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This page exists to list the members of the existing Homestuck casts, relevant NPCs (in the case of the Hivebent cast in particular), and information such as Class/Aspect combinations and Land names. If you're new to Homestuck and don't know what any of this means, please take a look at this guide to Homestuck at Multiverse Crisis MUSH. It will give you a good idea of what a lot of these things mean, and if you're getting into one of the ongoing Sburb TPs, it'll provide valuable information concerning what is going on. Don't feel obligated to read if you don't want to, though — it's supposed to be at least a little bit confusing!


Name Messenger Handle Class/Apect Land (Abbreviation)
Arthur Lowell profoundBadness Mage of Space Land of Spires and Frogs (LOSAF)
Fiora O'Brien clandestineSquiddle 1/2 Witch of Void Land of Grit and Lamps (LOGAL)
Summer Powers crowravenWolfmoon Rogue of Life Land of Wood and Haze (LOWAH)
Valentine Turner margraveRobber Maid of Hope Land of Gold and Shade (LOGAS)
Fiora O'Brien (Dreamself) whichWitch 1/2 Witch of Void N/A


Jordan Cypress cypressTree Prince of Doom N/A?


Name Messenger Handle Class/Aspect Land (Abbreviation) Hemotype
Arerth Rialth (Deceased) royalSubjugglator Sylph of Space Land of Fashion and Frogs (LOFAF) Purple (Secretly Jade)
Laohus Enhydr travellingSalesman Thief of Rage Land of Cash and Showmanship (LOCAS) N/A (Secretly Purple)
Prorth Edhuwi perfectPerfection Prince of Heart Land of Mirrors and Portraits (LOMAP) Indigo/High Blue
Vruasa Telash deusexLongcoat Knight of Time Land of Blood and Glory (LOBAG) Cerulean/Low Blue

Hivebent-1 NPCs

Aubran Udelin vikareRising Maid of Breath Land of Lights and Temples (LOLAT) Teal
Besari Qualan chiefApparatchik Heir of Life Land of Sickles and Snow (LOSAS) Yellow
Gwenon Morgas gameMistress Seer of Blood Land of Oceans and Mirages (LOOAM) N/A (Secretly Violet)
Ibolgo Luthin ruinousExcavator Witch of Doom Land of Ruin and Stone (LORAS) Bronze
Melsue Shrimi simianExemplar Rogue of Hope Land of Heroes and Villains (LOHAV) Olive
Rintel Lizben problemSleuth Page of Light Land of Justice and Chivalry (LOJAC) Teal
Svarst Dotrii achlysianNightmare Mage of Void L̗͢à̺͉̩n̶̦̱͍d̸̛͍͇̙͔͕͜ ̜̠̦͕ò̷̘̩͝f͓̘ ̶̙̩͉̞̣͖̪́?̸̡̟͠?̧̙̹̺̬̕?̠̭͇̯͕͙̳͇?̙̪͕́̀?̹͖̫̥̬͜ ̱̬̻̞͜͞a̛̦̞̟̲n̤͓̞̻͠d̢̘̬͚̦̬̠͟͡ ̧͍̳̯͉̜̙̪̦͟?̗̺̳̞͖͓͔͠ͅ?҉̛̘͍̹̥́?̤̟̺̕͝?̶̵͇͎̤͡?̷͟҉̳̝͈͕ Rust
Ivulst Thrulm bluebirdChatter Bard of Mind Land of Domes and Kings (LODAK) Violet
  • Notes: Each Troll here is associated with one of the PCs above either positively or negatively, and is come TP time the responsibility of a specific Troll player. These are listed below. Note that, with Sgrub as a TP impending, we've overhauled their classpects and started finalizing certain aspects of their character(s), so you may see revisions here.
  • Aubran and Ibolgo are associated with Prorth Edhuwi.
  • Rintel and Besari are associated with Laohus Enhydr.
  • Melsue and Ivulst are associated with Arerth Rialth.
  • Gwenon and Svarst are associated with Vruasa Telash.


Name Messenger Handle Hemotype
Aethra Hagano lernaeanSophistry Violet
Lupita Auryon prismaticAconitum Purple

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