Grid Listing

This is a list of rooms created so admin can easily keep track of them for a certain project. If you are not an admin at MCM, altering this in any way is going to get you in big trouble.

#2792 (Great Ocean - Vast Gulf)

#3049 (lost islands. all subrooms belonging to the lost islands are included)
#2064 (includes all fidler's green rooms)
#2541 (Giga City)
#3499 (Great Ocean - Central)
#3503 (Planetary Plains)
#3507 (Strait of the Americas)
#3496 (Frigid Reaches)
#1407 (North Star Outskirts, and all included city rooms)
#3492 (Plutonian Landscape)
#1851 (Weird Wastes)
#1698 (New York 666)
#2249 (central)
#3129 (Jedi Temple)
#3314 (Skaro Wasteland)
#2538 (Neo Arcadia)

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