Final Fantasy 8-2

This version of the Final Fantasy 8 world is pretty much over-run by half-GFs, such as Irene, the daughter of Siren, Odion, the son of Diablos, Len, the daughter of Bahamut, Even Ultamecia was a half-GF, the daughter of Oblivion. There are also other GFs who are part of the world, such as Fenrir, Oblivion, Creation, and Thanatos. The GFs do not call themselved Guardian Forces, but rather refer to themselves as Archdemons. Ifrit is the Archdemon of Fire, Shiva is the Archdemon of Ice, Diablos is the Archdemon of Darkness, etcetera. There are no Archdemonesses.

Squall, unfortunately, never actually joined Balamb garden, nor did Rinoa head up any resistance to the Galbadian Army. Both of them kind of… faded into the background. Edea was defeated by others, from Galbadia, not from Balamb. And really… the world was going down the drain… Ultamecia was in control of everything, including the Ultima Weapon. It was highly unlikely that whatever rag-tag group of heroes finally went up against her, would win. So perhaps it was for the best that it was Unified, so as to save it from destruction.

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