General Information

Full Name: James Kenta Kapshire
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Pokemon Trainer
Series: Pokemon-6
Species: Human

"Cyndaquil! Torch 'em!"

Profile: A teenager from New Bark Town in the Johto region. Calm, laid back with a sense of humor. He tends to try and hide his intelligence from the world at large, using it only when he needs to. Prefers doing his own thing but when the going gets tough, he'll be there to assist his allies in any way he can. While he gives his all to any Pokemon battles or actual fights he's in, he doesn't go looking to get into a brawl with someone. He realizes that in order to keep the world safe, he needs to use his Pokemon to battle, even if he'd rather do something else. Trusting to a fault, he does, however, keep a keen eye open for anyone he thinks might be linked to Team Rocket. Carries his Pokeballs on a bandolier under his jacket. His prime Pokemon is his Cyndaquil which he got from Professor Elm.

Vital Statistics

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 188 lbs

Additional Details

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Major NPCs

  • Cyndaquil - Gold's starter and the Pokemon that's been with him the longest.
  • Tyranitar - Computer whiz of Gold's team. He spends a lot of time reading the news and other things.
  • Salamence - One of Gold's Pokemon that he uses for flight.
  • Tropius - The other Pokemon Gold uses for flight.
  • Gengar - Pokemon incarnation of the darker aspects of Gold's personality.
  • Sneasel - Troublemaker of Gold's team. Likes to hit Gold in the face with pies.
  • Mr. Kapshire - Gold's dad is never around. However, he often sends his son gifts, such as Pokeballs.
  • Mrs. Kapshire - Gold's mom is almost always around. She's a great cook and is good friends with Delia Ketchum.


  • PokeGear - Multiple-in-one system that has aps, radio, and an uplink to his home computer.
  • Computer - Very high tech computer in his house. Capable of generating lifelike holograms of people in its database as well as synchronizing with the Union database.
  • PokeDex - High-tech encyclopedia that contains information on all the known Pokemon.
  • Armor - Some armor Gold picked up in the Orange Islands during a hunt for a faction member.
  • Pokeballs - Gold-plated plasteel Pokeballs, used for capturing Pokemon.
  • Cuestick - A steel-core cuestick which Gold uses as a very effective weapon.

Skills and Abilities

  • Variable Style Fighting - Due to his training with multiple teachers, Gold uses a variable style of fighting. This includes, but is not limited to, using melee attacks in concert with his Pokemon's attack and creating high-end attacks utilizing multiple Pokemon.
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Other Information

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Getting his Pokemon license at the age of 14, Gold was the trainer picked by Professor Elm of New Bark Town to find out about the Pokemon egg from Mr. Pokemon. He was also the one charged with Professor Oak's Pokedex. Setting out with Cyndaquil at his side, Gold made his way through the Johto region, collecting badges. Along the way, Gold forms a rivalry with a red-haired boy by the name of Silver as well as training with his Pokemon to form a close, almost symbiotic link with his Pokemon. After collecting all eight of the Johto badges, which takes a year and a half of traveling and intense, two-month training sessions with each gym leader and collecting new Pokemon, Gold finds out about a boat running from Johto to Kanto.

With some funding he's received from his mother, Gold departs on the boat. Arriving in Vermillion days later, Gold sets out for Pallet Town, home of Professor Oak. After traveling and battling trainers along the way, Gold makes it to Pallet Town where he again meets up with Oak. Receiving Oak's permission, Gold set off to challenge the eight Kanto gym leaders and claim their badges for his own. Again he spends a year and a half traveling from city to city, collecting new Kanto Pokemon, as well as undertaking intense two-month training session with each city's gym leader.

The year after beating his fourth gym leader and collecting the that badge, Gold is recalled back to Pallet Town. Upon his return to Pallet Town, Gold is informed of the real menace of Team Rocket, the band of thieves he had encounters with both in Johto, such as the take over at the Goldenrod radio station, selling Slowpoke tails as food, and, with help from other trainers, stopping Team Rocket's attempts to force Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados at the Lake of Rage, as well as in Kanto. Meeting with other Trainers in and near Pallet Town, Gold learns of the increasing threat of Team Rocket and of the menace of Missingno.

Gold was part of the assault force on the abomination, managing to take out a handful of Team Rocket thugs before the final push which destroyed Missingno. Unifying with the rest of the Trainers and joining with the Union, Gold sets off to the land of Hoenn to catch more Pokemon and for another sixteen month intense training session with the gym leaders in that region, each session concluding with the challenge for the badges, though he was unable to obtain them.

After a couple months on active duty for the Union, Gold found himself having to face some personal doubts. As a result, Gold turned off his Pokegear and wandered the islands for a while. He went backpacking through Kanto and Johto, spent some more time in Hoenn and went exploring Sinnoh. After getting a handle on himself, he turned his Pokegear back on and is ready to work with the Union once more.

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