Goggles (Retired)

Full Name: Julian 'Goggles' Fawkes
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Teacher
Series: System Shock-1
Species: Human

Quote: "If you would be so kind as to stop SHOOTING at me I might consider listening to your side of this business."

Profile: Goggles was formerly a part of man's first attempt at going around the light barrier and reach for the stars. Unfortunately things went wrong and the majority of the crew either died or were subverted to become part of a hive mind intelligence. His fight against this creature, as well as the infested crew brought him into contact with SHODAN, who used him as a puppet to give her access to the ship's FTL drive. He had cut short her attempt at using the ship's main drive to bend reality to her whims, but perhaps that bending when cut short had been the trigger to cause him to end up here, or perhaps it was during his trip home that he was placed within the multiverse. While his world is in there, somewhere in the mix, he views his role within the union less as one to specifically guard against old threats, and more as one of making sure that the union doesn't' become complacent of the potential abuses its member nations are capable of.

Vital Statistics

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 158 lbs
Likes: Distilled Spirits, well crafted items, tea, music of all sorts, kirby, the occasional harmless prank
Dislikes: SHODAN, spambots, SPIDERS, Religion being preverted to selfish ends

Major NPCs

  • Goons - Picture a green eyed terminator dipped in black chrome, now imagine one with detachable limbs that can be replaced with appendages that are appropriate to different situations (such as spider-legs with megnetic grips, or arms that are guns, or… you get the idea). Now imagine it being able to network with thirty-one other Goons for near instant reactions between unit members. Now give them support craft, parts, and a whole library of skills to pick from. They were originally designed as something of an all purpose stop-gap unit either for salvage or construction work where their inhuman qualities would give them a greater degree of survivability than their biological counterparts. However while they are used for their intended purposes ever since the main manufacturing plant and distrobution companies that sold them under the brand GoonTec were bought out by Confederate owned interest groups their use has become more millitaristic.
  • Hacker - Goggles's adopted father-figure, mentor, as well as a man that is all but a myth from his home world. He rarely shows up outside of when SHODAN becomes more active in the multiverse, but the man's out there…somewhere…
  • Lala - A cabbit that has become something of an assistant/adopted little sister to Goggles, acting as his extra pair of eyes, reminder on events, and on occasion sparring partner in debates. Additionally she is capable of forming herself into any number of items ranging from tools, a 'sky bike' capable of FTL travel, to even a suit of powered armor for goggles to wear. It isn't something either one of them would initiate except in dire emergencies as their minds 'fuse' in the process, leaving each with bits and scrapes of the other stuck in their heads after. However in exchange the resulting fusion increases Goggles's abilities immensely, as well as gives him access to lala's flight, phase shifting, reating energy bolts/sword abilities(PL-33). Originally Lala was drawn into the multiverse by a botched summoning ritual by Yomiko which resulted in a library full of the small furballs. At first she was little different than your average non-sentient cabbit but as time went on she begain developing near human levels of intelligence, which was followed by the ability to shift into a humanoid form after she had to house Goggles's mind/soul after Lotor blew up the ship they were in. Since then she's preffered her humanoid form, citing that she's taken more seriously than when in her 'cabbit' form. Currently she seems to preffer the company of Yutaro since his forced entery in the union for reasons she's yet to make clear. It should be noted that between the two of them they have saved Goggless' life on now less than five different occasions, and make no attempt at hiding their collective feelings on his habbit of getting into trouble.


