History And Current Events

This is where you can find information on the history of various IC happenings on the MUSH, as well as current events, such as ongoing plots. This is a particularly good resource to find out what's happened in long-running plots or RP that relates to past events. Note that both historical events and current events are listed here, because today's current events are tomorrow's history.

When making information on a new event, PLEASE make a new page on it and put the date the page was made on the same line as the link to the page!

More Current Stuff

Current MUSH Year - 21 AU

Historical Stuff

13 AU

December - Oblivion Incident.

14 AU

15 AU

16 AU

January - The Confederacy unleashed a devastating attack on New Washington using the Shalaanesh Cannon. The Union retaliated by attacking New Pyongyang. Casualties numbered in the millions; however, no clear victory was won by either faction.

March - Kefka is finally defeated, and his tower destroyed.

August - The Confederacy attacks New Washington again, this time relocating the entire city from the Eastern Seaboard of its America to the Southwestern Desert of another America.

August - Second Battle of Axis. Neo-Zeon attempted to drop the derelict Axis Colony on UC-Earth, but was stopped by the Union (with some assistance from the Confederacy and unaffiliated individuals).

17 AU

October - Multiverse Champions Tournament: Lightweight Division won by Alexis, Duelists Division won by Kari-Shaiba, Titans Division won by Davlyr. Grand Champion awarded to Davlyr for the second year running.

19 AU

April - The Shattering - The Confederacy attempted to profoundly influence the Unification of worlds through the use of an Oblivion Shard, a relic left from the aftermath of the Oblivion Incident. The Union, in an attempt to counteract this, used an Oblivion Shard of its own. The interaction between the opposing Shards resulted in a cataclysmic event that radically altered the landscape of the Multiverse.

20 AU

June - July - Viridian Sunrise assumes full control of the Confederacy, overthrowing the Council through wit and magic. The increase in power this affords him allows him temporal control over Confederate territories, allowing him to reverse any losses that they take and making it impossible for the Confederacy to lose ground. Cirrus-Marine quickly falls to the Confederate offensive, and is effectively destroyed as a super power.

The Union is forced to infiltrate the world within Viridian Sunrise's soul, called Annu, and ultimately destroy it in pursuit of defeating him. They succeed, and survive only because of the peculiar nature of Viridian Sunrise's reincarnation cycle. The participants, for destroying the world of Annu and all of its inhabitants, are subject to the Scar of the World-Slayer, a mark that imprints the lives and deaths of every entity that perished as a result of what happened in the mind of the bearer.

The reincarnation of Viridian Sunrise, calling himself The Emperor, decides that he wishes nothing to do with the conflict that destroyed his prior incarnation and departs, after extricating the Union strike team from his soul.

Multiversal Holidays

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