This page is for listing player-made +groups, organizations of variable size that contain a number of player characters

Group Name Group CO Group XO

Live Groups

Groups in this category are currently "active", or at very least have yet to be disbanded.

Union Groups

After School Heroes Negi Springfield Yunomi
Gatecrashers Union Kirito Asuna
Heaven or Hell Psyber Adelaide Flowers
Last Chancers1 Zelgius Sol
Londo Bell Shinji None
M.E.T.A.L K4-800M Sword Man
Mobile Section Six Nanoha Fate T. Harlaown
Special Forces Gamma Ash None
Starlit Hearts Yuna Kagurazaka Makoto Kino
The Family Iianor Sonia Belmont
The Hashshashins Altair None
Thousand Dreams Untamed Breeze Nathan Hall
X-Ray Unit Richard Stadler None

Confederate Groups

Claimh Solais Emerald Blade None
The Inquisition Nethryn Ervale None
Veritas Arcanum Material-D Mir
Wraith Group2 None None
Zero Point The Gofer Sisters Tesla Armadia

Unaffiliated Groups

Session 4123 Arthur Lowell Summer Powers


1: Last Chancers is a special group for borderline good guys and problematic characters.
2: Wraith group, although empty at this time, is the Last Chancer equivalent in the Confederacy. These guys tend to be that much more extreme than most villains.
3: Session 412 is a TP-centric group, with representatives from both factions and unaffiliated parties alike. At the conclusion of Homestuck-1 and Hivebent-1's TPs, it will most likely be disbanded and replaced by a less TP-centric group.

Disbanded Groups

Groups in this category have been disbanded.

Union Groups

FOXHOUND Solid Snake None
New Round Table None Sword Man
Province of Luanjian Unyielding Rampart Tender Whisper

Confederate Groups

Team Rocket Giovanni None
Ministry of Cake GLaDOS None
Ministry of War Evelynn Cordelia Nethryn Ervale

Unaffiliated Groups

Fists of Freedom Monk Lee None

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