General Information

Full Name: Fortuna
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Death Dragon
Series: Original
Species: Dragon

"Everyone weep with me."

Profile: Fortuna is a monstrous dragon mutated by exposure to energies and materials taken from a point in the future of her universe where everything is ending. The remnants of lives, worlds, galaxies, and everything else, broken down by the universe's ceaseless expansion, were drawn to the present — as of thirty years ago — by a great work of magic. As a newly-born dragon, Fortuna was infused with this power of the Final Apocalypse and has grown into the role bestowed upon her by her insane master. She brings death everywhere she travels and with everything she does, intentionally or not. Whether it is destruction by direct contact and exposure to her power, or a consequence of her decisions and actions, as long as she exists she is edging things that much closer to making the future into the present. Fortuna as an individual is a driven creature with a very dark sense of humor and a preference to destroy her problems rather than resolve them properly. She works tirelessly to craft new and ever more horrible devices of magic and technology with which to wage her war against all things.

Vital Statistics

Age: 32 ("Hatchling" by dragon standards)
Gender: Female
Height: "Mountain-sized" in natural form. 5'6" in humanoid form
Weight: "A bit less than a mountain" in natural form. 188 lbs in humanoid form.
Description: Fortuna's full form is that of an absolutely -immense- dragon. She dwarfs most small-to-medium-sized mountains, without even taking into account her wingspan. Her body is plated in scales of reflective silver-black that resemble armor or some form of metal rather than actual dragon scales. She has curved spikes and sharp protrusions all over her body, at just about every segment in her scales, and at every joint. A massive pair of curving horns extend from the sides of her head. Her purple eyes are comparatively small next to the rest of her body, and yet large enough that if they were water, they could -easily- serve as Olympics-scale swimming pools… -Each-.

Fortuna's wings are huge, and when they flap they produce winds strong enough to topple skyscrapers as though they were but toothpicks. Her tail is at -least- a mile long on its own, and bladed all along its length, right down to the tip.

On top of that, a visible aura of sickly, blue-black energy seeps from her all over, seemingly killing plants and small animals as she passes them by, and sucking the light and life out of the environment in general as long as she is around.


  • Cynder - To be written.
  • Loki - To be written.
  • Yunomi - To be written.

Important Minions

  • Dark Green - Fortuna's captain. To be done.
  • Elegy - Elegy is an Angel who lost his position within the heirarchy of Heaven when the Creator went missing. He did not take sides during the Rebellion, led by the former Arch-Angel, 'Sanctus'. He simply stood by neutrally and watched, to see who would come out on top. Sanctus and his followers failed, and thus Elegy simply picked up his duties where he left off. God has been missing for hundreds of millions of years, and Heaven itself has fallen into ruin and decay. It is basically empty. Elegy sought a return to glory by following the only remaining Arch-Angel, the 'Holy Wizard Reliquary'. Reliquary in turn assigned Elegy to serve Fortuna.

While Elegy has not 'Fallen' and become a Demon, he is no longer on the side of 'good' in any capacity. He remains Holy, but he now seeks only his own glory — and the restoration of Heaven itself.

Elegy's abilities include these: Light Magic; a special magic known as Cobalt Fire that is essentially a cold, blue flame that reflects the compassionless and merciless nature of his soul; swordsmanship skills; supernatural physical abilities; and significant proficiency with Space Magic. (PL 32)

Character Picture:

  • Mirideth - Mirideth is a former Angel who participated in the Rebellion against the Creator. When one of the two Arch-Angels, Sanctus, led an insurrection against God, Mirideth was one of those who followed him out of blind devotion and her own love. She paid the price for this by becoming corrupted and 'Falling' into Demonhood during the war. When Sanctus was defeated and his followers scattered or destroyed, Mirideth was forced to lurk in the darkest regions of the Spirit Wastes — what might be termed 'Hell' in other worlds.

Mirideth now serves Fortuna in order to gain the backing and opportunity to gain revenge against Angels and those who remain loyal to the Creator.

Mirideth's weapons and abilities are primarily of the biological sort. She specializes in a variety of direct and indirect combat methods via organic weaponry, toxins, arachnid-like abilities, and her Demonic nature. She has a proficiency in Dark Magic as well, and is considered 'Unholy' for the purposes of magical effects. (PL 32)

Character Picture:

Equipment and Resources

  • Minions - Monsters, machines, and others serve as Fortuna's minions and soldiers. They tend to be a challenge for reasonably combat-capable Elites, but to fall short of those whose main focus is fighting. (Monster Of The Week-type minions: PL -3 max. Lieutenants: PL -2 max. Captain: PL -1 Max)
  • War Worlds - Fortuna has been provided the knowledge, materials, and means to build her own armageddon in a wide variety of flavors. One of the moons of her homeworld has been smashed into the planet and the shattered remnants of both are being mined, used as testing grounds for various weapons, and so on. Other celestial bodies have likewise been seized or are in the process of being such. If there is one thing she does not lack for, it is raw materials.

