Howlback (Retired)

Full Name: Howlback
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Decepticon Enforcer
Series: Transformers Movie -1
Species: Cybertronian

"You act as if you’re going to come out of this in one piece - here, allow me to show you how wrong you can be."

Profile: Howlback was once a ceremonial guard to Lord High Protector Megatron on Cybertron, and when the civil war broke out there was absolutely no question as to where her allegiance would lay. Dispatched by Starscream to locate the Allspark, Howlback finally made her way towards Earth when her ‘new master’ landed. Unable to take part in the fighting proper (since Starscream didn’t need another fan of Megatron’s helping him), the smaller Decepticon femme was sent elsewhere, but unified in the Multiverse.
Taking her time to explore her options, she decided to seek out the company of like-sparked individuals and join with the Confederacy — for now, anyway. The future just depends on when her Master arrives — not if, when.

Vital Statistics

Age: You should never ask a lady her age
Gender: Female
Height: 14 feet tall
Weight: CRUNCH - you should never ask a lady her weight, either.
Alt-Mode: 2008 Scion tC Sports Coup, heavily modified


Transformer: Being part of the race of Cybertronians, Howlback has two modes, her natural form (which given how shes build could be either biped or quadruped, vaguely cat-like) and that of an 2008 Scion tC Sports Coup, heavily modified for going fast and going long, and with a /killer/ sound system, the inside totally tricked out. In addition, because of her alien nature she is able to accelerate, handle, and speed faster than most typical Earth cars of her time. With a communications array compatible with most technology out there, she has no problems letting you how /exactly/ how much she doesn't like something. Though shes a mere seventeen feet in height, she uses her smaller size to her advantage, even though she packs a lot of power into her form, and with those custom colors on her vehicle mode, she takes hiding in plain sight to a proud new height.

"I can hear you": Howlback has extremely sensitive audio-receptors, with built-in adjusters for loud noises to adjust her sensitivity automatically - although after chasing very quiet pray, an explosion may catch her off-guard.

Sonic Emitters: Thanks to Cybertronian technology, Howlback can collect audio data and play it back flawlessly, along with amplifying it to painful levels that can shatter glass, rupture rubber, and give any dogs within three miles a really bad day. This ability centers on herself and causes damage in a circle around her up to 150 feet.

Feedbacker Shield: A special weapon that was designed specifically for Howlback, the Feedbacker Shield is a unique construction that allows the Cybertronian to emit special sonic waves that capture and attack and re-direct it someplace else. Of course, the shields not entirely fool-proof; while shes using the shield (and only in her bipedal form can she use it) she is vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Other Weaponry: Along with the sharp claws on her hands, Howlback also has a long, spiky chain she can use to damage her opponents in close combat, although she'd much rather steer their own attacks back at them with her Feedbacker shield. Shes also equipped with a small energy weapon in her right arm and a small number of multitrack missiles on her left.


For her entire life, Howlback had known only peace on Cybertron. Her optics had never laid upon a comrade in pain or dying. She had never even processed the thought of going to war, instead spending her free time tailing cyber-foxes and trying to outrun others. She had a cool exterior, but was always very formal and polite to those of station - and sometimes not as polite as she should have been to those below her. War was an idea that was far out of her grasp - after all, the young femme held quite a ceremonial role as Lord High Protector Megatron’s guard - and was the lowest in rank.
However, things change.
Pulled inside of the web of violence and hatred that would become the Decepticons, Howlback was equipped with all the weaponry she’d need and became a loyal follower of Megatron, a zealot to his cause blended with her aristocratic air. She became a cold and efficient killer, not prone to flashy killings or broadcasting her own power to the Autobots, happily remaining in the shadows of the larger, more target-friendly Decepticons until she was needed, and then she would strike fast and fade away again into the gloom.
She was fighting against Optimus Prime at Simfur while other Decepticons battled Bumblebee, Arcee, and their team at Tyger Pax. When Megatron left the field of battle, she threw herself into the fray proper to make sure /no one/ who betrayed the ‘true’ ruler of Cybertron would be left standing - including her own side who turned and ran from the awesome fury of Optimus Prime’s forces.
Though she was not part of the first wave of Decepticons who left the dying planet in search of the All Spark and their leader, she eventually did leave in search of Megatron and his goal — but also to make sure Starscream did his job to find their leader. Trust only stretches so far in their side of the battle, and there was likely little lost between the obedient servant of Megatron and the usurper. Fearing the mission to find Megatron had been scrapped (which would leave Starscream in charge - and likely result in a division in the Decepticons and a potential weakness the Autobots could exploit to end the war in their favor.
It seemed like an endless cycle of searching, coming so close, and then nothing. No word from Megatron. No summons.
Then finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. Son she would be at the beck and call of her master again. A signal, flung through space.
The Allspark was Near, and the Autobots were on the move.
Landing on a lowly rock three places from a insignificant yellow sun, the Decepticon femme located a proper disguise, and began her own search for Megatron.
… of course, things got in the way, and somewhere she just took a wrong turn in reality, ending up in the Multiverse. However, the more things change — the more they remain the same. Fighting the Autobots while continuing her search for Megatron, she will not rest until his vision is accomplished — or she’s in the scrap heap.

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