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General MUSH Discussions
Things pertaining to the MUSH, including discussions and questions.
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General or miscellaneous questions.
11by KayubeKayube
20 Mar 2009 05:26Jump!
Information on if the MUSH is down (not often) or experiencing other technical problems.
49by FearlessLeaderFearlessLeader
13 Oct 2011 19:02Jump!
RP Logs from MCM.
6175by VictoriaScottVictoriaScott
13 Nov 2012 15:05Jump!
Character discussions, both for new and existing characters, as well as proposed characters.
13by Von DoomVon Doom
06 May 2008 15:20Jump!
Discussing themes of all types pertaining to the MUSH, including existing and proposed themes.
11by SillyfoxSillyfox
13 Nov 2008 22:14Jump!
Questions about using and programming PennMUSH, the MUSH server program used on MCM.
Discussion and tech support pertaining to MUSH clients.
11by LainLain
23 Oct 2007 18:13Jump!
General entertainment, MUSH related and not - manga, anime, movies, comics, TV shows, books, cartoons, etc.
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Entertainment reviews, spoiler-free.
Reviews with spoilers. DO NOT PUT SPOILERS IN THE TOPICS.
Video games, and some kinds of web games (i.e. Kingdom of Loathing)
13by AmberessAmberess
23 Aug 2009 21:31Jump!
Technical Questions
Techie questions not necessarily related to the MUSH, including programming and troubleshooting.
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Windows explode, Mac meltdown? Try here.
We've got a lot of programming students on the MUSH. Toss your questions up here.
Just about everything else!
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