G Gundam - F.C. 32-1

It is the year Future Century 32. With the launch of colonies into space, mankind can no longer afford meaningless warfare that might disrupt the delicate balance of space. In order to preserve their existence, mankind has created the Gundamfight — the ideal war in which martial artists called Gundamfighters represent their nations in a contest of strength and skill. Using their powerful giant robot Mobile Fighters callled Gundams, the fighters fight, and they fight, and they fight, until one stands above the rest as the Gundam of Gundams, whose nation will be crowned ruler of all space for the next four years! The Seventh Annual Gundamfight has just begun; hopes are high and the world is bright. But in the shadows of this bright and hopeful future, the terrorist organization Elemental Chaos lies, ready to shatter the peaceful world of the colonies and restore the beauty of their broken Earth… but the Shuffle Alliance, led by King of Hearts Shuji Kurosu, will do whatever it takes to defend mankind and the purity of combat. Gundam Fight all set? Ready… go!

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