Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source The City
Faction Union
Rank N/A
Function Thief
Groups Last Chancers
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Late 20's/Early 30's
Age (Actual) Late 20's/Early 30's
Still Aging? Yes
Height Unknown; Relatively short
Weight Unknown; Relatively skinny
Hair Color Black
Eye Color One natural and blue. One mechanical and green.
"What is locked can be open… what is hidden can be found… what is yours can be mine."
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Garrett is a master thief hailing from The City: a city-state with a mostly Techno-Theocratic society. (The City is not just slang, The City is actually the name of the city.) He is infamous for robbing countless castles, mansions, patrician houses, taverns, shops, museums, city guard stations, abandoned and/or haunted areas of The City, ancient ruins, places that defy the laws of physics, and his landlord's office. He tends not to discriminate on who he relieves of their wealth. Thanks to his Keeper training and his naturally high dexterity he has become a fairly skilled swordsman, an extremely skilled archer, an excellent pickpocket, a magnificent locksmith, and most important of all an unmatched master of stealth. Growing up as an orphan on the streets caused him to become a very cruel, self-interested, and spiteful individual. Even when he took the chance to join the Keepers, the fury in his soul refused to diminish. Ruthless, efficient, cunning, cold-hearted, and ambitious; Garrett has become one of the greatest criminal masterminds in The Citys history.


Phantom-like Stealth: Garrett has been trained extensively by the Keepers in stealth and subterfuge. When in the shadows he is virtually invisible even to those staring directly at him. When he's out and about thieving, he does not like leaving holes, knocked out guards, ropes, or any sort of evidence that he ever existed.

Equipment: Garrett generally does not kill; not because he cares for the lives of others, but because it's unprofessional. He takes pride in his work as a master thief. However, he is always prepared for anything. He is equipped with a short sword, a bow, various arrows with various functions, a blackjack used for knocking people out, mines, climbing gloves, flash bombs etc. His mechanical eye also gives him the ability to magnify his vision.

Lockpicking: He can pick nearly any lock of any door or safe. Very few things can stay locked when he's around.

Pickpocketing: He spent his whole life doing this as a kid. Even if you think your coins are nice and tightly zipped away, he'll still find a way to get them from you.
Fearless: The City is filled with haunted areas that would normally drive others to madness and despair. He feels at home in such places because they remind him of his dumpy apartment. Few places on Earth are scarier than Garret's apartment.


Greed: Garrett loves money, money, and… money. It does not matter what relationship he has with someone, if they have something valuable, he's going to take it.

Kleptomania: Garret does not hold resentment towards the privileged and wealthy. As a matter of fact, they practically give his life meaning. Perhaps it was learned behavior, perhaps it was something hard-wired into his brain, but either way he feels an obsessive compulsion to steal everything valuable not nailed to the ground.

Lack of Empathy: While he has his limits, very few exist for Garrett. He could mug an innocent little girl for her earrings and would not lose a wink of sleep from doing so. Things that are off-limits to him are assassination, prostitution, torture, and slave trade. Some would argue that this makes him slightly more compassionate than the bureaucrats of The City.

Not Physically Strong: He has high dexterity and is quite skilled in swordplay, but he's very weak in actually dealing blows unless he's backstabbing his opponents. This is also another reason he generally likes to stay hidden when thieving.

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