Genghis Rex
Genghis Rex
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Reptilonian
Source Dinosaucers-1
Faction Confederate
Rank 1
Function Tyranno Warlord
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 33
Age (Actual) 33
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 12 Feet
Weight 1000 lbs
Hair Color Red Scales
Eye Color Green
"Those who do not bend to my will, will be crushed beneath my claws!"
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Known on Reptilon as "The Red Prince", Genghis Rex was the intensely charismatic heir to the Tyranno Empire. Early in his career, he was deployed to Earth to sabotage first contact between Reptilon's ambassadors (The Dinosaucers) and Humanity. Rexs insatiable desire for power drives him to overcome any obstacle that may stand in his way, either through careful manipulation or brute force. Being as he comes from an advanced alien race of evolved dinosaurs, Rex has access very unique technology; including the devolver, which reverses the evolutionary process of the affected target, and the fossilizer, which literally turns an affected target into a fossil. His greatest triumph was stealing the technology known as Dinovolving which allows him to transform himself into a full sized Tyrannosaurus Rex but retains his advanced intelligence. His brutal temper and extreme egotism can be very off-putting to even the most patient of allies, and his all-encompassing obsession with the humiliation and destruction of his rival, Allo, can often lead him to make rash and desperate decisions.


Anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus Rex: Rex is a native of the Planet Reptilon. Reptilon is inhabited entirely by various races of Dinosaur that evolved from traditional Dinosaurs like the ones found in Earth's past. The difference is that Reptilon never experienced the extinction inducing event that killed earth's dinosaurs, so they remained the dominant life form and eventually evolved into two legged, intelligent, anthropomorphic beings. Because their society is much older than present day earth's, their technology is far advanced beyond anything existing in present day. While physically not the most powerful of his species, his large size and different anatomy would qualify as super-strength by normal human standards. (PL 32)

Tyrannosaurus Rex: After stealing the secret of Dinovolving from the Dinosaucers, Rex employed it to great effectiveness. He wears a badge on his left breast that, when pressed, triggers his ancient Tyrannosaur DNA to surface and physically transforms into a 23 foot, 16000lb Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is able to use this form to wreak havoc, while retaining his intelligence and speech. This transformation cannot last more than 10 minutes as it requires a huge amount of energy and leaves the user in a weakened and ravenous state afterwards. Rex keeps trying to find a way to extend this ability and compensate for the massive physical resources it requires. (PL 34)

Tooth and Claw: In his base form, Genghis Rex is highly skilled in hand to hand combat. While he is an accomplished swordsman, he prefers to use his ample jaws and razor sharp claws to gore and crush any opponent unfortunate enough to challenge him. Theres something about the feeling of his claws tearing through flesh and the sounds of crunching bones that deeply satisfies him. As a Dinovolved Tyrannosaurus, these aspects are magnified, and he has been known to give into his baser instincts and start to devour defeated opponents while his transformation is still active (Yes, being eaten requires OOC consent).

Swordsman: Rex is adept with light stabbing weapons and carries a short sword at his side. He struggles with larger swords such as broadswords or claymores. It is important to note that Reptilonian melee weapons are typically twice the size of human weapons.

Multi-Blaster: Beam based hand weapon with multiple effect settings.
Kill: Default effect. Incinerates/damages the target with a powerful focused laser beam.
Stun: Immobilizes the target with an electrical shock. (Consent required where applicable.)
Fossilize: Beam weapon that can change organic target into a stone-like state. This effect is temporary and will wear off a human in about 10 minutes. Non human characters with larger surface areas can recover faster, while massive characters will not be affected at all. Non-organic characters are also immune to this attack. The weapon also has the ability to "de-fossilize" a fossilized target, which removes the effect. (Consent required where applicable.)
Devolve: This is another beam weapon that acts much the same as the Dino-volver, but leaves the target without their mental faculties. A human target would revert physically and mentally to that of an ape/primate. An evolved dinosaur would become a primitive/unevolved dinosaur but would be given over to instinct and primal drives. Like the Dino-volver, the effect lasts no longer than 10 minutes (depending on the size of the target) and leaves the victim severely weakened and ravenous after recovery. Because this weapon relies on evolution, inorganic characters, such as robots, are immune to its effects. Like the Fossilizer, this weapon can reverse it own effects. (Consent required where applicable.)

Space Cruiser: Small one-man aircraft shaped vaguely like the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This ship is very small and agile by Reptilonian standards. Has retractable pincers that can be used to carry and tear open objects. Also has twin turbo-laser cannons that can be used when the pincers are not deployed. (PL 34)


Bully: At his core, Genghis Rex is a spoiled man-child, who used his high rank and privileged birthright to harass and intimidate others into following his cause. In short, he's an incorrigible bully, and he usually prefers having others get their claws dirty in his name, rather than actually putting himself in any sort of danger. While he exhibited extreme cowardice in his youth, his stunning series of victories over Allo and the Dinosaucers on Reptilon has made him more bold and cunning as he's gotten older. He still prefers letting others take all the risks, but is not so apt to retreat when directly threatened as he used to be. He targets those much weaker than him, and will do anything to achieve victory (such as cheating) which can be offensive to any honor-based confederates.

Over-confidence/Racism: Rex finds other species repulsive and holds himself in high regards in comparison to them (especially human beings). Because of this, he often underestimates his opponents if they don't happen to be of Dinosaur origin. He has been humiliated and defeated on multiple occasions as a result of his disregard for "silly humans".

Vendetta: Rex feels robbed by having his ultimate victory over his hated enemy, Allo, ripped form his claws. He is obsessed with killing Allo at all costs - although he doesn't know if he will ever see Allo again. This obsession is so all-consuming that it can sometimes interfere with his ability to lead responsibly.

Ambition: Rex believes he was born to lead and dominate. His lust for power is palpable and, while a capable field general, it is difficult for anyone to trust him. Most allies are stepping stones to the next promotion, and higher ranked officers are viewed as obstacles. Rex has a very difficult time masking his power-lust and it has not escaped the notice of those who interact with him.

Sadistic: Rex delights in seeing his enemies suffer and his brutality can often be off-putting to his allies. This is the type of guy who leaves the twitching head and thorax of a fly to slowly starve to death, only after meticulously plucking off each wing and leg bit by excruciating bit.

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