  • Cyber-eyes: - Artificial eyes that, unless they're examined closely by a trained professional fully mimic a normal humans. With these he can see in low-light environments, infrared, ultraviolet, and has a built in camera that can take still images that saves, via connections to his cyber-rig, directly to his brain.
  • D-Grade Cyber-rig: - A device implanted directly in to Goggles's brain that allows for direct mind to machine access via hard-line connectionor, depending on range and if the target can be accessed via wireless, wifi connection. With his prior experience these implants allow Goggles, in theory, free reign with any system he connects to. Of course there are exceptions, which include, but aren't limited to, anything with an aura (player characters or unimportant NPCs, consent required) or highly defended systems (takes too long). This also acts as a data-storage device that writes directly to Goggles's brain.
  • Psionics: - Electrokenisis, Mind/Computer Probing (player consent needed in the case of aurics), and remote manipulation. These are the main three powers Goggles has developed since his powers began manifesting, They aren't anything to sneeze at, but he's not dedicated his life to enhancing and working with his psychic powers.
  • Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Chamber: - To put in simple terms this device allows goggles to sidestep death by creating a duplicate of his body as well as what he was carrying at the moment of death. It works off of the same network Union radio communications do. So if Goggles were somehow ever put in a situation where that link was severed he is quite susceptible to permanently dying. There is one of these within the main medical facility in Union Medical under the direct control of AURTHUR, and one other in the William Bedford Diego.
  • William Bedford Diego - a modified ARC-170 starfighter that removed both the tailgunner and astromech droid segments of the ship in favor of adding a Bio-Reconstruction Booth for those instances where long range communication is jammed, but short-ranged communications is still viable. Additionally its standard communications gear was removed in favor of a customized setup built in to take advantage of Goggles's implants as well as the additional processing power of a Goon AI for handling jamming, counter-jamming, and the like while Goggles himself is busy elsewhere.
  • Wrench - It is bright yellow. It is made of titanium and wieghs roughly 22 pounds. It is also Goggles's favored melee weapon, and if for whatever reason you have harmed his wrench Goggles WILL hurt you, probably in ways that are banned by the Geneva Convention.

Skills and Abilities

  • Boozaholic: - Due to reasons as yet unknown quirk of his biology Alchoholic drinks, and the higher the proof numbers the better, have a healing effect on Goggles's body. While this is minor it also, indirectly, means that outside of completely replacing his blood with booze Goggles can't get drunk.
      • Note: The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster will STILL leave him plastered.
  • Codeslinger - Let it first be said that Goggles is no expert with computers. There are entities on both sides of the conflict that are better than he is. However he is well versed in represenetive computer enviroments (such as the Matrix from Shadowrun-era Earth, Command Line enviroments, or (courtasy of his implants) direct mind-machine interfacing.
  • Gearhead and Weaponsmith: - Be it a humble pistol, ground vehicle, star-ship or a God-Slaying mecha Goggles either has worked on it, modified it, or could download the scematics needed to figure out how to work on it. Granted he isn't alwasy the best choice when it comes to doing repair work, especially when it comes to pre 20th century, or hyper-advanced technology but he's generally competent enough to not make things worse….usually.
  • Military Training: - Though it is unclear which branch of service Goggles was originally a part of he has gone through four years of stressful and at times near fatal service to the UNN on top of his experiences in the multiverse itself, and as such has experience with a wide variety of firearms, hand to hand fighting tactics, as well as maintenance and repair of just about every kind of technology widely available in the multiverse.
  • Wealthy: Due to a number of misadventures, accidental aqquisitions, advice from friends, and boredom Goggles has devised a humber of consumer goods ranging from palm sized computers cheap enough for your average work-a-day being to afford, hovervehicles, GoonTec products, three different breweries, and a few shadier business deals. Most infamous of these was the theft and reselling of the majority of the Louver's art gallary.

Jobs Held

Goggles has a habit of wandering the Multiverse, and as such has worked all manner of odd-jobs over the years.

  • Business Owner - Goggles has either founded, bought out, or holds a board seat on no less than five companies. However of the initial five three of these have been taken over by Confederate interests while Goggles was out on one of his many walkabouts through the multiverse. As a result he's embroiled in several lawsuits over patent use, misuse of property, failure to give notice, and a few other odds n ends. A resolution to these suits is unlikely, but so far hasn't harmed Goggles's financial situation.
  • Computer Sciences Teacher - Montrose Academy East
  • Getaway Driver - You don't want to know.
  • On-Site Tech Support - Mostly random NPCs. However he has given aid to different members of the Union and Unaffiliated persons, and once infiltrated Frieza's ship offering tech support after hacking the former warlord's database as part of a ruse so he could gather more data.
  • Security Consultent - Different NPC Groups, but oddly enough he's also preformed this service for General Taro Daisho of the Confederacy shortly after he conquered Neo Arcadia and was in the process of rebuilding it. Obstinently it was a part of the 'game' that goes on between the two of them, but in reality it was in effort to open communications with members of the different resistance groups operating out of Neo Arcadia's slums.
  • Zombie Invasion Preparedness Instructor - Various Unaffiliated Non-Millitary groups

