to hide her tell.
  • Proud: Having survived a great deal of traumatic experiences that probably would've snapped a lesser person like a cheap toothpick, Isa is prickly and stubborn when it comes to her service record. She's proud of her achievements, even the ones she can't talk about, and she'll eagerly address any slights against it, or herself, with her fists.
  • Solar Bond: Isa Reichert's Exaltation is bound to that of James Garnett. This is a double-edged sword in that disobeying him when he issues a serious order is, while not impossible, still extremely difficult.
  • Survivor: Having experienced a great many things that should have shattered a more compassionate person, Isa has learned to harden her heart to the cruelties of the world. Her methods are brutal but efficient, and she often has little care to put herself at risk for the sake of others. It's difficult for her to empathize with others, requiring active effort, as she has more or less forced herself to shut that part of her personality down as a coping mechanism. This can often put her at odds with potential allies, especially when her survival is called into question for the sake of another.
  • The Great Curse: All Exalted suffer from a fatal flaw inherent to their very being. Resisting unnatural mental influences, going against her Motivations, or defying her Valour will all accrue Limit, a form of supernatural stress. When Isa's Limit reaches a certain amount, she suffers a Limit Break known as the Curse of the Raging Bull. This curse forces her into battle for almost any reason, be it true or imagined, and strives to be the dominant force in a given situation. Any threats to her dominancy will be met with overpowering violence. (+info Isa/Mechanics)

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Artifact Fighter Jet (Skytalon)





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