Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Borderlands-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank A-Ally
Function President of Hyperion
Groups Zero Point
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 30's
Age (Actual) 30's
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'11"
Weight 160 pounds
Hair Color Brown, Some Grey
Eye Color Right: Blue, Left: Green
"It's cute that y'all think you're the heroes of this little adventure, but you're not. Welcome to Pandora, kiddos."
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In the beginning, Pandora was chaos… and then there was Jack. "Handsome Jack" is the president of Hyperion Corporation and the self-proclaimed dictator of Pandora; a shining beacon of heroism, courage, strength, valor, proper manners and intelligence. The man who saved the universe from The Destroyer after opening The Vault. For indeed all other men are uncivilized insects compared to the man who is Handsome Jack. He came to Pandora not just to bring to it order and harmony, but also to harness from it the new material called Eridium and uncover the secrets still left in The Vault. Honest, kind, truthful, stylish, giving, caring, wise, those are all the things that Handsome Jack is. As the glorious leader of Hyperion, he commands its near-endless technology, having enough robots and engineers to bring peace to a much-troubled planet. As he tries to usher in a new utopia, ask not what Jack can do for you, but rather ask what YOU can do for Jack!


THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK: All propaganda aside, Handsome Jack is a fearsome fighter; he carries with him enough gadgets and concealed weaponry to handle those pesky Vault Hunters, relies heavily on holograms and stealthing devices, and to top it all off he's a deadly shot with any firearm. On a more mundane level, he's an extraordinary hacker and programmer.

HYPERION: Guns! Robots! Nanotech! Moon bases! No really, moon bases. Let me tell you about Hyperion. As the largest megacorporation across the six galaxies, Handsome Jack has access to some of the most advanced technology of his world, from ships to handheld weapons. The bulk of Hyperion's forces is made of engineers, cyborgs and loaders, which are specialized robotic drones. Still, Hyperion is a busy corporation, and there is only so much that can be deployed at once. (Disposable NPC hordes PL30~32, Wilhelm PL33, Bunker PL34.)

SPEAKING OF THAT MOON BASE: Handsome Jack keeps one deployed above the skies of Pandora at all times. Technology on it allows him to bombard small parts of the planet as he sees fit, and to keep an eye on what is going on down there. It is heavily defended, but it's possible to temporarily shut it down. (PL34)

ERIDIUM: For the full write-up on Eridium's properties and availability, please consult "+info Handsome Jack/Eridium".

SLAG: In the capable hands of Jack's researchers, this purple liquid can be used to mutate the crap out of things, imbuing victims with increased affinity for elemental damage types (fire, corrosion or electricity) at the cost of their sanity. Or it can kill them horribly too! (This power uses the standard MOTW rules with a caveat: 'Slagged' monsters are one-time use, and will either be patched up by the heroes or destroyed in their battle.)

NEW-U STATIONS: For the full write-up on New-U Stations and how they apply in the theme, consult "+info Handsome Jack/New-U".

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL: A seemingly rogue A.I. which is linked to Hyperion's networks, she can perform "Phaseshifts" to hack through most kinds of machinery, so long as she has an access point. She is against Handsome Jack's rule and likely to give aid to defeat him.


UNINVOLVED: While Handsome Jack was at first personally involved in many matters on Pandora, over time he began leaving all the work to his robotic drones while he enjoyed his wealth to the fullest. Predictably, this means that the man rarely deploys the kind of force needed to stop his opponents, and himself doesn't tend to make an appearance on the battlefield a whole lot.

SLAG INSTABILITY: Monsters, humans and what have you that undergo a mutation through Slag become extremely violent and unpredictable, especially due to the nature of their new powers and the increase in size. This makes them impractical to keep for very long, and it makes them nearly impossible to retrieve once defeated. Such creatures are left for dead when this happens.

THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK: For whatever reason, Handsome Jack is never seen without the partial mask clipped on his face. Only a few people have had the privilege of seeing what's underneath, and most of them are dead. To preserve his reputation (and namesake), he would sooner retreat than fight without the mask, and will adamantly refuse to remove it for any reason whatsoever.

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL: This rogue A.I. seems to strongly oppose Handsome Jack, or for that matter, anyone attempting to claim The Vault for selfish reasons. This means that whenever he's up to no good, there's a chance Angel will be watching, and will be ready to supply the so-called heroes with help.

BAD MEMORIES: Don't talk about Handsome Jack's wife unless you want to help him figure out the difference between choking and strangulation.

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