Skills and Abilities

  • Machinist - Fortuna's devices are not necessarily "technologically advanced" compared to some "sci-fi" universes. However, she is certainly extremely knowledgeable and capable when it comes to inventing and constructing machines. Her creations are amazingly advanced by a "fantasy world's" standards, but are focused almost exclusively on either supporting or carrying out the Death Dragon's war.
  • Magic - Fortuna is very mystically proficient. She is able to cast a variety of offensive, defensive, utility, and support spells within the schools of Earth, Fire, Space (Teleportation, Portals), Death (Necromancy), Symbols (Runes, Circles, and other magic based around a shape or image), and Knowledge (Scrying, Senses, etc.). The one thing she lacks is magic for healing herself and others.

  • Apocalypse Dragon - Fortuna is an enormous dragon. She is to mythological 'giants' as giants are to an average human being. She possesses the physical strength and durability one would expect of such a massive creature.
  • Breath of Ruination - Fortuna can breathe out a warped version of Dragon Fire that can disintegrate most mundane structures and objects at the point of impact. Beings with some facsimile of life, including robots, beings of pure magical energy, and so on, whether they are 'Elite' or not, have greater resilience than the environment they exist in. At worst, they may suffer damage as fire would inflict and nothing beyond that.
  • End of All Hope - Fortuna's mere presence tends to sap the will to live from others. She emanates a visible, blue-black aura of the End of Everything that leaves the world around her dull and grey. When she inhales, it seems to take in light, warmth, and life, and give back nothing but despair when she exhales. Elites are almost always more resistant to this effect than others.
  • Mortal Shape - Fortuna can take on a specific humanoid form with which to interact with others of a smaller scale. She's still clearly not "normal" in this form and it does -not- disguise her disturbingly distinct aura. Her physical abilities are greatly diminished in this form. (Armor Mode: PL -3)

Other Information

  • Personality - Fortuna is brooding, dark, not without a sense of humor, but constantly tormented by physical pain. She hates just about everyone — even those few she cares about. The number of people she considers to be true friends can be counted on a single finger. Everyone else is measured by their competence and how much she needs them at a given time.



Fortuna is a dragon whose egg was taken from her mother thousands of years before she hatched. That dragon was slain by the greatest wizard alive, the "Holy Wizard", Reliquary. The "White Wyrm", Vita, refused to produce more eggs for Reliquary when he approached her. Vita attacked Reliquary and he slew her despite her legendary ability to ressurect herself. He completely destroyed Vita's body, meaning her spirit had nothing to come back to. He then took the egg Fortuna was growing in and kept it in the Mage Fortress for 2,365 years, until he had finished gathering all the magic, minions, and resources he needed to enact his plan. Reliquary, once a good man, had changed from pure light to pure darkness over the billions of years of his existence. With his 'father', the Creator, having gone missing and ceased to communicate with him hundreds of millions of years ago, he decided a 'new God' was required to guide, create, and -rule- all.

Thus, Reliquary attemped to subvert the End Of All Things that had been designed as part of the cosmos's eventual demise, hundreds of billions of years later, by drawing the warped power of the Death of The Universe to his present, and then exposing Fortuna to it immediately upon her hatching. Diluting it at first, he force-fed it to the hatchling in small quantities, choking her with the taste of The End. She had inherited some of her mother's power of recuperation even from lethal injuries, and thus would revive from the brink of death, over and over, incorporating more and more of these Apocalypse Energies into her each time, until eventually she was no longer able to resurrect herself… But was close to unkillable. She had sacrificed her recuperative powers, against her will, to instead bleed out her own death into the air around her — essentially forcing others all over the universe to begin dying in her place.

Fortuna was raised and taught by Reliquary over the next 30 years. He was never really her 'father' nor did she see him as such. He was a slave master. He was a madman. He was someone who made her into a monster who could do nothing but bleed death and eventually become his means of obtaining Godhood — with a capital 'G'. She hated him, and he knew it. She thus never attempted to rebel against him despite her hate. Fortuna acted the part of the savage beast, under the command of the Holy Wizard.

But she schemed and plotted, even as she carried out Reliquary's plans. When an army gathered of all the heroes who had been warned of the Holy Wizard's actions or who had detected the unbalance in the flow of energy in the very fabric of existence, Reliquary used his immense magic power to slam one of their world's moons into the planet itself to both remove this army as a threat and to pave the way for his precious pet to begin building towards what he called the 'Final Apocalpse'. A second armageddon, coinciding with the first (the first being the one from about 600 billion years later, that the energy to empower Fortuna was drawn from, and referred to as the 'End Of All Things' to distinguish it from the Final Apocalypse), would simultaneously negate any 'end' to the universe and release enough raw energy to empower Reliquary to remake the universe itself as he desired, and essentially replace God.

Fortuna has been working to build — both figuratively and literally — an army of destroyers who will serve Reliquary's desires by scouring the universe for the Ultimate Artifact that can bring about the 'second' ending to the universe: the Doomsday Clock.

However, she does not intend to let Reliquary have it. She will use it for her -own- desires instead…

RP Logs

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