Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Growlithe Pokemoprh
Source Pokemorph Mystery Dungeon-1
Faction Union
Rank A - Ally
Function Rescue & Exploration
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Late Teens
Age (Actual) Young Adult
Still Aging? No (Other than Evolving)
Height 5' 11"
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Brown
"Even the deepest of dungeons will not hide you from the HOT BURN of JUSTICE!"
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Hitsuki honestly means well, she just tends to get a little too wrapped up in what she has chosen to do with her life. Which is saving lives, exploring Mystery Dungeons, tracking down bandits and in general trying to make the world a better place for everyone to be their best. Which she approaches with such zeal that it's like a nova of enthusiasm going off at her presence. Hitsuki is a big boisterous bruiser whom is more than willing to go out of her way and into extreme danger to help protect others, and do so with seemingly endless vigor that others have trouble keeping up with, her own teammates included. Hitsuki is a very capable explorer and an inspiring leader, if moreso in the manner of word and deed than strategy. The latter falls to the calmer and more down to earth Zephyra to handle while she tries to reign her friend in from going totally bombastic, countering her boundless energy with a cautious and more thoughtful demeanor. Being Growlithe and Glaceon morphs they have control over the elements of Fire and Ice respectively, as well as the reserve of useful support items found in their ventures. Despite attitudes as different as their elemental alignments the two are a rock solid team, though they do bicker and snark at each other as often as they agree.


Growlithe Morph: Growlithes are very physical creatures despite their fire powers, known for being tough and dedicated companions with a fierce bite. Hitsuki is even more so because she is exceptionally strong for a member of her species. Hotblooded in a literal sense, she can channel her inner heat into both physical and ranged attacks, is resistant to fire in general, and can withstand extremely hot environments and even volcanic pools without getting burned.

Glaceon Morph: You could say Zephyra is Hitsuki's keeper, the actual brains of the operation that has to try and keep the firedog on task. She's also the team's resident strategist and a hobby archeologist. As an Ice type she is primarily a cryokinetic, capable of forming freezing cold into icy blasts, freezing her fur into a reflective coating, and and moving across icy surfaces without slipping.

Superior Senses: Hitsuki has the same uncanny sense of smell as any Growlithe. It is acute to the point that not only can she track with it and identify others by scent alone, but can focus on things that are otherwise intangible or difficult to detect such as Ghosts and highly evasive opponents. Zephyra has a sensitivity to minute temperature changes and air currents due to her elemental affinity. Both have above average hearing and capable of using their heighten senses for navigation.

Dungeon Delvers: As experienced explorers the girls have developed a number of skills that help themselves and their teammates on their missions. Hitsuki charges into action like a flaming tornado, a boisterous brawler that prefers to lead by example with her hotblooded strength and inspiring commentary. In comparison Zephyra is cool and rational, the eye in the calm of her partner's firestorm, formulating strategies and keeping track of the situation. Together they are quite capable at getting the job done be it an actual missions or just the day to day adventuring.

Item Utility: The Mystery Dungeons have all sorts of goodies in them to aid an adventuring party besides treasure. Stones and spikes to use as throwing weapons, restorative Berries for various conditions, Seeds that can also be used to hamper the enemy, and Wonder Orbs that can induce strange side effects. There's also items worn as protective gear, such as Zephyra's Bright Specs that can detect traps or the Defense Scarf that Hitsuki ties on. Such items are meant to make adventuring more practical, but not replace the abilities of actual teammates and allies. Team Badges double as tracking items and emergency beacons.

Magnagate: Magnagates use the same mysterious energy as Mystery Dungeons to create a subdimensional passage between two points to reduce travel time, or opening the gateway to the beginning of an otherwise isolated location or dungeon. It's like a combination lock that's opened by arranging the interlocking rings that compose it. However the process cannot grant direct access; it just provide a quick means to the area of entrance, and fails against the same defense measures as other means of long distance transposition would.

Team Flashbang: Hitsuki and Zephyra may lead many quests personally but they aren't in this business alone. Sometimes the pokemon or pokemorphs met in the field are impressed enough to want to join their efforts. Or a former client takes up a specific task in gratitude. If a job requires a certain skill, ability or type, there's a good chance they've got friend that can fill the role in much the same way a Trainer varies their team with pokemon. These allies also watch over the refurbished quarry that is the team's base and the surrounding fields and shops when not accompany others on jobs. (PL30 without main characters)


Too Strong For Her Own Good: The problem isn't that Hitsuki is unusually strong even for a physical species like Growlithe. The problem is that she's a bit of a ditz and forgets it, especially if she's excited or highly emotional. Broken doors, accidental holes in walls and things that should be too heavy to be tipped over falling down are often indicators of her presence. Not to mention the crushing handshakes and bearhugs she gives out so affectionately.

Impulsive: Hitsuki isn't exactly stupid, per say, she just lacks a great deal of forethought. She sees something needing to be done, or someone needing help, and she jumps in full barrel without a secondary concern. She's brave and bold, but has about as much common sense as a brain damaged lemming. Often leaping before she looks is how she gets into trouble that requires the rest of her team to pull her out again.

Paranoid: She would be hard pressed to admit it, but Zephyra has developed a rather sizable amount of 'protective paranoia' from working with the likes of Hitsuki. There's a reason she wears trap-detecting glasses most of the time, knowing that her partner is not going to pay attention to such concerns. Her tenacity for paying intimate attention to surrounds and considering multiple strategic options all stems from her fears of what just what can possibly go wrong.

Trouble Magnet: It doesn't matter what reason Team Flashbang was there for originally, if there is trouble they will likely find it. Or it will find them. Sometimes both. Hitsuki's boisterous impulsiveness and Zephyra's intellectual curiosity are usually enough to drag them into things even unintentionally, and much like her bite once there Hitsuki is too stubborn to let go easily.

Like Fire And Ice: Hitsuki and Zephyra may work well as a team, but that doesn't mean that they always get along. They are two very different personalities and can clash even when they are in sync. They can get the job done, but not necessary by things going the way they planned because they got into bickering on the side. When they are separated however, neither one of them is at their finest because of how much they rely on their counterpart for certain things to be effective.

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