Idle Log

The purpose of this page is to provide an easily cross-referenced record of the monthly idle nuke. Note that character type is relevant to when someone begins to show up on our idle tracker, as is the vacation flag. Hence, the different categories here.

This practice began in February of 2013.

General Information

  • FCs are on a 30-day idle timer, and have the highest expectations of activity out of the three character categories.
  • OFCs are on a 60-day idle timer, and their activity expectations are somewhat variable. They are less likely to be removed for charsquatting than FCs, particularly if they are significantly removed from the original source material. Idle warnings/charsquatting notices for these are determined every two months since they cannot appear on the idlenuke twice in a row.
  • OCs are on a 60-day idle timer. It is not possible to charsquat on an OCs, and usually takes exceptional misbehavior to be removed.
  • FOCs are a special category of OC, which follow similar rules to FCs. They have yet to be used as of this posting on 4-18-2013.

Unless otherwise stated, you generally only have to log on to avoid being @nuked. Some people may be required to @mail. Those who have appeared on multiple idle lists in a row (excepting OCs) will be contacted by the Admin to discuss their activity levels, unless mitigating circumstances are already known.

Please inform us if a character that has been dropped has appeared on the idle nuke so we can @nuke them. Likewise, if you are aware of someone who is unable to contact us for whom mitigating circumstances exist, please inform us so that we may take appropriate action.


Underneath this collapsible is the compiled idlenuke log of 2013. Note that this is very long! As of this alteration it is also not completely done, but it will be as of next month.


January 2014

Name Idle Time Notes
Rita Repulsa 80 Days Idle Nuked 1-30-14
Ty Lee 78 Days Idle Present on Last Idlenuke
Bolbox 62 Days Idle Nuked 1-30-14
Bane 59 Days Idle Dropped
Clock King 54 Days Idle Present on Last Idlenuke
The Eighth Doctor 52 Days Idle Chronic Idler, Present on Last Idlenuke
Adam Jensen 50 Days Idle Present on Last Idlenuke
Komachi Aki 49 Days Idle Present on Last Idlenuke
Juste Belmont 44 Days Idle Dropped
Bradley Carbunkle 38 Days Idle Old Charbit, see Tremorton Two
Giovanni 35 Days Idle Nuked

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