Hatsune Miku (Retired)

General Information


Name: Hatsune Miku
Faction: Union (Ally)
Function Vocal AI and ~Pop Star~
Series: None
Sex Female
Species: Vocaloid

"I'll do my best to treat you all to a great song! Kay~!?"

So what happens when you create a voice synthesis program, give it the ability to alter pitch, tone, and sing musical notes? What happens when you have it sing popular songs for millions of people on the internet and it becomes famous and acquires a devout fanbase. … What happens if shortly afterwards if gains awareness? And then shortly after sentience proclaims itself a pop star and continues singing for the masses? You get Hatsune Miku! Belting out songs with her digitized voice and surfing the net, she seems to have deemed it her job to entertain and perform!

Vital Statistics

Age: 4 months old.
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Known Relatives: Len and Rin Kagamine (Fellow Vocaloids), Yowane Haku (washout younger sister)


Voice Synth AI: Prior to gaining sentience and a sense of self, Miku was just a simple voice program created by the Yamaha company. And though she sounded obviously robotic, she was programmed with an ability most voice synthesizers left out. The ability to change pitch, inflect tone, and belt out different notes, and even sing multiple differing lines at once. Thusly creating a voice that simply didn't sound like a dead monotone. She was also even made to produce her own music at will. Post discovering herself however, Miku has become a digital entity. Able to enter computer networks and machines, her very nature as a program enables her to understand to workings of quite a few other applications and makes her a modestly skilled computer hacker.

Songtech: A rather odd ability Miku picked up. Through some fluke of multiversal physics, she seems to have gained an innate ability to semi-hack reality with her singing. Able to turn her songs into powerful attacks or use them to help tend to the injured in almost the exact same manner as most normal magic. Though different songs have different effects, the notion remains the same, music can be a healing balm- or a horrible, painful assault on the senses.

Vocaloid-tan: She has a body! Thanks to the hard work of the technicians down at Union R&D, Miku has her very own android body. Moderately armored, and made to resemble and pass for the body of a human female (with speakers tied into her hair), it's equipped with the latest and best in state of the art sound, and projection systems, and boosts the potency of Miku's songtech abilities tremendously. It's also great for showing up at live concerts.

Rin and Len: The Kagamine Twins, they too are voice synth programs made by Yamaha, and serve as Miku's backup singers. Bearing the same basic abilities as they too are Vocaloid products… They're just not as awesome. Able to project holographic forms for themselves from the Vocaloid-tan chasse, they can follow Miku anywhere.

Leek: Miku seems to be able to wield leeks as weapons… It's quite odd really, but be very afraid if she starts singing Ievan polka.

Fanbase: I have more fans than you and I'm not even a real person. >:|

Assets and Fame


Cyborg Combat Body - Constructed by Union R&D, this powerful body allows Miku to leave the virtual world and interact with the tangible one. It is high grade, weighs as much as a girl her age, and highly durable. In addition, it allows her to holographically project Len and Rin and use her considerable singing abilities offensively.

Pocket Miku Mk I - Standing at 6 inches tall, this is a smaller, more portable version of the above mentioned body. While lacking the potency of its full sized counterpart, it does allow her to use a limited amount of her singing ability in combat situations.

PET Device - Personal Electronic Transportation device, or PET, is a wrist-watch sized device that allows Miku to strap herself to Psyber's wrist and be taken anywhere he goes, cheering him on or generally socializing.


During her existence in the Multiverse, Hatsune Miku has established herself as a highly prominent pop idol and music icon. This is no small feat in a place as large as the Multiverse. She publishes music videos on a regular basis, holds concerts to benefit charity, and at one point she made the entire Multiverse bob their heads and sway their hips to the tune of Caramell Dansen.

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