Friends and Enemies

Over the years Goggles has made many friends, and just as many enemies (probably more enemies than friends in fact given his habit of getting in hot water).

  • Bloom - While he see's this fairy-woman from Magix as a friend, ally, and in a way as a kid sister given that the first time they met Bloom and Rodimus Prime was tossing Goggles around like a baseball he considers her someone that can help keep him in line if, say, something takes over his mind and he goes beserk. It hasn't happened yet, but, unsupprizingly, he has planned on this contengincy.
  • rena - Nominally training under him to gain a better understanding of different computers, system security, and the 'how' of hacking, but he's learning much from her as it turns out she's far better than him inside of represenative systems. There has been rumors that hteir relationship is more than teacher/student, which Goggles has as yet responded to in any manner. Given his ineptness at dealing with inter-personal relationships, or how best to deal with rumors its probably for the best he keeps his mouth shut on the matter.
  • winry-rockbell - Fellow Wrench-User, and the de-facto head mechanic in the Union. He sees her as a friend, advisor, and somebody who he can bounce design ideas off of. That is when she's not being pulled in twenty different directions at once.
  • yutaro - A 'son' he never wanted or even intended on having. After all how was he supposed to know that Taro's defenses would copy his personality as a way of getting his virus to back off? What's done is done though and he's taken matters in stride. Generally he tries staying out of Yutaro's way, but provides out of the way help such as occasionally sending books or tools his way as a way to make up for the fact that from Yutaro's prespective, he went from having everything he could've wanted, to being stuck with massive gaps in his mind, and zero rescources.


  • President Fawkes - Long story here that involves Goggles meeting an alternate of himself that traveled backwards in time, then unified with his own country and ends with him being imprisoned and nearly killed by this alternate self. Needless to say the retelling would be convoluted and likely boring.
  • SHODAN - While the iteration that has unified is possibly from a different universe Goggles and this homicidal AI with delusions of Godhood do NOT get along. Granted she's too distributed to destroy, and in all honesty he hasnt' heard anything directly from her in months. However while SHODAN herself rarely oblidges Goggles with her preasence, her 'church' and its followers are a near continuous scource of irritation as, according to its cosmology, Goggles is their Lucifer/Judas figure.
  • Taro - With SHODAN's failure to oblidge Goggles by operating where he can find her his focus has shifted to playing something of a game of wits with her most visable minion. In the past the two had maintained open and almost friendly communications, but after the incident where Goggles tried subverting Taro's enslavement protocols Goggles has noted Taro being … less cordiel than he once was. Given that Goggles could have potentially eradicated Taro's personality by accidentilly reverting him to the status of Arhen Sim the sudden chilliness between the two is quite understandable.

Things/People Goggles has outdrunk.

Note: Cannonicly one of the in-game healing items you use in System Shock 2 is booze (usually whiskey or vodka). Hence Goggles drinking beings/crowds under the table is a bit of a running gag.

  • Cardasians
  • Dwarves - If Gimli ever unifies Goggles already has several casks of ale set aside for the occasion.
  • Ford Prefect - Technicly speaking this doesn't count because this was one of the few occasions Goggles was actually drunk, but considering by the time he was drunk drunk Ford was passed out on the floor, he takes this as a victory.
  • Klingons - He's outdrunk entire crews before, though this tends to end up haunting him the next day since the effort ends up pushing even his system to its breaking point.
  • Narn
  • Orks - Warcraft. WAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH need not apply.

Yunomi has thusfar been the only being in the multiverse to best Goggles in a drinking contest that doens't use Alchohol as a scource of fuel.

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