Gentaro Kisaragi
Gentaro Kisaragi (Kamen Rider Fourze)
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Kamen Rider Fourze-1
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank U-Union Citizen
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 17
Age (Actual) 17
Still Aging? Yes
Height 6' 0"/183cm
Weight 160lbs/73kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
"I'm Kamen Rider Fourze! Now let's settle this, one on one!"


Gentaro Kisaragi is what you'd call a 'bad boy'. Sports a pompadour, doesn't wear the right school uniform, rides motorcycles, forgets to do his homework, always stays late for detention, gets in fights all the time. But he's mostly a victim of circumstance - and in reality, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He'd give you the shirt off his back, if you really needed it. His school, Amanogowa High School, is the focus point for monsters called Zodiarts, born of Cosmic Energy and the darkest desires of humans. Cosmic Energy, through the Fourze Driver, gives Gentaro the power to fight them, and to return his friends to normal. As Kamen Rider Fourze, Cosmic Energy is transformed into powerful weapons and tools through the Astro Switches. Everything from water jets to giant scissors to transparent energy feet and cosmic-powered flashlights are at his disposal!


FOURZE DRIVER: The invention of Utahoshi Kengo's late father, Gentaro uses this belt to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze, an astronaut-patterned suit of power armor designed for space travel and interplanetary exploration.

ASTRO SWITCHES: The Astro Switches are trinkets, that when inserted into the Fourze Driver and activated, manifest tools and weapons powered by the cosmic energy present all through the universe. A minimum of four are required for Gentaro to transform into Fourze. (The first four are Rocket, Launcher, Drill, and Radar; For all of Fourze's switches, see the bottom of this article.) Fourze's finishing attack, the Limit Break, combines the powers of his activated switches into a unique supercharged attack. As more switches are developed, his versatility and powers increase.

MACHINE MASSIGLER & POWER DIZER: The Machine Massigler is Fourze's motorcycle. Aside from visually resembling the Space Shuttle, it features a functioning rocket booster, and is capable of sub-orbital flight. (However, even when paired with the Rocket switch, Fourze cannot achieve escape velocity from Earth.) The Power Dizer, a hulking suit of orange, exoskeletal power armor, transforms into "Tower Mode," acting as a launch pad for the Massigler to shoot into orbit with.

KAMEN RIDER CLUB: Kengo Utahoshi is a sickly, but genius student who begrudgingly works with Gentaro. Yuki Joujima is a daydreamer who cheers on Fourze while dreaming of being an astronaut. Miu Kazushiro is Amanogowa's elected "Queen" of the student body, a social butterfly, and head of the cheerleading squad. Together, they form the school's unofficial Kamen Rider Club, housed in a secret moon-base called the Rabbit Hutch. Having the proper technology to shield it from Union and Confederates alike, and being connected to Amanogowa High School via a secret corridor formed by cosmic energy, it's their secret hidey-hole for club activities.


EVERYONE'S FAVORITE BLOCKHEAD: This doesn't refer to Gentaro's bad habit of trying to headbutt people in combat. He's obsessed with the concept of friendship, and wants to befriend everyone at his high school. Maybe someday, the entire world. He fights Zodiarts, just to club some sense back into their heads. The truth is he's never really fought what you'd think of as a "real" opponent - someone dead-set on killing him, or someone with a truly sadistic nature or seriously evil goals. He's an idealistic youngster with his head in the clouds, who hasn't been exposed to what we think of as the "real world". He can fight full-strength against Zodiarts, knowing they're not the real bodies of the students transformed into them. A real, live opponent that dies when they're killed might be a different story.

CAN'T DECIDE BRAIN ANEURYSM: Gentaro is the Kamen Rider Club's muscle, with not a lot of thought behind it. He knows how to 'fight,' in the most basic way, while he has Kengo and Yuki as his 'handlers' to suggest switches and bounce tactical ideas off of him. Without someone to direct him, or if one of his comrades is incapacitated, he's at a serious disadvantage. His entire shtick is friendship. What happens if you take away that strength?

WHOOPS: The Fourze Driver is a complicated piece of equipment; It and the Astro Switches are the sum total of the life's work of Kengo's father. It also happens to be bulky as all hell, with four big paddle switches on the front and a clunky lever, all of which tend to bump into things. (I can personally vouch for this; I own the DX belt!) Why, yes, I am implying that it's entirely possible to detransform Gentaro if you aim for his belt. Furthermore..

SORRY, BUTTERFINGERS: The Astro Switches, despite being cosmically-powered objects of great power and strength, can be pretty easy to lose. Furthermore, as Fourze, Gentaro must physically change out Astro Switches in order to use their powers, removing one and inserting another. He's highly vulnerable during the swap-out; If he's distracted, he might fumble one and drop it. Or he could be attacked, and have it knocked out of his hands. And if he loses one, they're absolutely irreplaceable.

Detail: List of Fourze's Astro Switches

Rocket (01): Turning Fourze's entire right arm into a solid-fuel rocket, he can fly, or perform a rocket-powered punch. By the numbers this adds 40 tons of force to the strength of his punches, but official stats in Kamen Rider info books are total bunk anyways.

Magic Hand (05): The extendable Magic Hand module is a large manipulator arm that adds an extra 10 meters to Fourze's reach. It also boosts his strength, allowing him to pick up heavy objects with the arm.

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