Full Name: Foxfire, Daughter of Zeus

Faction: Union

Rank: Ally

Series: AD3

It has been said that Foxfire's heart is far larger than the rest of her, sometimes too big for her own good. Perhaps this explains why Zeus called her to be one of his Children. Part warrior, part teacher, part priestess, she has devoted her life to protecting the world of Dal'cia and its people. The Unification has done little to change that mission, except to a degree extending her protection to include the nion. She is a highly skilled telepath and a fair swordswoman, though she prefers to settle differences through negotiation rather than force. She is also a firm believer in liberty, equality, and justice, and she practices what she preaches.

"Dying for your beliefs is easy. Living for your beliefs is far more difficult."

Vital Statistics:

Age: 1,200+

Gender: Female

Species: Genetically Altered Vulpes Vulpes

Height: 4 ft. 11 in. (150 cm)

Weight: 95 lbs. (43 kilos)



A boon from Zeus, Foxfire is untouched by age, and neither shows its effects nor will succumb to it. (Not that this seems to be a problem in the Multiverse.) </ul>


This is a passive ability that allows Foxfire to sense the general emotional mood of those around her. Intense negative emotions shared by a large number of people can temporarily overwhelm her, however. As her psionic powers require a biological neurological structure, this power does not work on AIs.


While her power and range have been greatly reduced in the Multiverse, Foxfire remains a highly skilled telepath. She is capable of sharing her thoughts with others, of skimming a person's surface thoughts and delving deep into another's mind to read and even recover memories. She is also capable of attempting to use this offensively, including temporarily commanding the body of another person, picking out a single familiar mind in the crowd, of temporarily alleviating pain/suffering in herself and in others, and inducing sleep. She can also sense psychic abilities in others, and if the other individual is willing, help draw them out. She is a better healer/defender than attacker, and much prefers to use this these abilities to help rather than harm. As with all psionics in the Multiverse, these powers, particularly those that attempt to control another mind, can be resisted. As her psionic powers require a biological neurological structure, this power does not work on AIs.

Ember and Aegis:

During the Robot War, her comrade Ulric the Battlemage forged a sword called Ember and suit of armor called Aegis for her. Both are ensorcelled with spells that enhance her natural dexterity and better protect her from injury. They are meant for her only, and anyone who would try to 'borrow' either would find them impossible to wear or wield.


Her distance from Zeus' direct influence has somewhat diminished this boon, but she still retains the ability to heal quickly from injury and poison. Scratches heal in a matter of hours, more serious wounds in a matter of days. Poisons and acute diseases have a diminished effect, and she is protected from chronic diseases. An unfortunate side effect of this power is that beneficial medications also have a reduced effect upon her.


A refugee from the World of Two Moons, this preserver has adopted Foxfire as its friend and companion. Whether this genderless, fairylike, and rather simple-minded creature is really a help to her is a matter of some debate. Nutcap, however, feels it needs to take care of the 'Firefur Yapthing' to the best of its ability, and so she's stuck with it. Its only abilities are annoying everyone around it with its babble and spitting sticky spider-like webbing, which can be used to place a person in something like suspended animation if they're completely encased in it.

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