Ghost in the Shell-1

Set in a near-future Earth, cybernetics technology has blossomed, the internet has advanced far beyond the personal computer, and the political climate is perpetually on the brink of war from both the outside and within. Organized by Daisuke Aramaki, Section Nine was established in hopes of maintaining the fragile peace through primarily Covert Operations and countering cyber-terrorism. A motley crew of personalities and talents, Major Motoko Kusanagi takes the helm under Chief Aramaki's command.

On the cutting edge of technology, one of Section Nine's more unique weapons would be the Tachikoma tank. The design of these machines not unlike a six-legged blue insect, their truly defining feature is the childlike artificial intelligence that gives them all a persona influenced by their regular pilots. Some of Section Nine's more notable successes involve the capture of a brain swapped senator looking to flee Japan with classified documents, uncovering a privacy scandal involving the police and visual interception technology, the rescue of a diplomat's daughter from a Russian terrorist, protecting a wealthy businessman from an assassin only to find he had died months prior of natural causes and was running an AI that continued to make millions, and others like The Laughing Man incidents.

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