Official Information

Real Name: Iria
Age: 17 (Multiverse Aging Factor: Not In Effect)
Gender: Female
Faction: Union (Ally)
Series: Iria: Zeiram The Animation
Occupation: Bounty Hunter


"I'm a bounty hunter, but I don't work for just anyone!"

A young woman who aspired to be a bounty hunter just like her older brother Gren, Iria was always subjected to teasing and ridicule by those around her because of her lack of experience and the fact she was a girl. Nevertheless, she continued to follow her goal of becoming a true bounty hunter. When her brother was killed by a strange being named Zeiram, Iria's world was turned upside down. Her goal of becoming a bounty hunter was put aside to avenge her brother's death. During this time, she learned about conspiracies within the government and how there was more to this strange being than met the eye. As a result, she learned a lot about what truly made someone good or evil, and eventually decided that even if she was a bounty hunter, she'd only work for those with good intentions.


Acrobatics: Being a bounty hunter requires one to be able to move swiftly on their feet as well as being able to do some incredible stunts to dodge certain types of things. Iria is no slouch in this area. She's almost like a circus acrobat or a movie stunt double with the techniques she'll use to avoid danger.

Vehicles: Iria's skilled in using a variety of types of vehicles, primarily flight based, but she could also drive if necessary. Namely because a bounty hunter isn't useful if they can't get to their destination!

Fighting: Being a bounty hunter is a dangerous profession, and you have to be able to protect yourself when things get dangerous. Iria has the ability to defend herself well using her fists and her feet. She has her own unique 'bounty hunter' style of fighting, which seems to incorporate techniques from a variety of fighting arts, which makes Iria a force to be reckoned with.

Weapons: Hand to hand combat alone isn't always going to win a fight. Sometimes you need a weapon. While melee weapons are OK sometimes with Iria, she prefers to use her trusty blaster when necessary. It packs a bit of a punch and can reach a good distance away.

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