Goku (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Goku
Faction: Union
Rank: 3-Senior Ally
Function: Protector of the Innocent
Series: Dragonball Z-1
Species: Saiyan

"Sorry. I saw an opening that just screamed out, 'attack'…so… I did! Ha!"

Goku is quite the accomplished fighter, whom has saved his own side of the Universe many times. A Saiyan who grew up on Earth, he learnt the rules of life differently from what his fellow Saiyans did. He made friends, had adventures, but above all, had fun whilst doing it. Defeating enemies such as Raditz, Vegeta, the Ginyu Force, and even Frieza, he is perhaps most known for his merciful personality. At no time has he become an executioner, never delivering any killing blows during the fights. Which itself is probably one of his greatest weaknesses. However, people that know him will agree that he's fun to be around, simply because he has a zest for life that is rarely found in others. He considers himself somewhat of a protector, and although he's incredibly strong — he doesn't consider himself to be better than anyone else because of that. After entering the Multiverse, Goku remained an extensive and important part of the Union, attaining the rank of Senior Ally after a few short years of help. Deciding to take a break, he left with his wife Chichi to explore the Multiverse at large. Now, after several months, he's back. With some new tricks up his sleeve!

Vital Statistics

Age: Steak
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 137lbs
Occupation: Legendary Martial Artist


  • Flying Nimbus:
  • Power Pole:
  • Senzu Bean:

Skills and Abilities

  • Energy Control: Within Goku's body is a huge amount of stored energy. This energy goes down the more fatigued he gets, until he simply falls out of consciousness when he runs out completely. Fortunately, Goku has a huge amount of energy availble to him, allowing him to hit things incredibly hard without breaking his hand, or be sent flying through a mountain with barely a scratch to show. With his increased energy levels, Goku is able to do some incredible things which most humans cannot. Flight is not an impossible for this guy, as he expels his energy beneath his feet to lift him off the ground, and propel him through the air with the greatest of ease. Another ability Goku can perform is to seemingly expel his energy in a destructive blast. Launched through his hands, these blasts are very dangerous to be on the receiving end of. These come in different varieties, ranging from his popular 'kamehameha' attack to just ordinary blasts. With his energy control, also comes the ability to sense the energy of others. Lastly, this energy is the base of all of his attacks. Transforming, the Solar Flare, etc. It all takes away some of this energy.
  • Spirit Bomb: Goku summons this attack by drawing on energy upon every living thing around. Then, when the force is strong enough, it's released in one giant ball of energy. If he so wishes, he is also able to draw upon energy from other planets, but such a task is done only when he concentrates incredibly hard. When charging the attack, he needs to stay focussed and not move, which is an inherient flaw with this attack. This attack only has the ability to cause harm to people with evil in their heart.
  • Fusion Dance: Goku knows the dance to perform fusion. Of course, he needs a partner to do the dance with him! Goku knows it perfectly, and is able to instruct others on how to perform it too. When he performs the dance with someone who is similar in height and fighting ability, he becomes part of a new body who is formed, made of hybrids out of both the dancers. Not really used, but still, important to note.
  • Instant Transmission: With this move, he focusses upon a target, and travels at the speed of light to a target. Anyone who is touching him or somehow linked to him in a way are also transmitted. Targets that are far off in the distance require extra time and concentration, whereas those that are close need barely any concentration.
  • Near Death Increase: Another Saiyan ability which Goku has used over the years, is gaining strength after a long, drawn out battle. When in the process of healing, all Saiyans notice that their strength levels increase. How much this is depends on how injured they have become.


  • Super Saiyan: When transformed into his Super Saiyan form, Goku's speed, strength and overall ability become several times more sensational than they were before. If he runs out of energy, then he reverts back to normal. Also, when he transforms, his hair becomes upright and golden, whilst his eyes turn green.
  • Super Saiyan 2: After extensive training, Goku has managed to up this transformation, and is now able to ascend into a 'Super Saiyan 2'. His abilities increase, as does his physical appearance slightly. Usually signified by the blue lightning.
  • Super Saiyan 3: The Super Saiyan 3 puts Goku on a level of strength that rivals even the strongest PCs in the Multiverse. However, due to the energy it consumes, he is only able to stay in its form for a short amount of time (8 combat rounds). Again, he has physical changes that happen there too.
  • Super Saiyan 4: The final of Goku's transformations, and the newest to date, is the Super Saiyan 4. In this form, the number of physical changes he goes through is quite astounding, as he seems to take on a whole new being. In this body, he is able to sustain the level of power he wields indefinitely, and after practiced use, he now controls the transformation very well.
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