Fushigi (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Fushigi
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Rescue Team Leader
Series: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-1
Species: Ivysaur Pokemon

"<Things aren't always as they seem. You've gotta be ready for anything out there.>"

Profile: Fushigi has found himself in a peculiar lot in life, a mysterious turn of fate having him living the life of a pokemon after waking up one morning as a Bulbasuar instead of a human. Fated to save a pokemon land far removed from the others from natural turmoil; even afterwards the Pokemon Rescue Team formed with his new friends continues its efforts help others in need and explore new areas. Life as a pokemon is rough, but Fushigi has endured though hard and fun times alike, honing the natural abilities of his new form and the skills of survival, and even evolving to Ivysaur. Though still at times timid and shy, he's become a capable leader and explorer, once set on a task there's little in the environment or opposition that can hold his team back. Though he has come to enjoy this new life and the many friends he's made, sometimes Fushigi can't help but wonder if he'll ever be a human again…

Vital Statistics

Age: Uncertain
Gender: Male
Height: 3"3'
Weight: 29 lbs.
Body Form: Dinosaur-like reptile with a large flowering plant growing on back. Fusion is symbiotic in nature, parts of the plant (vines, leaves, ect.) are as usable as reptiles own limbs.

IQ Skills

What Are IQ Skills?: IQ Skills are abilities unique to the Mystery Dungeon world from other Pokemon lands, that pokemon learn over time or develop farther from their natural abilities to help them thrive, battle, and in the case of Pokemon Teams better fulfill various Rescue and Exploration tasks. (Most of these are RP only aspects)

  • Item Catcher/Item Master - Can hold and use helpful tools and items. Can sometimes catch thrown attack items without taking damage.
  • Non-Traitor - When under confusion or similar ailment retains enough awareness to not accidentally hit allies with attacks.
  • PP Saver/Multitalented - Using special abilities takes less of a drain on overall energy. Has more overall energy to use multiple special attacks without getting tired.
  • Type-Advantage Master - Grass and Poison type attacks are more effective against Types weak to them.
  • Self Curer - Naturally recovers from status ailments and illness more quickly.
  • Gap Prober - Can throw items and aim projectile or long-reach attacks past allies that may be in front of them to not harm ally.
  • Hit-And-Runner - Has better chance of blocking counter-attacks.
  • All-Terrain Hiker - Can use natural abilities to cross water, open gaps, lava (though it still burns) and other obstacles that would impend the movement of others.
  • Trap Buster - Can step on trap to set it off on self, then break it so it is no longer a hazard.
  • Stair Sensor - Can sense the location of nearby stairs or other passages between floors (Only works in dungeons or buildings)
  • No-Charger - Can use Solarbeam as a single turn with no charge-up, but expends more energy.
  • House Avoider - Has a high chance of noticing Monster Houses, ambushes, and other surprise attacks before walking into them.
  • Pierce Hurler - Can throw attack items strong enough to penetrate several targets and pass through thin walls or barriers.

Major Teammates

  • Sparx the Pikachu - The Sidekick - Fushigi's best friend and co-founder of Team Brushguard. Not the brightest of Pokemon, but his ethusiastic nature and undying faith in Fushigi is always their to lift the team's spirits when times are tough. Almost always at Fushigi's side, even on missions they feel are too dangerous for other teammates to accompany them.
  • Kusshin the Sandslash - The Roughneck - Gruff and ornery with a heart of gold beneath that stubborn spikey exterior. The team's excavation specialist and all-around navigator, when there's not a way to go around or through she'll make one herself.
  • Abyss the Absol - The Soothsayer - As a species Absol have a natural sixth sense for natural disasters and other trouble. Though she's passed her 'field' position to Kusshin, the wise old Dark type still aids as an advisor and early-danger-warning-alarm.
  • Hershel the Miltank - The Den Mother - Motherly and over-protective, Hershel at least means while with her misplaced affections. Mainly a healer and status eliminator, but certainly capable of (literally) throwing her weight around when angered. Has the team Smeargle dye her brown regularly and claims she's a 'chocolate miltank'.

Important Equipment

  • Rescue Badge Can be used to teleport innocent and hurt others away from danger, though its range is limited on non-pokemon targets outside of dungeons. Can also return teammates and new recruits to the team base or the Seekers guild hall, depending where used.
  • Throwing Items - Various items found around the Dungeon Islands can be used as projectile weapons by pokemon. Some seeds and berries have adverse effects on enemies or can be tossed to heal allies. Stones fly in an arch to pass obstacles, sticks and spikes fly straight like daggers, and the Rare Fossil curves like a boomerang.
  • Wonder Orbs - Small spherical objects that have a variety of useful abilities, such as lighting passages, removing obstacles or some attack-like abilities.
  • Healing Items - Berries, potions and other items that can heal injuries and status conditions can be found in most dungeons.
  • X-Ray Specs - These goggles allow the wearer to see past walls and other structures to locate objects or other enemies nearby.
  • Goggle Specs - Like the X-Ray Specs, but detect traps and hidden/invisible enemies instead.

Special Skills and Abilities

  • Pokemon Body - Fushigi has better manual dexterity than your run of the mill Ivysaur. His front paws can be used for limited grasping. Most often he uses the vines and leaves of his plant as replacement limbs though, able to control them as a part of his own body. Vines, leaves, powders and other aspects of the plant can be used as attacks. After the conditions he's had to go through, Fushigi has a notable resilience to harsh temperature and climate changes than other 'saurs, having survived through everything from boiling volcanoes to glacier mountains and scorching deserts.
  • Unique Attacks - Fushigi knows two attacks that are unique to the PMD world. Wide Slash - Slashes in a wide motion in front, capable of hitting up to three targets standing relatively side by side. Vacuum-Cut - Sends out short shockwaves of air that can strike an entire area of targets.
  • Link Attacks Another unique ability to the PMD world is being able to link 2 or 3 attacks so they are used at once, effectively making a combo attack out of them.
  • Leadership - Despite being a pokemon in body, Fushigi's human-level intelligence and intuitiveness make him a skilled leader and organizer, while his easy-going nature and kindness makes it easier for others to like and listen to him. Still a bit shy and unsure of himself when it comes to leading other than pokemon, but he's learning.
  • Exploration - Team Brushguard as a whole has become an exceptionally skilled and capable exploration and rescue team, known for getting through harsh dungeons and dangerous situations that would turn lesser teams away. Especially true for Fushigh and Sparx, who had to trek through a mass exile with only themselves and their wits to survive by.


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