Gundam: Char's Counterattack-2

In the far future, mankind began to expand into space to deal with the overpopulation crisises facing Earth. They constructed large space colonies known as 'Sides' that would become the second home of the human race. This marked the beginning of the Universal Century.

However, with a new home comes new conflicts. It began in UC0079 with the Side furthest from Earth, Side 3, delcaring itself a new nation independent from Earth rule, the Principality of Zeon. From there, the space faring age of humanity, the Universal Century, entered what would be a long period of wars. Earth dwellers against space dwellers. And with a new age of warfare came a new weapon, the Mobile Suit. A massive, humanoid robotic suit designed for combat in virtually all evironments. From this new line of weapons, came the name of one of the most powerful classes of Mobile Suit:The Gundam. As time went on, the wars continued, new powers would rise and fall, and a new breed of humans would also be born: Newtypes. Those gifted with enhanced spatial awareness, telepathy… There were those who would call them Espers or Psychics.

It is now UC0093, and with it came a war that nearly brought about the end of Earth. Char Aznable, a revolutionary and rightful heir to the Principality of Zeon formed Neo-Zeon. Intent on ending the wars between Earth and Space by dropping the massive asteroid Axis onto Earth, sending it into a nuclear winter. However, his ambitions were ended in one final, fateful encounter with his eternal rival: Amuro Ray.

Now, Neo-Zeon is led by Char's successor Avel Koslov, and seeks only to create a peaceful nation in which Spacenoids may live without fear of persecution.

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