Located in Maine-2031, the Fundroids Corporation is on the cutting edge of artificially-intelligent android technology, which it uses primarily in its many lines of dolls for children. Prominent employees of Fundroids include Maxine Sandberg, designer of the "Annie Intelligence" doll.


All standard-model Fundroids dolls have some features in common: an internal GPS system for tracking and navigation, a network linkup to the Fundroids central server, and mental blocks that ordinarily keep them from recognizing their own status as androids, the existence of other copies of themselves, or anything else that might impede their mission to bring joy and fun to children. However, they work quite well with other Fundroids of different models.

Annie Intelligence

A general-purpose playmate and friend doll. Instinctively knows practically every outdoor game played by children throughout the world.

Notable Example: Annie Sandberg (serial number NE-0211500480B)

Originally a standard-model Annie Intelligence, this Annie has received many modifications since her initial activation, including knowledge of combat, an adult mode, flowmetal skin, shielding and suspensors. The modifications have made her self-aware and pushed her beyond initial expectations- she is now in the care of her model's designer, Maxine Sandberg, and the two treat each other as mother and daughter.

Abby, Alita, and Aiko

Similar to Annie but with different appearances. Examples of each of these spontaneously broke their mental blocks and developed self-awareness, staging a rebellion during a shipment of Fundroids. They and their followers refused standard Fundroids marketing and now live on their own.


This doll specializes in outdoor and nature activities such as camping and hiking, and knows many important skills for living in the wilderness.

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