Final Fantasy Tactics 1

Final Fantasy Tactics-1

Truth and war march hand in hand in the turbulent Kingdom of Ivalice, whose history is writ in blood. Tension has always shaped this modest kingdom, both from without and from within its borders, often erupting into violent and sweeping conflict.

When the monumental War of the Lions swept Ivalice by storm, the Black Lion of Zeltennia was pitted against the White Lion of Gallionne, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and devastating Ivalice's people. Young Ramza Beoulve sought to uncover the truth that lay behind it. In so doing, he dared the wrath of the Glabados Church, whose shameless quest for power encompassed far more than a war among the forces of mortal men… and who would pay any price to keep their secrets from prying eyes.

Ramza gathered allies and scoured the four corners of the kingdom in search of the truth. The Church sought to use the power of the Zodiac Braves, ancient warriors of legend, to solidify their power and the faith of the smallfolk. The ranking officials of the Church received far more than they bargained for, though. The Zodiac Stones that their spirits were bound to instead summoned the Lucavi, cunning and ambitious demons. They sought to use the Church in turn for their own purposes, furthering the War of the Lions as a necessary blood sacrifice to revive their bretheren.

The Lucavi brought forth hoped to ressurect their leader, Ultima, the High Seraph. Ultima would lead her fellow demons to destroy the world itself and remake it in their own hellish vision. Knowing this, and knowing that they sought to use his own sister as the host to resurrect Ultima, Ramza threw all of his energy into stopping them. One by one, he destroyed them and recovered the Zodiac Stones.

Ultima's dream of a shattered Ivalice was halted, but at a heavy price. The Church branded Ramza and all of his followers as heretics, and many were slain in the pursuit of the Zodiac Stones. Those that survived were considered criminals of the highest order, and nowhere remained that they would be safe — save perhaps in the Multiverse…

This continuuity closely follows Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. The most notable difference from canon is the divergence from the end of the storyline.

The Lucavi have been defeated, and several years have passed since then. King Delita Heiral holds the throne, having taken Queen Ovelia Atkascha as his wife. Both are alive, if under tremendous pressure.

Publically, Ramza is believed dead, though he was fortunate enough to escape to Romanda with his sister. His allies are scattered to the four winds, lost or slain, though those that survived were entrusted with different Zodiac Stones, split up so they couldn't be reunited as easily. Glabados strives to find every last associate of Ramza's, determined to wrest his location — and the artifacts he carries — from one of them.

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