Lurking just out of the public's eye, the supernatural has always plagued humanity on Earth. Blood-drinking nosferatu, dangerous werewolves, and other mythical creatures thought by many to be only legend walk amongst mankind. The truth is that Earth's governments are well aware of such creatures, and strive hard to keep the common folk blissfully ignorant of said horrors — and the actions taken to ensure their safety.

One of several such government agencies is Her Majesty's Royal Protestant Knights, known more informally as "The Hellsing Organization," charged with protecting Great Britain from all supernatural threats to church and crown. The Vatican's secretive Section XIII "Iscariot" is an opposed group that's similarly charged with hunting down heathens, heretics, and dangerous creatures. There is no doubt that many nations, religions, and so on posses their own task forces — and they truly need them.

The year is 2030, thirty years after a secretive Nazi group that boasted a legion of one thousand artificial vampires brought a hellish and final night to London and caused massive havoc that the whole world felt, if only a little in some places. While the Millennium Order of the Third Reich's gone, the ripples it set off are unquestionably the biggest ones those who know what really goes bump in the night's felt in a long, long time, and are likely to ever feel again.

<OOC: Hellsing-1 is a version of Hellsing based on the manga and OVA, taking place an indeterminate period before the '30 years later' scenario of the final manga chapter. Alucard is appable, but has not ICly reappeared yet. All characters who died in the OVA and manga are inappable — they're quite dead. Millenniums infrastructure is gone, though tiny remnants may yet exist. The existence of other supernaturally-savvy organizations and individuals — malevolent or benevolent — is open for potential appers who wish to skillfully flesh it out. Anime characters like Incognito may be adaptable. Current cast members should be consulted for working such things in.>

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