General Information


Faction: Union
Function: Dinobot Commander
Gender: Male
Rank: 3 - Captain (AKA Foodinator)
Series: Transformers-1

"Among winners, there is no room for the weak."

The most fearsome and powerful of the Dinobots, Grimlock's "hawkish" nature is indisputable, and has led him to butt heads with his commanders many times, often causing Optimus Prime to seriously reconsider his decisions. However, decision making or not, Grimlock is all-too happy to tear apart Decepticons on the front lines. He can be cold and merciless and seems contemptful for those he views as weak. However, he is a valiant warrior who holds close the Autobot ideals, and his actions command respect from all who are witness to him, friend and foe alike. Grimlock has tremendous physical strength. In dinobot mode he can tear apart nearly anything with his jaws and use his tail and feet to wreak havoc with thousands of pounds of pressure released with every blow. In robot mode he wields an energy sword with great precision, as well as his sidearm, a double-barreled blaster with rocket launcher extensions. Surprisingly intelligent, Grimlock's speech impediments often cause him problems and are a source of embarrassment, though nevertheless he uses them to his advantage at times.

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For those who may be wondering, I portray Grimlock closer to how Simon Furman wrote him, which means that he's more than a simple, unthinking brute who just wants to kill stuff. In fact, he's got a fair amount of depth to him and intelligence. However, he most definitely is not Simon Furman's interpretation, nor an attempt to imitate it, for a variety of reasons. The most noteworthy aspect of this is that he's nicer than most, if not all, canon interpretations. He also does not have contempt for humans so much - rather, he has contempt for beings that do not strive to maximize their potential for no reason. Fortunately for him, this includes the vast majority of humans, although he does have some respect for at least a small number of them.

That said, he has absolutely no problem with (and actively seeks to) eat Confederates, particularly Decepticons. Notably, he actually believes in the principles the Union stands for, and doesn't think so horribly of humans - at least, the ones who actively seek to be the best they can be. This is his particular beef with humans, and most beings in general - they hardly ever reach their potential, which does garner some level of contempt from him, and if it's strong enough he has no problem telling you about it to your face, often quite crudely and sometimes interspersed with profanity. He is also quite loyal, even if he doesn't like Optimus Prime all that much.

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