Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Golem
Source The Manufactory-1
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Child of the Chisel
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 12
Age (Actual) 92
Still Aging? No
Height 4'7"
Weight 40 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"Where are you, Father?"
Table of Contents


Galatea is an artificially constructed "daughter" of wood and ivory, made by the brilliant Master Crafter. Galatea dwelled with her "father" in a big house for a few decades before he suddenly vanished. The puppet-girl has been alone for many years, but has finally found a way out of her father's home. Curious about what lies outside, and wanting to find where her father went, she has emerged into the vast world-factory known as the Manufactory. Her naivety and ignorance combined with her physical appearance may make her appear to be but a child, she is physically very old. Her curiosity drives her to explore the vast and dangerous Manufactory, both to survive and to find her dearly missed father, but her own wariness of others may keep her from getting help that would ease her struggles.


Autotomy: Galatea can intentionally seperate an arm, hand, foot, leg, or similar, and it will remain functional if reattached later on (unless it was already damaged or became damaged after seperation). One reason to do this is to escape from danger if a monster or enemy has seized her, by detaching an arm and buying herself some time to escape. She can slip out of restraints by detaching one of her hands and then reattaching it, and similar feats. She can also squeeze into places she normally couldn't by leaving parts of herself behind to (hopefully) be picked up later.

Child of the Chisel: Galatea is an extremely complex wooden construct, with "skin" made out of chiseled ivory. She is generally immune to mundane poison and disease due to lacking any living tissue, circulatory system, organs, or similar. She is more like a self-aware puppet than anything. She is immune to mundane sources of pain, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, and tiredness, though part of her "brain" puts her into a "sleep state" under certain conditions. Though magical forms of these things might bypass the fact she lacks the structural necessities to be impacted, and various exotic or Elite versions of these things may also ignore her immunities, in most cases she does not have to worry about getting sick from wading through garbage nor would getting stung by a scorpion or similar have any impact.

Modifiable: Galatea's body is capable of being modified with appropriate parts from the Manufactory. Certain parts can be integrated on a permanent basis, but this is a very involved process and takes both time and a proficient Expert Crafter (requires an Upgrade App). She also has spare arms and legs that she keeps in a backpack. Limbs/parts all take anywhere from several seconds to a minute to attach, depending on their complexity, since she has to remove one of her current limbs and then put in another one. This is not generally something to be done while in-combat.

Modifications (Components): Presently, Galatea has collected components that allow her functions that might be considered basic to human beings, such as moving her eyes and looking in various directions without turning her head, manual dexterity, and the ability to speak and sing. As these components are expanded upon via upgrade apps, they will be listed in +info.

Modifications (Parts): Parts grants abilities or functions to Galatea that are useful without strictly mimicking what a human can do. As parts are gathered via upgrade apps, they will be listed in +info.

Puzzle Solver: Galatea is extremely good at solving puzzles and problems. She can make excellent use of the tools she has available and her surrounding environment to improvise a solution to most challenges she faces at any given time. (NOTE: Galatea uses non-damaging 'Tag' attacks to represent her use of the environment to overcome danger in those situations where she is facing an opponent. The exact nature of each tag attack must be situation-appropriate, can not violate consent, and this +power may not be viable in every given scene.)

Stealthy: Galatea has had to learn how to conceal herself, sneak around, and avoid being detected by various enemies. She can be quite quiet when she needs to be, and even wait motionless for hours, days, or weeks without growing bored nor suffering physical impairment from her immobility.


Non-Combat Creation: Galatea is unable and unwilling to directly attack anyone and tends to run from combat whenever possible. Even in a situation where standing and fighting or lashing out briefly would benefit her or someone else, she is simply not capable. She can dodge or sacrifice limbs to block all she wants, but she can NOT directly attack. (NOTE: This means she can not use any damaging +attacks.)

Not Human: Galatea is new to dealing with humans and similar organisms. While she can learn and adjust, Galatea is not human herself nor does she think like one. Not all aspects of human psychology are ones that she will emulate or understand. Not all human values will be shared. Attempting to force her to accept such is likely to simply drive her away. Self-preservation overrides all concerns of friendship or allegiance.

Not Water-Tight: Galatea is not water-tight. She has to find time to remove and dump out her own appendages when she is subjected to even small amounts of water or moisture build-up, and actually entering a body of water would be very bad — potentially lethal.

Sleep Cycle: When Galatea remains inactive for a sufficient period of time, a wheel in her head starts spinning in response to the lack of motion. This gradually "shuts down" her awareness. This wheel continues to spin for about six hours, slowing down and spinning the opposite direction half-way through the cycle. Until that wheel stops spinning completely, Galatea can not wake up or function in any capacity — not even in an emergency. She is completely vulnerable in her sleep state.

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