Hayate Yagami (Retired)

((This character is currently retired to NPC status, under the command of Zafira player))

General Information

Full Name: Hayate Yagami
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Living Artillery Platform
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-1
Species: Human

"I will fulfill my responsibility as master of the Book of Darkness until the end. We won't bother anyone. I just want to give my children who have given me such joy, greater joy in return."

Profile: Hayate is a young and promising TSAB officer. She has fame, support, and friends, as well as being the person who caused Mobile Section 6 to be. However, she's gained some bad press as well for having been involved in the Book of Darkness incident when she was ten (ten years ago). Despite Hayate's part in the incident, she'd never had intentions of being bad, as realized by Fate and Nanoha. The three quickly became very good friends. The young woman is most closely bound to Reinforce Zwei (her Unison Device/familiar) and the Wolkenritter (guardians created from the Book of Darkness, which is now called the Tome of the Night Sky), who are all like a surrogate family to her, thanks to Hayate showing them kindness and treating them as actual people when others had not. Being rather poor at close combat, Hayate serves best at using her SS rank magic with the Book of the Night Sky and her Armed Device staff, Schwertkreuz to act as an artillery platform whilst utilizing Mid-Childan and Old Belkan magic.

Vital Statistics

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue

Skills and Abilities

  • Knight Armor - Knight Armors are magically reinforced clothing that is basically the Belkan version of the Barrier Jackets used by Mid-Childans. It is an instant change armor mode that, when used, makes Hayate's lack of close quarters combat experience less of a worry. When not being used, the armor is stored in her Armed Device.
  • Schwertkreuz - This golden staff is quiet, unlike most Armed Devices, and does not have a Belkan Cartridge System. However, it is a powerful catalyst for her spells. Its Standby form is a golden pendant in the shape of a cross that covers the tip of the staff. Like other Devices, it processes magic for its user and stores their armor.
  • Tome of the Night Sky - Once renamed the Book of Darkness and called as such for some years, the Tome of the Night Sky is a collection of various magic spells. Some of these spells are actually powerful enough to wipe out an entire city block. It consists of both Belkan and Mid-Childan spell types as its spells are those collected from various mages and magical creatures as gathered by the Wolkenritter in past years via linker core drain. Despite the force of Hayate's abilities, they are honed to the point that the magic is not lethal and will not create wounds.
  • Reinforce Zwei - The recreation of the program that sorted the Book of Darkness' spell data is now present in the form of a small, not much bigger than fairy sized, girl named Rein (sort for Reinforce Zwei). This acts as Hayate's familiar, but is also something known as a Unison Device. Unison Devices combine with others to power them up some. For Hayate this comes in the form of an aura flare (Aura Flare 30 => 34) and it changes the color of her hair and eyes. However, Rein can also unison with others, somehow changing the color of their clothing and/or some attributes as well as boosting their abilities. This would come in the form of consent based +buffing. The use of Rein as an armor change and buff is instant working. Rein can also fight on her own and carries a miniature version of the Tome of the Night Sky that is called the Tome of the Azure Sky. However, she mainly just performs ice based magics.
  • Wolkenritter - The Wolkenritter are Belkan nights created from the Book of Darkness to do as its master/mistress wishes. They were mostly used to collect linker cores from mages in order to fill the pages of the Book of Darkness. However, after Hayate became mistress of the book, she actually treated the knights as real people. Because of this she eventually taught them past acting as mere puppets. They gained personality and became like a surrogate family for her. Due to the close bond they share with Hayate, the Wolkenritter are extremely worried for her well being and once attempted to collect the linker cores of mages against Hayate's wishes because they'd thought it would cure the crippling affects the Book of Darkness had on her. The Wolkenritter consists of Vita, Signum, Shamal, and Zafira.


Hayate is a fairly quiet and caring sort of person. However, she's very friendly and has earned many friends along the way. As was her dream, she created a squadron of her own which deals with crisis situations. She made it small so it could send out quickly. As such one can assume she has a fairly good head on her shoulders on top of her powerfully ranked magic.

She is strangely motherly, even at a young age. At as young as ten she was acting as if she was the parent of the Wolkenritter. Though they were much older than her and needed to help her around, she referred to them as her children and she fed and clothed them. Seeing them mistreated via being made to sleep in a small, cold, stone room without food and with very little clothing, in a vision from Rein, greatly upset her.

