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Started by: JohnSeeverJohnSeever
Date: 24 Apr 2008 21:32
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The Earth's Moon. Or at least one of many assimilated into the Multiverse. But tonight, amongst the barren landscape that hasn't been terraformed yet... lies a dead kingdom. Its towers reach high, their peaks looking out over the landscape like silent sentinels, the windows looking into their interior dark and foreboding. The long sleeping Moon Kingdom's gardens are lifeless and bleak, the fountains that once danced with water sprays wait quietly. Amongst the palace, Tsukino Usagi's tower sits in the Inner Courtyard like a beacon, the tower itself brightly lit and out of place from its previous location amongst New Pyongyang. But tonight, the Moon Kingdom, heir of the Silver Millennium will be the battleground for the tried and true struggle of Good vs. Evil.
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