Heinkel Wolfe (Retired)
Heinkel Wolfe
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human (Lycanthrope)
Source Hellsing-2
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Big Bad Wolfe
Groups Heaven Or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 30s
Age (Actual) 32
Still Aging? No
Height 5'11"
Weight 153lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"I do the vork, I'm paid. There ist little more to it. You haf any problems…? Then that ist too bad, ja?"


Heinkel Wolfe isn't what one expects when they think of a devout Catholic. This rough-and-tumble woman was a mercenary in the streets of Eastern Europe, once. After a stray bullet almost killed her, she traded her gun for a spade, entering premature retirement tending the grounds of a small church in Brussels. The Catholic Church caught wind of her impressive resume, hiring her on as a member of Iscariot, a secret organisation devoted to protecting the Church's interests. Her skills have been useful in dealing with demons, heretics, monsters, and everything that goes "bump" in the night. She's not as fanatical as the likes of Alexander Anderson, but she's still devoted to the cause; pragmatic and brutally efficient. A freak accident during a mission left her cursed with lycanthropy, but she continues to work for Iscariot, using her newfound powers for the cause. So long as she remains master of her own instincts, she has a place with them, and that's just fine by her. Those skills are put to excellent use in her bloody line of work.


  • Brawler: Tall and built solidly for a woman, Heinkel's a good brawler. She's been through her fair share of bar fights. She knows how to fight dirty, armed either with a knife or her fists, if her guns happen to fail her.
  • Enhanced Senses: After a freak accident in the line of duty, Heinkel contracted the curse of lycanthropy. It comes with benefits, for all that she thinks of herself as a monster. She has slight regeneration, with added strength and stamina. Her sense of hearing is dramatically increased, her nose is keen enough to follow scent trails, and she can see better than any human in low-light conditions.
  • Firearms: Heinkel is a solid shot with most conventional firearms. She prefers two custom-made pistols of ridiculously large caliber, designed with an eye towards stopping supernatural evil in its tracks. Her accuracy isn't supernatural, instead the result of years of discipline. Her ammunition includes standard and blessed silver rounds.
  • Lycanthropy: When she takes the form of the wolf, Heinkel gains a few benefits. With strong jaws and sharp teeth, it has obvious combat uses, and a quadrupedal body means she has better agility and stability. It can also be used to track and travel over long distances. She still retains her mind as a wolf, relying on rigorous training to make sure her instincts don't overtake her.


  • Alcohol: Heinkel works a rough job, battling horrifying abominations and whatnot. It's hard to forget what you see and do. She uses booze to sleep at night, but with her regenerative qualities, it's hard for her to get drunk. It takes a lot of strong alcohol to intoxicate her. Her bar tabs are certainly the stuff of nightmares.
  • Enhanced Senses: Having excellent senses is a drawback. Heinkel's hearing is excellent, but loud noises can deafen or injure her; deafness is disorienting to her, however temporary. Her sense of smell makes her vulnerable to pungent aromas like pepper, which can scramble her olfactory senses.
  • Night Vision: Under her curse, Heinkel has truly become a creature of the night. Her human eyes are intolerant to daylight conditions, forcing her to wear dark sunglasses to function. They're custom made to screen out light, and they're necessary even in dim light. Daylight is agony, and having the sunglasses knocked off her face would really mess up her day.
  • Physique: As a human, Heinkel is still vulnerable. She might be stronger and faster, but she still bruises and bleeds just like a human. Fire still burns her. A bullet could still seriously injure her. Decapitation would still be disappointingly… permanent.
  • Lycanthropy: The curse is still a curse. Heinkel can't remain a wolf too long, or she might lose herself in her feral instincts. The lack of opposable thumbs is also an annoyance factor. Though telepaths could understand her, she can't speak, having to rely on charades to get her point across. ("Did Timmy fall down the well?") As a werewolf, she's also highly allergic to silver, and merely touching it can cause things like "immediate immolation."

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