Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Space Monster
Source Godzilla-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank Ally
Function Mercenary Berserker
Groups Gatecrashers Union
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mentality of High School Drop-out
Age (Actual) Unknown
Still Aging? {$stillaging}
Height Giant/12'
Weight Tens of Thousands of Tons/Several Hundred Pounds
Hair Color None
Eye Color Unknown
"Slash, hack, crush and smash! My favorites."


As the aliens of Nebula M Spacehunter worked on upgrading their monster-for-hire, they decided to improve its intelligence. Unfortunately for them, the now truly sapient creature decided it would be better off as its own boss and destroyed the facility, stole the technology for itself, and struck out on its own. After that, Gigan roamed the spaceways, working as a mercenary and bounty hunter, continuing to relish the destruction, battle, savagery, and mayhem for which he had been constructed. Since unification he's allied himself with the Confederacy, who keep him on retainer, though he still freelances. Now with the intelligence and attitude of a thug who dropped out of high school, Gigan is even more deadly with his built-in blades, spikes, saw, and optic laser. He also has an assortment of new weapons he can equip. But in the multiverse, thanks to that Balancing Effect, his usually tremendous size works against him much more than it used to, and he can't just ignore small arms and artillery anymore, especially at the hands of an Elite.


Size: Being 1 or 2 dozen stories tall has its perks, including strength, endurance, and of course the ability to intimidate lesser beings. But, one of Gigan's newer systems enables him to reduce to a height of just 12 feet. However he doesn't like using this function unless he absolutely has to, hving a great deal of pride in being so much larger than most other species. There may also be technical reasons he'd rather not discuss. (Size RPed, no stat changes.)

Melee Arsenal: Gigan brims with spikes and blades, from his razor sharp mandibled beak, to his signature hammerclaws. And of course the classic built-in buzzsaw down the center of his body. He can also swap out his hammerclaws and replace them with other melee limbs. (Variant load-outs RPed. Fighting style changes but not stats. Limbs cannot be changed during battle.)

Bloodlust: The first monster to ever make Godzilla bleed, Gigan is sadistic and fierce. He enjoys wounding his opponents almost more than defeating them. And with his improved intelligence, he can slice and dice more effectively, since he's learned a bit of technique.

Laser Eye: Gigan is not limited to close range combat. Within his optic band is a single, high-powered alien laser, with two focus settings. With the tight beam he has remarkable range and accuracy. The other setting creates a diffuse, short range 'shotgun blast' of damaging energy.

Flight: Gigan can fly. And maneuver through space, too. He has an interior anti-grav generator that he mostly uses for travel; though on those occassions when he uses it during a fight, he's sure to get the most out of it.

Meat Shielding: Gigan's still largely organic body insulates his interior from most EMP attacks, and his primary power source is itself organic; a large electric eel-type organ. And nearly all of his cyborg equipment is passive anyway, running or drawing power only when actually being used. He don't need none of that onboard computer garbage. However, if an EMP-type attack is properly timed, you can piss him off by making him have to take a turn to reboot that system. (Ask about this OOC.)


Size: Being a massive creature also makes you a massive target, and that accursed Balancing Effect makes a lot of attacks he once could ignore very bothersome. It also limits Gigan's options in terms of any attempt at stealth. Even his reduced form is larger than most doorways.

Self-preservation: Gigan is more opportunistic than he is loyal or principalled, and as such has a history of retreating from battle when the tide turns heavily against his side, abandoning his partners.

Manual Dexterity?: Gigan has no fingers, heck, he doesn't even have hands. Even his most dextrous weapon limb doesn't function much better than a pirate's hook. He can type if he has to, but otherwise depends on a remote controlled drone to handle small or complex objects within the Confederate base.

Fleshy: Gigan is still largely organic, which means that he is susceptible to pain and most forms of damage, despite his resilient hide.

Electronics: While not especially vulnerbale to electric attacks, with the proper timing he /can/ be susceptible to EMP types. Such attacks don't threaten his life functions, but shut down any cybernetic systems in use at the time. This can be quite effective against him while flying in space, leaving him cursing and tumbling in the void until he can reboot that system. (Ask about this OOC.)

Additional Specifications


Instead of a personal island like most people use, Gigan has one of the Citadel's hangars set aside for himself, and of course it's been customized to fit his needs. These customizations include:

Inspiration Art for Gigan's hangar
  • Several heavy duty suspension cables, to hold Gigan comfortably in a neutral posture with maximum accessibility.
  • Numerous adjustable catwalks, allowing his staff easy access for refits, repairs, and maintenance.
  • The equipment needed to keep Gigan in optimal condition, as well as storage space for it all.
  • A wall abutting with Medical, which includes a direct access elevator, as well as numerous overlooking windows.
  • A pen where Gigan can keep livestock for him to snack on.
  • Custom monitors and interfaces he can use to check and file reports… or to watch movies and play video games.


Gigan currently has seven styles of weapon arms he can use, in matched or mixed pairs as he desires.

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