She strongly wants to give the Wolkenritter a happy life as they have given her, but she also wants to do what she can to avoid disasters and help others. Creating Mobile Section Six was part of her way of working toward this. Running Mobile Section Six means crisis situations are taken care of as soon as possible, making things at least a little better for everyone.

Hayate is fairly selfless on top of her motherly behavior. She'd not minded the idea she might die before she met the Wolkenritter. Meeting the Wolkenritter, she wanted to go on so she could be there when they needed her. She's also rather open minded and friendly, in fact she's more innocent about some things than most people would be, possibly due to things like physical contact having been a constant thanks to her disabled condition earlier in life and having been raised in such odd circumstances.

Despite Hayate's quiet and gentle demeanor, as the fact she runs an entire squadron might illustrate, she can put her foot down as needed and be incredibly stubborn about things. Such traits were needed to break from the dreaming the original Rein had placed her in. Of course, you couldn't run a squadron well if you were a door mat to all your subordinates as well. Most of her personality attributes combined make for what seems to be a very mature and independent sort of girl.


Hayate was born with what seemed to be a mysterious disease. She'd been given the Book of Darkness since birth, no one knowing it was the cause of her trouble. The Book of Darkness slowly killed its masters, and in the case of Hayate it was working through paralysis. She was wheel chair bound and over the years, eventually lost her family. Hayate had grown used to living alone, but managed to take care of herself thanks to the help of a friend of her father's who did things like paying for her housing so she could afford to live independently as well as continue her doctor's visits. She'd honestly not minded the idea of dying back then, because she had nothing to leave behind.

However, one night after Hayate had returned home from the doctor, the book that had been with her for as long as she could remember came floating off the shelf. It glowed and forced itself open as it spoke and turned its pages on its own. After that, four strangers appeared before Hayate, referring to her as mistress. At first dealing with this strange occurrence was a little awkward, but with time the four became like Hayate's family. Though she was the youngest and needed the assistance, she treated the four of them as her children and did what she could to take care of them.

The Wolkenritter, as she'd discovered them to be called, were Belkan knights created to do the will of the mistress of the Book of Darkness. They'd spent many years following careless masters that treated them as tools. However, Hayate treated them as her family, so they all changed by growing some level of personality and coming to care deeply for their mistress. As the Book of Darkness' hold on Hayate's health became stronger, the Wolkenritter noticed and tried desperately to help free their mistress.

They believed, mistakenly, that if they stole all the linker cores (part of a person or animal used to do magic) needed to fill all 666 pages of the Book of Darkness their mistress would become the true master of the book and be freed of it's hold over her health. In actuality the book kills it's master as it recovers all the pages of the book. As such the Wolkenritter were unwittingly leading Hayate to her doom. However, some unexpected elements disrupted the process, and after the Wolkenritter were killed and their linker cores were merged back into the Book of Darkness, Hayate became grief stricken.

The Book of Darkness' data program took over in Hayate's place as it tried to give Hayate the chance to dream. It worked on destroying the world outside, but Hayate didn't want it and eventually commanded control of the data program. However, the data program revealed that the one that had been hurting Hayate and did not want to stop the destruction was the Book of Darkness' defense program. Hayate named the data program Reinforce and helped work along side it to expel the defense program. After that Rein recreated the Wolkenritter and, with the help of Rein, Hayate fought along side Fate and Nanoha to destroy the rouge defense program.

With the defense program destroyed, Reinforce could be herself for a short time. However, she revealed that the defense program would merely reboot within her unless she was destroyed. The Wolkenritter had been created so they would no longer rely on the existence of the Book of Darkness, but Reinforce herself had to go along with the book. After sacrificing herself so she wouldn't unwillingly start killing Hayate again, she was reborn to Hayate in the form of a pendant that Hayate would eventually use to summon the new Rein (Reinforce Zwei) and her own staff. With the death of the original Book of Darkness, Hayate slowly gained the ability to walk.

Some years later Hayate had crawled several ranks up the Time Space Administration Bureau. She was eventually entrusted with the ability to create her own squadron of various mage soldiers. She chose Nanoha as an instructor and Fate as an investigator. Several others were in the squad as well but the other, most mentionable, members were her Wokenritter and the four rookie forwards under the guidance of Nanoha and Vita. With time, the squadron proved to be a success, especially after solving the case of Jail Scaglietti and his Numbers (combat cyborgs). Due to the success of her squadron, (Mobile Section Six) she remains at it's helm as it is continued in function.

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